Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Anna DeGatongo

Anna was in the back of the bus with some of her new friends she made while in the

airport and her Michigan friends like Matthew, Becca, Monica, Chris and Neil. They all were

going nonstop as the bus made its way to the Colosseum. Anna’s read much about Italy and its

history as well as its mythology which she found more fascinating. Anna was sitting next to

Becca as they talked with Cecily and Leah from the Boston delegation. Both girls have never

been out of the country before. Anna has before a few years back her family took Anna and her

sister Nina to England and France for New Years Eve. It was the best vacation she had ever

experienced. But this one she knows she will remember for the rest of her life. Alone, with kids

her own age, and like only three adults. As the bus drove by beautiful landscape, Anna’s mind

keeps crawling to the weird man she saw in the airport looking at her and her friends. Probably

just some perv, Anna thought then instantly pushed the memory out of her head and resumed

her conversation with the girls.

Even enough they were in the middle of a busy street with cars zooming in and out of

the way. Some aiming for the smallest crevice that they could find. Anna was certain enough

times that there would be a car accident but one never did occur. After driving around some of

Rome, the bus finally pulled over and stopped in front of a set of stairs. Rob got up in the front

and the bus driver gave him the microphone.

“Hello, everyone!” He said cheerfully. “We finally made it to the Spanish Steps! Look out

wonderful and beautiful they are. Lots of history right here. The Spanish Steps were first built

roughly between 1723 to 1725 by the architect Francesco de Sanctis. Does anyone know how

many steps were built on it?”

He waited for an answer and when no one spoke up Rob spoke again, “well, today you

will find out. We are starting the first of many games we will play through the three weeks. We

have a scavenger hunt all set up. Some teams will have five people others will have six. When I

call your names stand up and exit the bus. Down there Tom, Sebastian and Karen will give you

all a map of the city and a sheet of paper that tell you what to do for the scavenger hunt. Now,

let’s get this thing going!”

Rob pulls out a sheet of paper from his back pocket and reads the first set of names,

“Matthew, Becca, Josh Richards, Mackenzie and Alex Rand.” The five of them stood up as their

names were called and exited the bus. Anna’s name was called next along with Jackson, Justin,

Gillian and Cecily. Anna groaned inward that she was stuck with Jackson but was excited to

learn more about Justin and Gillian.

Anna started walking down the bus aisle with Cecily and Justin behind her. Jackson and

Gillian were already off the bus and had the map and sheet ready to go. Anna heard the other

names being called off as she got off the bus, “Monica, Chris, Ben, Kendall and Blake.” Rob

called out. Anna joined her team as she looked to see Matthew and his group walking up the

Spanish Steps already ahead of the game. Anna and her team huddled just as another team

was called. This team consisted of Danny, the other Josh, Olivia Starsky, Leah, Neil and


“Alright, everyone,” Justin speaks for the first time. “There’s not that many steps so I say

we just do what Matthew and his group are doing. Each take one side of the place and just

count. The others go to the top and count downwards. Afterwards, we’ll meet and see which

number everyone got.” Anna agreed and so did the others. Anna and Justin started at the

bottom while the other three jogged to the top and counted down. It was a lot harder than Anna

thought it would be. Every time she thinks she’s on the right number, she has to move out of

someone’s way and she loses her train of thought. But she quickly regains her thoughts and

remembers the number she was on.

After reaching the top of the Spanish Steps, Anna looked to see that about all the other

teams are together now. Dom, Stefan, Molly, Britney, Suzanna and Paula are a team. So are

Greg, Patrick, Salale, Erica, Morgan and Michelle. Michael, Kayla, Payton, Alex Adams, and the

other Olivia are together and finally Brett, Danielle, Kylie, Jacqueline and Tori. Anna saw that

Matthew and his team now were walking away from the Spanish Steps heading down a street

away from the Steps. Anna looked at the paper that Gillian had handed to her earlier and the

next item on the list is to the a picture with the Trevi Fountain. Anna joined Justin at the top of

the steps and they both walked down together to meet Gillian, Jackson and Cecily.

“I counted two hundred,” Jackson pipped up. Gillian got a hundred and forty three, Cecily

got a hundred and thirty five, as did Justin and Anna. In the end, they chose to go with 135

steps and they continued on their way Matthew and his team went. Gillian was the map reader

and guided them around the city. On their way to the Trevi they stopped at numerous small

shops and vendors to see what they offered and just to get a feel of the Italian Culture. All the

while, Anna didn’t notice the man from the German Airport following them.

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