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Twisted Fairytale

By @BL-Copperman


A small, single lightbulb flickered, illuminating the cold room in which the girl sat. There was a bit of shuffling before a man came in. He was tall, and had sandy blonde hair that flopped in front of his bright, unusually colored amber eyes. Perhaps his strangest feature was his uniform. He wore a collared off-white shirt underneath a beige trench coat.

The girl slid her eyes down to further examine. He wore basic slacks and a large belt. Now, the belt was quite interesting upon inspection. It held quite a few gadgets, some being small things the girl assumed to be weapons, as well as a walkie-talkie. It crackled and buzzed, and the man slid his hand down and fiddled with the antennae until it no longer made a sound. Only then did he sit down in front of the girl.

“The name’s Jaylon Park.” he provided. “Though most people prefer Detective Park.”

So her assumption had been correct. He was a detective. “I’ll stick to Jaylon.” she said, plastering a sickeningly sweet smile upon her lips.

The detective raised an eyebrow, but said nothing. “I’m told that your name is Agatha Williams.”

“Aggie. Just Aggie.” she sat up a bit straighter, almost amused by the man’s tryhard seriousness.

“Now, Aggie, I have a few questions for you. Please cooperate if you’d like this to be easier on yourself.” he smiled, almost pitifully, before slipping out a small contraption and pressing a button. “Detective Jaylon Park, here with possible suspect and witness Agatha- Aggie Williams, time: nineteen o’ seven.” he returned his gaze to the girl and slipped the device onto the table. “Please be as honest as you can when recalling the events that happened. Tell us, me, exactly what you can remember of what took place before, during, and after the murder of Kelsie Brians.”

The girl giggled a bit. “Oh, but what I know as the truth and what is thought to have happened are very, very different things, Jaylon.”

The detective smiled a bit, tried to get her to elaborate. “And what do you mean by that?”

“See, there’s the recollection of the entire event, with evidence suggesting that it did indeed occur. That’s what happened. And then there’s an insane storyline no one in their right mind would believe, and that’s my story, what I believe, or know, to be the truth. Story and fact are two very different things, Mr. Park. And all that any of us suspects know… is story.”

The detective repositioned himself, lowering his chin to rest upon his fist, intrigued. “So are you telling me that none of the former accusations or events are correct?”

“Oh, no, I have no idea what the others have told you.” she smiled, folding her handcuffed wrists into her lap. “But you’re asking me for facts, when I have a twisted fairytale. Or maybe it is real.” she tilted her head, seemingly focused on nothing, a speck on the ceiling perhaps. “All that I know is you want something from me, that I most likely cannot give. But I can try.”

Excitement etched itself across the young girl’s face, her eyes brimming with delight that seemed so out of place in their situation, that the detective was mildly disturbed. “Well then, Detective Jaylon Park. Let me tell you my story.”

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