Unaccountable Role

By @Decree_Woods
Unaccountable Role

I never would have thought that...A reader like me would experience transmigration and into a novel that I've never finished. "I only like to observe not to get drag into your world!" The novel that I'm dragged in is called 'The Conquest of Zero' a fansty novel that my friend recommended me. "Where did it go wrong?" Wrost of all i have live to my life as a different person and the character that I've transmigrated in was never introduce or mention in the novel. I'm just a mere background ch

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Transmigration

I never would have thought that…A reader like me would experience transmigration and into a novel that I’ve never finished.

“I only like to observe not to get drag into your world!”

The novel that I’m dragged in is called ‘The Conquest of Zero’ a fansty novel that my friend recommended me.

“Where did it go wrong?”

Wrost of all i have live to my life as a different person and the character that I’ve transmigrated in was never introduce or mention in the novel.

I’m just a mere background character, couldn’t the one who pulled me in gave me a more special role…i’ll never let that happen I’ll just take some of the spotlight if things gets annoying…

Chapter 1 Transmigration

The Conquest of Zero

(Is your typical adventure packed action novel where the mc was transported into another world.)

The protagonist of the novel is Park min ah who was transported into another world where magic and other beings exist. Park min ah woke up in a dark underground cave where every corner lurks of vicious monsters so for survival he used his knowledge that he had learned from Earth.

He was a university student when he was not transported from this world. He made use of the sword on the floor by the dead corpse there was also a book by it but he ignored it at the though that it was useless he then used the sword for protection.

Slowly and gradually adapting to the environment he was able to master some sword art that the book describes he looked at the book and caressed it.

‘It wasn’t useless at all’

He lived his life like this for almost 10 years in solitude,with no one to converse to and the despair and loneliness soon engulfed his heart.

But at a tender age of 17 in his years of life in this world he finally got out of the underground cave and saw the vast horizon of the other worldy place he had spent in for the last 17 years.

Soon after getting out of the underground cave he venture to the forest to arrive at a small village. Some people were surprised to see the appearance of the boy but he was gladly taken in by the sweet and caring people of the Brook Village in Marquis Wheelmen territory he was happy to see people knowing that he wasn’t alone in this world.

However that happiness will soon cease to exist as he had left the Village to gather wild animals for food supply. Some unknown people with black robes with a crest of Red Claws by their chest destroyed and killed the village and it’s people living none alive, Some were captured and sent to an unknown location.

People started to scream all you can hear are their desperate begging Park min ah felt chills on his neck then he heard desperate screams of the people Park min ah got anxious and quickly gone back to the village.

Park min ah was lost for words when he had came back. In front of him blood and corpses can be seen the strong smell of iron that hurts your nose can be smelt everywhere. Park min ah cleach his chest a strong urge was swelling deep inside of him. It was….


Rage swallowed Park min ah, He killed all the men in black robes leaving no one alive he felt emptiness in his heart as he saw the view of all the people that fed him,took care of him,his friends all in the ground with no warmth and lifeless.

Park min ah Cried and resented himself for not protecting his new found family he buried them all, gave them flowers and gave them prayers.

Park min ah then left the Brook Village with the act of revenge the kind boy was now no where to be found only you can see a savage beast hunting for his prey with it’s sharp claws ready to shred everything to pieces.

He went on to the nearby Marquis Wheelmen territory to get information and to report what had happened to the Brook Village.

And that’s where Park min ah started his Conquest Park min ah thought that his name sound suspicious so he came up of the name Zero for no further suspicion in the future..

Then there was me the Reader..

I’m Lee Son your average 25 years old office worker currently the team leader of my team at a publishing company my hobbies are Rock climbing, learning martial arts like jujitsu and taekwondo and of course reading novel I wouldn’t have worked at a publishing company if don’t read any of them.

My co-worker recommend me the novel titled ‘THE CONQUEST OF ZERO

He said it’s your average transported to another world novel.

I took on the offer and only read until the volume 3, I got bored at the plot as he said it’s your average cliche adventure novel where the protagonist is over powered and easily deals with the situation.

Me sighing at disappointment cause the novel is the same as others….I put down the book and slowly got up and started to prepared my dinner.

While eating i suddenly felt dizzy ‘What’s happening am I that tired? ‘Maybe I’m stressing out for the presentation next week.’ then he slowly completely closed his eyes.

The next thing I knew I was lying down on a comfortable bed ‘When did I go to my bedroom,I was eating dinner then…What!?’

I felt the warm sun light touching my skin coming in from the window and slowly opened my eyes. Then saw an unfamiliar ceiling ‘Huh!? Was my ceiling always like this?’ he slowly got up look through out the room.

The room was quite spacious with fancy looking walls and expensive looking furniture with accent of gold. Lee Son started to wipe his eyes as he cannot believe what he was seeing.

‘What the hell!? Where am i!? I this a dream if it is…Why is it so vivid?’ At that moment someone knocked three times on the door.

“Young Master it’s Bern may I come in for your breakfast?”

‘Young master? Well judging the size of this room and all those fancy looking things maybe I’m rich.

“Come in” Lee Son replied with a sore tone as he had just woken up.

The door slowly opened and a young man with black suit and brown hair entered the room.He pushed the cart into the room the cart has a plate of ham and eggs a set of tea pot and tea cups.

Lee Son just stared at the man that came in, the young man slowly turned his gaze to the Young master and flinched as they made eye contact he quickly turned his gaze upon the cart and walked towards Lee Son with a wary expression on his face.

‘Huh? Why does he looked uncomfortable?’

“Um..Bern right?” Lee Son asked in a calm manner.

“Yes,Young master Xarth?” He gulped after saying it.

‘…Xarth!? Who is that?’

“Do you know me?” Lee Son said with a chilling gaze.

Bern looked worried as if something will happen if he didn’t answer that and responded.

“Young Master your the second son of Count Barrows and you are Young master Xarth Barrows!”Bern replied with enthusiastic.

Bern slowly looked toward Lee Son and saw his cold gaze,He couldn’t help but gulped as seeing the young Master expression and slowly looked away shaking in fear.

But nothing happened he then heard a voice.

“Hmm..Okay” with a stoic look on his face.

Suddenly a large amount of memories flooded Lee Son’s head. He saw the memories of the former owner of the body, the way he acts toward others his behaviors was those of a stupid spoiled brat.

His attitude towards the servant of the household, he always make a fuss about the smallest things and always does destroying items by throwing it at the servants.

‘What an *********** previous owner of this body is so childish.’

Lee Son let out a loud annoyingly Sigh.

The servant Bern look worried at the sigh that the Young Master let out. ‘Did I do something wrong? I hope I won’t get any broken plates flying at me!’

“Hey Bern”

“Yes Young master?”

“Where are we right now?”

‘Why is the Young master asking such question?’

“Young master we are currently in the Count Barrows Mansion at the southern boarder of the Messiah Kingdom.” Bern spoke in a cautious manner.

‘…? Did I just heard it right? Messiah Kingdom that name seems familiar? Where did I heard it before? ….! It can’t be!?’

Lee Son face slowly turned into a frown Bern looking at the Young master frown was sweating. Lee Son again opened his mouth and asked.

“Who’s the ruler of Messiah Kingdom?”

At this point on Bern can’t comprehend why was the young master asking such obvious questions.

“Young master the ruler of the Messiah Kingdom is King Taylor Slyman.”

Lee Son started to think ‘Taylor Slyman he’s the king of Messiah Kingdom it’s the same name of the kingdom and the king on the novel ‘THE CONQUEST OF ZERO’. Wait it can’t be I’m inside of that Novel!?’

‘No No No! I don’t have enough evidence to back that up.

“Okay Thank you Bern.”

Bern was shocked to hear the words ‘Thank you’ come out of the young

master’s mouth.

Xarth begun to eat while sorting out his thoughts.

‘I need to find information regarding this world. If it is really the world of that novel? I know some of the events that’s gonna happen in the future. So I’m the second son of Count Barrows?’

Lee Son started think if he knew any information regarding the Count Barrows…then a memory struck him ‘Oh yeah this is where Zero’s gonna get his sword in the first volume of the novel.’

In the novel The Forest of Lila is where Zero will find his sword it is said that the cave was behind the waterfalls in the inner parts of the forest it also stated that you will need to do something in order to get it, but our mc will just grab it without doing anything…hmpt the power of mc plot.. don’t worry there’s a different method on getting it.

‘Hm..for gathering information I will need money. Where could I get that money from?…Oh yeah I forgot I’m a spoiled brat, I’ll just get the money from Count Barrows.’

In the novel it just stated that the Count Barrows territory was where Zero will find his sword there was no interaction to any family members of the Count and Zero, Which is a good thing being associate with him will only give me death flag.But I have nothing to do here so I’ll just watch him do his thing it’s just like your reading a novel but now they really exist and you can interact with him.

Xarth mouth started to twist up at the entertaining events that will take place soon.Bern flinched while seeing the mischievous smile on the Young master’s Face.

After breakfast Xarth sat a the couch and started to read some books. Luckily he can read the language of this foreign land after a few minutes. Bern the servant prepared the bath for the young master he left some fancy clothes on the bed and walked towards the Young master.

“Young master I’ve prepared the bath for you and I’ve also left your clothes I will pick you up again before lunch.” Bern said with a smile on his face.

Xarth didn’t even looked at Bern and signaled him with his hand to leave the room as he was focus on reading the book.

Bern then Bowed and left the room the door then shuts,Xarth then continued to read the book for a few more minutes before putting the book down on the table,he stood up and started some light stretch and gone on in the bathroom.

The bathroom was big and fancy looking there was a towel near the tub and a large mirror at the side.

Xarth took off his clothes and looked at the mirror he saw his reflection on the mirror, he can see a Bright platinum hair, Deep blue eyes , his small face, a pointed nose, red rose lips, Slender hands and a pale looking face.

‘Wow he looked like a prince straight out of a fairytale.He has a great body and godly looks and his just a mere background character author what are you doing!?

After observing himself he then took his bath.While having his bath Xarth started thinking about his appearance.

‘He got great looks but a bad personality that sucks if he was just kind i bet he would be really popular.No one will able to resist this face.’

After his bath he took the towel next to him and wrapped it around his waist he took another towel and dryed off his hair.

Xarth slowly walked towards his bed and put on his clothes.After putting on his clothes he continue on reading the book he had put down on the table.

While waiting for Bern to arrived to escort him for lunch.

One hour later….

A knock can be heard through the door Xarth closed the book and stood up from the couch he walked toward the door and opened it.He sees Bern smiling at him before bowing.

“Young master you will now have lunch with your family.”

“Okay lead the way”

Bern started walking at the front of Xarth and soon Xarth begun to follow behind Bern. Xarth looked through the hallways of the household it was very grand and large.

‘Wow it’s really different from my house,my house is maybe the size of Xarth’s room..Nobleman’s mansion are really large hm…how about the castle i think this mansion will just be the size of the courtyard of the castle.’

Bern then stopped at a large and grand door Xarth then stopped he looked at the large door with concern.

‘How am I suppose to act when I’m with the count and others?’


Thank you so much for reading the first chapter of Unaccountable Role this is the first time that I will publish a story hope y’all like it and I hope you will looked forward for more of the chapters.

I’ll upload every Wednesday.


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