Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Cecily Compton

They separated into separate groups when they left the hotel. Matthew, Chris, Dom, Suzanna, Stefan and Tori took the van while the ones attacking the camps got into two groups of six, a group of seven and one group of eight. Cecily was with Anna, Blake Gillian, Erica and Patrick. The bullet womb on her shoulder had healed much quicker after Valeri was able to use her witch magic to speed the process up. It felt better than new. Everyone woke up at the crack of dawn, picked out their weapons for the fight then talked about what was going to happen. Matthew’s group was to go to the Colosseum, recuse Danielle and stop Talon from being released. Cecily and the others were to attack the camp in the Roman Forum. Anna told them that there are explosives all around the camp that are ready to detonate. When you see the blasts, attack, Anna said. Now, here they were, each group in a different car taking different ways to the Forum. Cecily’s team was to attack from the west. She was scared, she won’t lie about that. Things might go their way, or they might now. Today could be the last day she spends on earth. If that’s the case, she’ll go down swinging and try to take every ******* with her.

           They parked a mile away from the Forum. It was a Saturday morning, so the streets were as crowded this early in the morning which was a good thing, Cecily thought. Last night, Cecily found some walkie talkies in the hotel workers break room. They were all jumbled so she had Josh look at them. In an hour, they had working walkie talkies. Each team had one, Cecily had theirs.

           “Team A walking into position,” Cecily spoke into the talkie.

           Team B, which consisted of Mackenzie, Morgan, Karen, Danny, Monica and Kayla, were attacking the South end of the camp. Cecily heard Monica’s shaky voice on the other end, “Team B in position.”

           Next team to radio in were Team C which were Justin, Kylie, Kendall, Paula, Greg, Leah, and Britney. They were to attack the East end of the camp. Cecily heard Kendall’s voice after a few short seconds, “Team C in position.”

           The last group, Team D, was the large and had Ben, both Alex’s, both Olivia’s, Josh, Becca, and Jacqueline. Ben spoke over the radio confirming they were in position on the north end.

           Anna grabbed the radio from Cecily, “Alright team. Remember, when you see the explosives go off, **** them up.” She handed the radio back to Cecily then grabbed a small device from her pocket. She uncapped it, revealing a tiny red button. Without a second thought, she pressed it. Fireworks followed a few seconds.

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