Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Matthew Welch

Over the next hour, Matthew wouldn’t begin to say what happened. Everything had

happened so quickly in that bathroom that he didn’t really comprehend what was going on.

Everything was going along just fine; his team had done two out of the four things on their sheet

and had just ran into Dom’s group. They walked into this little café place off the main street

where the Trevi is. Josh spoke some Italian to get them a table. They brought over English

menus and a waiter that spoke English as well.

Matthew was seated in between Dom and Stefan. Matthew hasn’t had the time to really

talked with Stefan yet. He was pretty fit for a seventeen-year-old with dimples on his cheeks

when he smiles and has short spiked hair. The waiter went around getting drinks for everyone.

Alex and Mackenzie decided to get some type of dry wine. Matthew could never do wine, so he

went with some German beer as Dom and Stefan got some type of beer as well.

The café was small and cozy, Matthew thought as he looked around. But he could tell

something was off. He looked at the table near the door, a man in his late thirties early forties

was facing them with a newspaper in his hands with sunglasses on. Next to him he had a cup of

tea on the table. With one quick glance, Matthew could tell that he wasn’t reading the

newspaper, more like he was watching them. The drinks came just as he looked away from the

man. They then all ordered some type of pastry or sandwich.

“What’ca looking at?” Stefan asked Matthew. He shook his head, kicking himself out of

his daze. He hadn’t even realized that he was he was looking at the man once again. He

mentally kicks himself for acting so foolish.

“Um, nothing that’s important. Just looking at the beautiful interior design, I guess.”

Matthew made up. When they were all done eating, paid for their meal, people started to use

the bathroom. Matthew, Dom and Stefan were the only ones the only guys to use the bathroom.

The bathroom was not huge by any means, but it had two stalls and a large open area along

with two urinals. Matthew noticed that when the three of them went around back, the man at the

lone table stood up as well and followed. Another man followed not far behind.

Matthew quickly ushered the three of them into the bathroom and looked at the two

boys, “Do you two know how to fight?”

Both shot Matthew bewildered stares, but Stefan was the first to answer, “Yeah. I’ve

scraped back in my day.”

“Why?” Dom asked. “What’s going on?”

“A man has been following us around since we got to the Spanish Steps. He’s walking in

this bathroom any second now with another accomplice. Just, watch each other’s backs and we

might walk away from this one,” Matthew told them then walked away from the door only to face

it once again. Before Dom or Stefan could respond to what was just said, two men entered the

bathroom. Both had similar features, hard stone face, piercing blue eyes, bald heads and

matching leather jackets. If Matthew had to guess, he would say they were both twins of some


“Please,” the one on the right spoke in a thick Russian accent. “Come with us and no

one will get hurt,” Without warning, Matthew jumped in the air and did a roundhouse kick to the

man’s jaw. He stumbled backwards as his brother lunged for the three of them. Stefan and Dom

stepped out of the way as Matthew jumped over the man.

The brother was Matthew kicked was now on his feet and growling. He threw a punch

that connected to Matthew’s gut. The other brother went for Dom who forced himself into a

corner but was saved by Stefan who kicked at the man’s knees, bringing him down then

punched his face.

“I’ll ******* kill you for that,” he growled in a Russian accent as well. He jumped to his

feet and punched Stefan in the face that knocked him to the ground. Matthew was handling the

other brother on the other side of the bathroom. Matthew swung, missed, then swung again this

time connecting with the man’s throat. The Russian’s eye budged and he covered his throat and

started to choke. With his guard down, Matthew grabbed the front of his shirt and slammed him

into one of the stalls doors. Blood smeared the front of the door.

Dom helped Stefan up off the floor just as the large Russian went in for another strike.

Both ducked at the same time allowing the man’s fist to collide with the concrete wall which

shattered on impact. He was just about to deliver another strike when his brother called out:

“Glum, let’s get the **** out of here!” Glum lowered his fist, never taking his eyes off Stefan and


“We can kill them right now, Slum. Let’s end it.” Glum spoke.

His brother came behind him and pulled Glum away from the boys, “We will have many

more changes to kill them. Let’s go report back,” Glum growled at the three of them then turned

away. Both the Russian brothers left the bathroom and never came back.

“I need a ******* beer,” Stefan said at last.

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