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By @Jupiter

Did You Think I Was

Did you think I was an open book?

Heavily annotated

The work is done for you

The thesis is classified

The evidence is clear

The conclusion is clean

Yet I rarely argue

Did you think I was a window?

Completely see-through

It’s not so hard for you to peek

Although sometimes obscured

By a curtain or shelf.

Did you think I was a glass of water?

A simple chemical compound

Researched by mankind

Use me to quench your thirst,

Then forget.

In truth, I am an open book.

Why do you rely on others’ interpretations?

Counterclaims and rebuttals lie unmarked in the margin.

In truth, I am a window.

Why do you peek, even though it’s unjust?

Turn away now, for the curtains are drawn.

In truth, I am a glass of water.

Why do you take for granted my fixed flow?

See the micro-organisms drift

Unseen by the human eye

Endless possibilities.

Yet there is something more.

I am a poem.

Better yet, I am a poet.

I express hidden meaning behind imagery and falsehoods

Connotations contain concealed concepts.


Motives; motifs modify; mutate.


Intentions infrequently identified.

When you reflect based on reviews,

When you judge based on the score,

When you conclude based on the critique,

When you disregard based on the résumé.

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