Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Dom Meerk

The night before, Dom and his team had used bolt cutters to make a small hole for themselves the day of the attack behind the Colosseum. Dom showed them the way then led them around to a metal door that leads to a winding metal staircase leading up. At the top of the stairs, they can see the camp behind them and below the maze of stone covered in greenery. In the center of the maze was a pillar with Danielle tied to it and the four Witches performing the spell. Dom could see Valeri. He could also tell that her mouth, every now and then, would quickly change movement than her sisters, but would quickly go back to whatever the others were chanting. Matthew hasn’t really told them a plan when they got here other than wait for the mines to go off. Dom feels like this is a more of a make it up as you go kind of plan.

           After a few minutes, Dom heard multiple loud noises and looked over to see dark smoke coming from the camp. The watch towers they had erected began falling over onto tents and other Travelers. The large stone building blew up into pieces and the turrets either were destroyed, began shooting off in circles, then exploded into thousands of tiny trinkets. Dom looked to below in the maze to see Marcus send most of his skilled fighters away to check out the noise.

           “Stefan and Tori will go for the Witches. The rest of us will kill the others.” Matthew ordered.

           “Finally,” Stefan said then jumped four feet in the air and landed on one of the stone pillars. He showed his red eyes then hissed at them, revealing his long fangs. Tori jumped down to join him but did not transform into a werewolf. Dom, Matthew, Suzanna and Chris climbed down the ladder. Marcus saw them coming and with a swish of his fingers, Julio, that assassin and the black-haired dreads lady, Amaya, got on the spectacles seating area and ran at them.

           “Chris and I can handle them,” Suzanna said. “You two, just get down there.” Dom looked at the two toughest Travelers he’s come to face then back at Suzanna. Chris and she were not fit to fight them alone, but she was right, they needed to get Danielle away from her. Matthew and Dom continued down the stairs. They reached the edge and jumped into the maze. Dom was met with a whack to the chest from a heavy blunted weapon. Looking up, Dom saw that it was one of the giant Russian twins, Slum if he guesses was right on the twin. Slum carried a large war hammer in his hands. He raised it in the air, ready to make Dom into mashed potatoes. Dom rolled away at the last second before the hammer met the ground with a thundering shake. Matthew was nowhere to be seen. Dom lashed out with his own weapon, the machete; cutting the large man in the upper left thigh. Slum didn’t even seem to notice as he advanced on Dom. Quickly getting up, Dom ran away from the large brute.

           Taking a left then a right, Dom was getting lost quickly with the Russian on his heels. Dom could either run around trying to find a way out of this maze or he could stand his ground and fight a man that could easily bend him with his pinkie finger. He wasn’t going to roll the dice on his chances against a man like Slum, so he continued running around the maze sometimes hitting dead ends and retracing his steps. Twice he almost died. The first time was when Slum cornered him in a dead end of the maze. Slum swung his hammer with Dom barely dodging it. The force of the hammer made a new doorway for Dom to exit from and the second time was when he ran into four Travelers. He was about to fight them when Tori appeared out of nowhere. She ripped the throat of one out with his hands, broke another neck, flung another as hard as she could into the stone wall, the back of his head exploding open and revealing its contents on the wall and the last man she literally tore from limb to limb.

           “What the **** are you doing? Fights this way,” Taking his hand, she guided them East then after a few right turns and one left turn they were in the center of the maze. Matthew was fighting a group of Travelers with Stefan. Danielle was screaming for help as the Witches continued their magic spell, Amaya was fighting Suzanna who was going toe to toe with the women and Chris was holding his own against Julio. Dom saw a Traveler sneak around Matthew’s back. Dom threw one of his daggers and saw it impale the man in the back of the neck. Tori and Dom then helped Matthew and Stefan fight.

           “Stefan, stop one of those Witches!” Matthew yelled. Stefan’s face was covered in blood. His red eyes almost blended with his face and he had a piece of skin in his mouth. Spitting the skin out of his mouth, he jumped in the air and landed on the Witch next to Valeri. The Witch barely had time to scream before Stefan bit the woman in the neck.

           “Remmy!” One of the Witches yelled. She started to summon a spell, but Valeri stopped chanting, tossed one of her hands out towards the Witch and sent her flying four feet back.

           “Valeri, what is the meaning of this?” the other Witch exclaimed.

           “I’m sorry, Sister Kalen, but I cannot let this go on. Talon must not rise!” Valeri yelled.

           “I always knew you wouldn’t be able to perform well. That’s why I had Remmy, Mileena and I pre-record the ritual.” With a swish of Kalen’s wrist, the speakers around the Colosseum started playing the ritual words once again. “You can kill us, but it will not stop the rise of Talon!”

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