Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Stefan Jenner

Stefan has been in a few fights before, playing football will get you into a few scuffles

with the opposing team for trash talking, but the fights have never been that intense. The people

he fought never intended to kill him. Hurt him physically, sure, but never kill. Those two men,

Glum and Slum, had all intentions to kill Dom, Matt and him. They held their own and sort of

won. But those Russians will be back, that’s what one of them said. The three of them walked

out of the bathroom and meet the others in the front of the café. The others gave them all

quizzical looks. Guess they were in the bathroom longer than he thought.

“There was a long line,” Matthew made up an excuse on the spot. He doesn’t even look

fazed by what just happened inside. What the actual **** just happened? Matthew’s excuse

must have worked because they didn’t press for any details.

“We were talking and wanted to see if you guys wanted to continue the scavenger hunt

as a group?” Britney said. “We all are headed the same way anyway. Kind of redundant to

break apart.”

Stefan was still too shaky to respond so Matthew did it for him, “That sounds like a great

plan.” With that, they all clustered together with Josh and Molly leaded them through the streets

of Rome. Stefan looked at Dom who didn’t look as pale but he could tell he was still having

trouble get over what happened in the bathroom while Matthew on the other hand, is casually

chatting with Britney about some book series they have both read. Stefan jogged up to Dom

who was walking ahead of him.

“Dude, what the hell happened back there?” Stefan whispered so that Alex and

Mackenzie in front of them couldn’t hear their conversation.

“I have no clue. Whatever happened we must assume another attack like that would

happen. They said they’d be back. Plus, who is It that they wanted to kill?” Dom spat out

frantically. “This is all just mind boggling. We need to tell Karen or someone.”

“And say what? We were attacked by two large Russian dudes that wanted to kill us?

That would cut the trip very short and no one would like that.” Stefan said.

“But these are our lives at stake, Stefan. I’d rather have this trip over in a heartbeat than

die overseas by some Russian men.” Stefan didn’t want to die but he also didn’t want this trip to

be over anytime soon. But in the end, Dom was right. They needed to tell Karen or one of the

other supervisors. They’ll do it when they reach the Piazza Navona, the last place on their hunt

and the final place where they meet the others to head to the Roman Colosseum then they’ll

head to the big dinner.

Stefan and Dom didn’t talk about the Russian men for the remaining time they did the

hunt. Their teams reached the Pantheon together where they had to decipher the front of the

building where it read: MaAGRIPPAaLaFaCOSaTERTIUMaFECIT. There were multiple ways to

decipher this, Matthew’s team decided to try asking around since Josh’s Italian was very limited

while Stefan and his team went inside to try to figure it out. From outside, the Pantheon didn’t

look like much but once you walked inside, it opened by tenfold. It was like magic, Stefan

thought. It was domed shaped inside with so much carvings on the wall and paintings from the

floor to the ceiling. At the very center of the roof, there was a whole that allowed the sun to

shine down directly in the middle of the floor. Stefan looked around at plaques that talked about

the architecture of the building. The statues in the place were of Augustus and Agrippa.

Stefan was so wrapped up in the beauty and the designs that he completely forgot what

he was doing here until Paula tapped him on the shoulder, pulling himself out of his deep

thoughts. “Molly found what the front means. We’re ready to head out.”

Stefan cleared his throat and nodded, “Great. What does it mean then?”

“It means ‘Marcus Agrippa, son of Lucius, consul for the third time, built this.’” Paula told

him as they walked out of the Pantheon. Stefan took one more glance at the inside before

joining with his group and Matthew’s. Matthew’s teams’ tactics seemed to work as well as they

too found out what the front says.

“I really thought this scavenger hunt was going to be challenging,” Josh said to the group

just as his nose started to trickle out blood.

“Holy ****, Josh.” Britney said, startled at the blood. Josh gingerly touched his nose and

pulled away to see dark red blood on his fingers. His eyes then rolled in the back of his head

and he fell to the ground.

Molly screamed a little as did Paula and Britney. Matthew and Mackenzie were kneeling

right by Josh instantly. Alex pulled out a bunch of napkins she took from the café and handed

them to Mackenzie who started to apply pressure to Josh’s nose and tilt his head back.

“No.” Matthew said sharply. “Don’t tilt his head back. That’ll just allow the blood to rush

back into his body and fill his lungs. He could die like that. Someone, help us set him up and just

let the blood run into the napkins.” Stefan ran over and helped them lift Josh up into a sitting

position with Stefan supporting his back. After a minute or two, Josh’s eyes returned to normal

and the bleeding stopped.

“I-I’m fine,” he stammered out.

“Josh, what the hell was that?” Molly wondered aloud. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah. I’m fine. I get nose bleeds all the time. Change it atmosphere it must have been,”

Josh shrugged it off.

“Your eyes literally went into the back of your head,” Paula stated.

“Listen, it’s nothing serious. Now, let’s just get to the Piazza Navona.” With that, Josh

walked ahead of the group looking at the map. Stefan gave looks to everyone else who returned

that look. With a heavy sigh, they too followed Josh.

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