Uncle Tom

By @JFitts
Uncle Tom

A story about a sweaty disgusting uncle, and his nephew trying not to touch him.

Chapter 1


I don’t understand why everyone likes Christmas. Christmas is the worst day of the year for me, especially since I have to be around a large group of people, and most of those people always have some disgusting characteristic and one third of them have the flu and that is honestly disgusting. I hate having to be around gross people, especially watching them chew their food at dinner. Every year my mother’s side of the family comes to visit. It used to be my father’s family but ever since mother divorced him it has changed. Somehow Christmas is always ruined by one person every year and it’s my mother’s brother, Tom. He looks like slenderman if he was real. Tom kind of looks like he is albino because he is so white, so slenderman might as well be real. He’s very tall, skinny, and he has long arms. Uncle Tom spits a lot when he speaks and somehow his saliva reaches his glasses, and then he has to clean them. Uncle Tom works as an electrician, and he sweats an ocean if the temperature is above 40 degrees. Did I mention he almost constantly has snot running from his nose?

As the family arrives I stand at the door to greet them with an awkward smile, but when Uncle Tom walks in he immediately squats down at least 3 feet and then he pinches my squishy cheeks and he tells me how much he missed me.

“I’m sick today, I don’t think you want to be touching me.“ I say as he comes in for a hug, hurting his back because of how far he has to bend over to hug me. If I had to estimate it would be around 3 feet.

No words leave his mouth as he walks towards the living room to watch the Christmas Day NBA game, snot slowly draining from his nose. When everyone has arrived I join the rest of the family in the living room for the game.

“When did Joseph become sick?“ Uncle Tom inquires of my mother during a commercial break.

“He never mentioned having an illness“ my mother replies, “I think he is just pulling your leg.“

When my mother is done speaking Tom stares me in the eye and requests for a hug while he drools from his mouth and picks his nose. Watching his disgusting yellow teeth move closer to me, I quickly get up from the couch and leave for my room. I can hear Uncle Tom sneeze and I imagine the repugnant liquid cover his sleeve. When the clock strikes 6 PM my mother calls.

“Time to open presents Joseph!“ she screams from the living room.

Finally, I think to myself. The best part of Christmas has arrived. When I reach the Christmas tree my mother requests for me to pass out presents. I find the present that is supposed to be from me to Uncle Tom. I decide if I don’t want to hug him I should hide it, and so I do. I receive a nice wrist watch from Tom and I thank him but I do not approach him. Unfortunately my mother sees the hidden present and shames me. I deliver the present to Tom and when he comes for a hug I see a brown stain on his left pant leg and I quickly run up to my room. When I reach my room the extra baggage around my midsection leaves me with little breath. I knew my mother would not punish me, because ever since the divorce she has let me do whatever I want.

My mother calls me down for Christmas dinner. I look for an open seat and the only one I can find is next to Uncle Tom. I sit next to Uncle Tom and take a peek at his muddy white shirt. I vomit in my mouth thinking of all the germs that could be crawling on his shirt. My grandfather says the blessing and we begin to eat. Uncle Tom puts his hand on my shoulder and I jerk away. Tom slowly closes in on my ear.

“I will get a hug from you Joseph, mark my words.“ Tom whispers.

The delicious turkey distracts everyone and no one sees the suspicious action of Uncle Tom. I tell my mother I am going to excuse myself and I walk to the garage and attempt to attract zero attention. Without thinking about my Uncle being an electrician, I turn off all the power in the house and my mother screams at the top of her lungs. Uncle Tom comes to the garage to locate the problem as I run to the restroom. When the power is fixed the family returns to eating. Dinner ends and my mother calls for me again.

“Come help your Uncle with the dishes!“ my mother yells.

Thinking about all the disgusting people that have touched the plates and how close I would be to Uncle Tom I scream no and slam my door shut. I throw myself to the ground and break the wrist watch given to me by Uncle Tom. Wires hang out of the wrist watch everywhere and I realize how lucky I am not to be shocked. I disregard it as I lay staring at the ceiling.

I overhear my Uncle harassing my mother about the divorce.

“Why is he always in everyone else’s business.“ I whisper to myself as I roll on to my stomach.

I close my eyes and rest for approximately 3 hours. I have a terrible dream about dying from the hands of Uncle Tom, or at least I assume I die, but the dream ended too soon. He backs me into the corner of a room, void of any color. There is no color from anything other than Uncle Tom and his knife. He holds the knife above his head with the blade pointing down towards me, and then he thrusts the knife down. Before the knife penetrates the thick skin around my heart I wake up. Being the rational person I am, I realize it was just a dream and likely will not happen.

“Come say goodbye to your grandfather and your uncle!“ my mother bellows in a commanding tone as she opens the door to my room.

I suck up my fear of my repugnant Uncle and I come down to the door to say goodbye. I see my uncle grab his top hat and he approaches me. I stand tall with my chin up, but quickly hunch back over because of the heavy pack of skin around my stomach. I realize I am fatter than I thought previously.

“I enjoyed my time with you. Next time I am going to ask you about any girlfriends you have.“ my Uncle says.

“Would you like a hug now?“ I ask my Uncle as I stare at the disgusting accumulation of spit on his glasses.

We step towards each other and as I reach my arms around him I can feel the repugnant sweat on his back. I smell a foul smell come from the direction of his head. Suddenly I feel a shock and I become unconscious, or something. As I lay on my hospital bed in a useless body I remember the broken wrist watch with wires hanging everywhere. The sweat from his back must have shocked me. I let my life slip away from me as I curse my Uncle for ending it. On the bright side I will never have to hug my Uncle and his sweaty back again. I am sure Tom feels sad because of my death, but I do not feel sad. I no longer have to deal with disgusting people like Uncle Tom.

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