Two days

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Two days

How relationship matters in your life and when you are left alone by your loved one,how your family and friends help you to bring life in you

Chapter 1

   Two Days

What ?you can’t do this …….

“Ya I need break, I am bored of it. I can’t take this any more we need to move on’’

“You need break ..hhh, every moment of time when I was with you, at your home , at bar , with your friends  

Ok so I am done with you,” [rubbed eyes with his arm, left the cafe and didn’t turn back]

At home:

Slammed the door when every were sleeping, late night solemnly drunked sobby eyes can be seen to everyone in the family.

That night he cryed by the window under the moonlight but no one listen to his cries. He slept with jiggered mind and woke up by the daylight early morning.

He thoughtlessly had walk in his garden ,and his parents understand that he is over now. How or why they didn’t care but they understand his low spirits. No one went to him they want to give him some time, but his innocent brother cant see him. So he brought his game towards to him and quietly he went to his room. He is ready now to go for work but he layed on the bed looked at the spinning fan and went to nap in formal attire. He don’t even had idea that whats going to him

When his eyes opened he baffeled and saw watch, his time was over. He went to basin undressed his shirt fill the basin and put his face in it and when it came out the deep breath cleared him everything but he cant forget all those lovely moment with her and he yelled and his parents enter his room panicky and this time they listen his cry. he was completely broke and now he can’t even stand his parents somehow took him to the bed. He embosom his mother and told the story. Her mother reply:-“stay calm everything will be fine, she must be disturbed so she said you, i remember she’s busy in the company project that’s why she need break from you’’ but her words breaked my heart it made me downcast i don’t believe that she spoke to me these words, did i not support her, or i am not to be his mate. his brothers enter the room with a small party with them. He now feel a little relaxed and a bit happy, he consistently forgetting her but his mind still has her memories. But the closer are important to him. And got party ready, his room was filled with foodstuffs, games , TV shows his friends also accompanied him and he laugh after a whole mentally disturbed state and dance till night he went outside and roam in the city. And the second night he got the beautiful sleep and ready to live his life without her.

But the second day when he was on time and filled with energy to go for said “ I want to meet you”. He cant stop himself and went to her on the way to the office. They were at their favourite cafe, but he is not in a good mood to talk to her but everything changes when she kissed him and hugged him and she cry for the first time in front him and apologized. She said “ i left the project, it made me frustrate from everyone in the family and even i don’t have time for myself. You are more important to me than this

And after all we will live together……..

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