Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Matthew Welch

They lost. It was all over. The moment the speakers stopped the chanting, Matthew knew they were in the endgame. Matthew had just seen Stefan leave the fight and go out into the city. Tori was nowhere to be seen either. Chris, Suzanna and Dom looked half beaten as it is, and Valeri was using a lot of her magic against her old companions. Matthew was tired and beat himself. He then saw Marcus walk up to Danielle, who was still tied to the pillar.

           Matthew ran at him with all his strength. Marcus simply just moved out of the way, allowing Matthew to propel himself forward. Marcus only tsked, “Foolish. This is how things are supposed to happen. It was planned. Talon, Danielle’s father, is to rise and help rule this world.”

           “Help rule this world? With whom?” Matthew asked as Marcus circled around Danielle, dragging the dagger across her skin lightly.

           “Someone high up. You may get to meet him in the future, if you play your cards right,” Marcus told him. “The point is, Matthew, this was unavoidable. Now you have friends’ deaths on your head and millions of people about to die.” Without warning, Marcus cut Danielle and let the fresh blood hit the ground. A few seconds passes with nothing happening. Just when Matt thought that Marcus got the wrong girl, the ground shook. Matthew fell to the ground just as a black hole appeared behind Danielle.

           Out of the hole a figure appeared, a man in his mid to late thirties in a dark pressed suit with hints of red. His hair was black and slicked back. His blue eyes rested around the scene before him until landing on Danielle. With a flick of his hand, monsters poured out of the whole. The Berserkers, Matthew thought. He looked over to see Valeri seeing the same thing. She started chanting quickly. There was another shake followed by thunder. Matt looked in the sky to see a green barrier go around Rome in a circle. Valeri used her protective spell, now no one can leave.

           Matthew got up and faced Talon who looked back at Matthew. With a yell, Matthew threw a punch that was deflected easily with a swipe of Talon’s hand, the other hand behind him. Matthew then used his machete, but Talon grabbed Matt’s wrist and snapped it. White lights danced around his vison. Just as they disappeared, Talon punched Matt in the gut, then the face, then his sides and finally knocked him back six feet with a swift side kick. Matthew landed right in front of Valeri, Dom, Suzanna and Chris.

           All of them looked in the direction of Talon who breathed deeply, “Ahhh,” he said. “I’m back.”

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