Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Justin Stone

The night before, Justin was in the lobby with a pen and paper. He stared at the two things for a very long time, not sure if he should do it or not. On one hand, if he doesn’t do it, his family won’t know what happened to him or know how he really feels about them. On the other, if he does do it, it’ll make this all too real. It would make it feel like he might never truly make it back home. After what felt like hours passed, he picked the pen up and started writing. He wrote about his family, how he loves them. He might now ever show them, but deep down they are the best thing in his life. He put in some inside jokes a few people would understand. He wrote about his friends back home and what he hopes they accomplish in life. He talked about how he wanted to become a professional baseball player one day, oh how that idea at this moment seems moot. Finally, he finished off with the list of items that he owns and gave them to either friends or family members. He had just finished when Gillian walked by him. She stopped when she noticed the papers spread out around Justin.

           “What’s those?” Gillian asked Justin. She sat down next to him.

           “They’re, um, my will so to speak? It’s in case I don’t make it tomorrow. I’d like to let my family and friends know that it’s alright to move on. I wouldn’t want them to mourn me.”

           Gillian thought about this as she shifted through the papers. She grabbed the pen then grabbed more unused paper from the stack. “Do you mind?” Gillian asked. Justin nodded, got up then left the lobby as Gillian wrote her own will.

           Justin put those papers in his suitcase bag back in the hotel. Hopefully someday someone will rifle through that mess of a hotel and find it. He had an arrow notched, ready to shoot. He was waiting for the signal. Justin looked at his team, they were scared, just like he was. He thought about telling them something, was about to, when the place lit up like a Christmas tree. The loud noise made him cover his ears for a split second, until he remembered that this was the only time, they were to catch them off guard. Justin ran out of his hiding spot with the others behind him. The first Traveler saw him but was shot in the neck with an arrow. Justin saw all the towers start falling to the ground, the automated turrets blown to smithereens. The large building where Anna said they had their guns and ammo was blown to bits. There were many Travelers dead on the ground or bleeding out. Limbs were all over the place. Justin shot more arrows, each hitting its target.

           A Traveler leveled his shotgun at Justin. Before the man could shoot, Leah cut the mans head off. She picked up the shotgun and shot the nearest woman. Justin gave her a curt nod of thanks then took out three arrows and fired them all at once, hitting three separate Travelers. He made it more South as he fought. He saw Kayla fighting two Travelers with her spear. She stabbed one on the leg and twisted around in a three-sixty turn and slashed the other one on the face. Justin ran over to her. “How’s everything so far?”

           She thrust her spear into the hurt Traveler’s mouth that came out the back of his head. “Great. You know? I thought killing people was going to be much harder than it really is. I guess it’s easier knowing that they’re evil and whatnot.” Kayla saw a Traveler run at them. She shoved Justin out of the way and stabbed him in the chest.

           “Aw, look at this. Are we getting he band back together?” A familiar voice said behind them. Both Kayla and Justin turned around to see Michael standing by them with a mace in his hands. With him was Ryker, the guy that attacked Justin in the water park. God, that seemed so long ago when it was just three days ago.

           “To think I had a thing for you,” Kayla said with a nasty sneer.

           “It doesn’t have to be like this, Kayla. Join us, join me! They promised so much more than a new world order. They promised me to live like a king when Talon rises. You will live if you join us,” Michael offered Kayla. She looked at Michael with disgust written all over her face.

**************** you,” she spat. Justin fired an arrow at Michael who dodged it easily. Ryker and him then ran at them. When they got close, Justin quickly put away his arrow then grabbed his hatchet. He swung at Ryker who dodged it at the last second. Ryker had a short sword in his hands. The two of them swung at each other, back and forth, blocking each attack. Justin stole a glance over to Kayla who was going match for match with Michael. Whenever she blocked an attack, he blocked an attack. Whenever he struck harder, the next attack she did was harder than his. Justin kicked Ryker in the chest, sending him flying. Justin then turned to help Kayla out. Michael was now blocking both attacks with lighting speed. He then slashes Justin across his chest. Kayla then thrust her spear at Michael’s head, who dodged it with ease, grabbed the wooden part, then with a yank pulled Kayla close to him. He then brought his sword up and stabbed her in the gut. The sword made a wet sound when he pulled it out. Justin stared in horror as Kayla fell to the ground, blood blooming around her shirt. Blood came out her mouth as she looked at Justin just as the light went out of her eyes.

           Michael spat on Kayla’s body, “One less person to worry about.” He walked away as Justin stared at Kayla with the battle raging on behind them.

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