Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Justin Stone

Justin saw that they were losing this battle, even with the aid of police sort of on their side. A few officers have tried attacking him but failed. Justin doesn’t kill them, only knocks them out and hides their bodies in a sort of safe place. Justin saw Greg get killed and a few others. He was down to at least ten arrows left. A Traveler ran at him, Justin used the curve of his bow to smack the man across the face then stabbed the man with the hatchet. Justin turned around and was met with an arrow that struck him in the upper right arm. Justin cried out and jumped to cover. Gillian and Mackenzie ran over to meet him.

           “Stay still,” Gillian told him. “This is going to hurt,” She grabbed the arrows shaft and pulled it out. Justin swore heavily as he breathed through his nose.

           “One of them has an arrow. I didn’t get a good look, but I thought I saw one of those Russian Twins, Glum, Mikayla, Ryker, and some Traveler I don’t know. Gillian, go for Ryker and Mackenzie, you attack the other three. It won’t be easy but let me take care of the shooter.” The girls nodded then the three of them jumped out of their hiding spot. Gillian ran across and met Ryker with a heavy clang of metal on metal. Justin shot up and quickly fired an arrow. He saw another arrow fly at him, which he dodged. He peaked over the edge of his hiding spot to see Sebastian load another arrow. Sebastian has a Traveler in him, so the real Sebastian is dead already. Justin pulled out the arrow with part of the dagger as the head. One shot of this to the head and whoever is Sebastian should be killed instantly.

           He jumped up out of his hiding spot only to be met with a swift punch to the face. Justin fell back to the ground to see that Sebastian was standing above him now. He moves quickly, thought Justin.

           “Just give up. We killed some of your friends. We will kill you all now.” He pulled back the string. Just before he released it, Justin swept under him. Sebastian hit the ground hard as Justin wrapped his legs around his neck and squeezed. Sebastian struggled for a bit until he pried Justin’s legs apart. He quickly got up and grabbed Justin by the ankles. He began to swing him around in a wide circle then let go, sending Justin into a stone wall. Gritting his teeth, Justin grabbed his throwing stars. He threw them at Sebastian which hit him in the chest, but that didn’t stop it. “Normal weapons cannot kill me, Justin! Nothing can kill me!” He reached Justin and lifted him in the air then began to choke him.

           “You’re right,” Justin spat out. “But this can.” He brought up the arrow with a piece of the dagger. Sebastian knew what it was but was too slow to react. Justin plunged the arrow into Sebastian’s right eye, letting it exit through the back of his head. Justin fell to the ground as Sebastian and the Traveler that was Hijacking him died. Rubbing his neck, he got off the ground and returned his attention to Gillian, who was still fighting Ryker. Ryker was swinging harder and harder with each hit. Gillian had a few cuts around her body. Justin could also tell she was slowing down. Justin reached for an arrow only to find the basket empty. No, he thought. Ryker made one more heavy slash that cut Gillian’s throat. ****, ****, ****, Justin thought as he got up to find Mackenzie. She was still holding her own against Unseni, Glum and Mikayla. Mackeznie threw her axe at Unseni which caught him in the chest. She tried to bash in Mikayla’s head but was bested with a kick to the chest. Mack’s weapon flew from her hand when she hit the ground. She tried getting up, but Glum appeared and held her down with his giant foot.

           Ryker came up with Mikayla by his side. She swung back and forth the axe that killed Unseni. “You want this back? Come and get it, ******** Mikayla spat. She then swung the axe downward and cut Mackenzie’s left arm, from the elbow below, off. Mackenzie screamed as Justin ran over to her. He quickly took off his shirt and pressed it against opening. It bled through in seconds. Kylie then came out of nowhere. Her aim was for Glum who grabbed her by the neck and with on fluid motion, snapped her neck in half.

           “Can I kill them?” Ryker asked with a crazy hint in his eyes. Before Mikayla could answered, there was a loud roar coming from the Colosseum. Standing at the top was a monster of white flesh with red eyes and long dark talons. More came out behind it.

           “Leave them,” Mikayla ordered. “She’ll be head soon enough and he won’t make it to sunrise. Talon has risen.” As they left, Justin scooped Mack off the ground then took off running away from the monsters. He ran into Danny, Josh, Olivia Benoit, Monica, Leah, Cecily and Alex Adams. When Alex saw her best friend on the brink of death, more tears started to run down her face.

           “She’ll live. We need to find something to cauterize the womb. Where is everyone else?” Justin asked. Those creatures were now on the buildings, snagging people from the streets and eating them or ripping them apart like paper.

           “I don’t know! Let’s get out of here.” Danny said. Justin couldn’t argue with that. They left the Forum with no knowledge of where their friends are or even where they are. All the had left was the will to survive.

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