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Trying to be Funny

By @Joyous_One

Hehehe, laughing down the halls

While singing my war song

I see you creeping along

Oh how great this will be

You and me

Giving it a go

But sadly I am short

and you are tall

You can fight

Due to M.A.

Aw? I wish I didn’t quit

However it maybe

I’ll continue to push along

I see you there

Trying to hide

“Hey !”, I say

“Why you running?”

Hehe, this is where I pounce

I run forward

Breathing hard

Daring you

To move aside

Ahh and I missed!

You push me back

Then gripping a hold of my arm

You twist your leg around mine

And trip me to the ground

As we fumble around

I look at you and WHACK!

Ha! I got you

But to my dismay

You were still there

With a frown upon my face

I uttered you win

For I can no longer move

As you have me pinned

With your hands and legs

Without my limbs

I have no chance of winning

As of now

I am free

For you have slowly released me

I then crawl up to my feet

Eyeing you with distaste

I reach forward to you

For embrace

Laughing in my head !

I push you on the floor

Tickling you as you squirm

You smile and flip me over

Getting me back in return

I holler with laughter

It’s not fair

You always win

But I love you

I truly do

A truce for now…….

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