Love that we create

By @TheWolf11
Love that we create

True Love has a meaning. Read and find out.

Chapter 1

Being with you

My heart beats with certainty of a beautiful and happy life. When my eyes lay upon yours, I can see my future flutter within my thoughts. Every time I see you leave my sights, I understand why you’re leaving because you have your own life you must attend to. Because at this very moment in time you live in a different world compared to mine. A different environment. One day we will live in the same world and we will look back at our lives. As we look back, we will try to understand how we lived in the past without one another. Waking up to one another will become an everyday event. Sitting with one another at every moment we get will become life. This life that we create with each other will make all other lives a distant memory.


The past couple years we’ve been together has taught me the true meaning of love. Being together, has created a flower. Every month that passes, the flower blooms. Showing it’s true beauty. This flower represents our love for one another. Anytime we get into a corner and get out, the flower blooms. Anytime we show passion for one another, the flower blooms. The flower blooms until it shows all the memories and beauty of our relationship.


 Every time I touch you, my heart jumps a mile a minute. Bringing me to realize how I truly feel and will always feel about you. When I hug you, I feel the warmth and comfort of home. Like, laying by the fire on a snowy and winter night. Feeling that warmth, creates a path to my soul. Such a path doesn’t come easy, but you made it. You opened the path that bring my emotions, my life, and my meaning of love.


When you kiss my lips with such ease, I feel your heart. You aren’t just kissing me because I’m a woman, but you’re kissing my heart. Your love is strong and I feel it. That one kiss you give me changes my life right in front of my eyes; bringing me to the conclusion of love.


Many people today don’t know the true meaning of love. They think love is over rated and there’s no such thing as true love. They think love has no meaning. Love is just a word someone can use to hurt someone else. Jumping around from one person to another is the meaning of love. Getting your heart broken because you moved to fast is the meaning of love. Being yelled at or pushed around is the meaning of love. This is not the meaning of love.


The meaning of love is waking up beside your soul mate.Opening your eyes and realizing how grateful you are to call him or her yours. Someone you trust. Someone you can go through ups and downs with and still feel the same on the other side. Someone you can tell your deepest darkest secrets to and they still love you. Someone who’s patient and waits when your ready. Yes, there will be times of hurt and brokenness because relationships aren’t perfect, but the love you have for one another will overcome any obstacle.


What I am asking of you is to wait. If you haven’t found your beloved yet, he or she will find you. Don’t rush into anything. You will know when you find the right one. There’s nothing wrong with being alone in your own world. Love your world, take care of your world, and one day that special person will find you. If you read this then you realize the true meaning of love. Keep to my words and you will find yourself in a better life than you had before. 

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