Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Danielle Bisto

The plane over to Germany wasn’t that long, Danielle thought. Then again, she did sleep

most of the way there. Her cousin, Michael, was next to her along with Kayla sitting by him. He

talked her Kayla most of the flight while Erica is sitting in front of them with Tori and Britney.

Danielle watched a movie for the last two hours then they started to descend to the ground.

Danielle saw Matthew in the middle row two rows back from her. He was talking with his group

of friends. Danielle thought Matthew was cute the moment she met him back in October during

the interview. She was glad he was on this trip, but she doesn’t think Michael is all that thrilled

about him.

When they finally descended to the ground and everyone got off, Danielle and the group

had to follow Tom and Rob through more security people until finally arriving at their gate for a

plane to Rome which doesn’t leave for another four hours. It’s four in the morning here but

Danielle is still living in American’s Time Zone. Danielle first notices a bunch of other kids about

her age wearing the same exact clothing as her. The red brown collared shirt and khakis. One

lady with frizzy black hair hurried up to meet with Rob and Tom.

“Rob, Tom, so nice to meet you finally. My name is Karen William. This here are my kids

from Cape Cod. I hope the plane ride over was easy going.” Karen spoke.

“It was nice. Long but nice.” Rob answered back. Tom looked at Danielle and the other

kids then spoke.

“Mingle around. You’ll be sharing rooms and bus space with these kids for the next three

weeks. Get to know them. Breakfast places should be opening in the next hour around us so if

you and friends want to grab food please alert either Rob, Karen or I so we know where you

are.” With that, Tom sat down with Rob and Karen and started to talk about plans for the day.

Danielle, Michael, Erica, Kayla, Tori and Britney found an open table by a group of girls

from the other group and sat down. One of the girls started to talk to them.

“Morgan Boone, nice to meet you all. This is Alex Adams, Gillian Lowe, Olivia Starsky,

Jacqueline Bennett.” Morgan said pointing to each girl as she introduced them.

Danielle smiled, “Danielle Bisto. This is my cousin Michael, Erica Pace, Kayla Rowling,

Tori Davis and Britney Carolann.”

“How long have you guys been here?” Britney asked the girls.

“Since like midnight or something.” Alex answered. “It’s been a long four hours.

Hopefully now they food places are opening soon maybe time will go quicker.”

“Yeah let’s hope it does,” Michael muttered as he pokes his nose inside a book, never to

speak a word again. Danielle looked around to see that some of the other delegates were also

socializing with each other. She saw Matthew talking with a group that looked like had a few

girls and the only guys from the Cape Cod crew.

About two hours until their flight boards, Danielle, Erica, Kayla, Michael Tori and Britney

decided to go to the Coney Island they have in the airport that’s five gates away from them.

They told Rob who jotted their names down and said to be back within the hour if they can.

They got a seat easily and sat down. Danielle looked at the menu after they sat down,

“Um, does anyone here speak German?”

“I took a German speaking course my Freshman year.” Tori said as she looked up and

down the menu. “I mean it’s a basic Coney Island like you see back home on Woodward. Order

whatever you like.” When their waiter came over Erica started to speak but the waitress cut her

off and said: kein Englisch.

“That means no English,” Tori informed them. Then Tori started to speak fluent German

ordering food for them all.

“That’s pretty cool that you can speak that.” Britney said. “Wouldn’t happen to know

Italian too?”

Tori laughed a little, “No. But I was talking with Morgan and she’s fluent in that

department. Stick with her and she’ll make sure you aren’t buying anything nasty.”

After twenty minutes passed of them just shooting the **** until their breakfast arrived.

Danielle ordered pancakes with a side of bacon. When they were done Danielle gave whatever

German money she had in her purse and they walked out of the diner and joined the rest of

their group.

Soon enough, the plane arrives and is ready for them to board. Karen, Rob and Tom go

around the room handing tickets to the delegates. Danielle looks at hers to find out she isn’t

sitting with neither her friends. When it comes to boarding she’s the first one at her seat. Just as

Danielle sits down a girl from the Cape Cod crew joined her.

“Names Leah Ballard.” The two girls shake hands.

“Danielle Bisto.” A little while later, Matthew appears at their row and sits in the middle.

Danielle smiles at him and he returns it.

“Nice to see we’ll be well acquainted for the one-hour plane ride to Rome.” Matthew

said. Then he introduced himself to Leah.

“How are you guys enjoying the trip so far?” Leah asked them.

“Pretty conflicted with all this plane changing and all,” Danielle admitted. “I’ve never been

out of the country before, so this is a whole new experience for me.”

“You know anyone personally on this trip?” Leah wondered.

“Just my cousin, Michael.”

“That’s sweet,” Leah said then turned on her music, blocking out Matthew and Danielle.

“If you think this is bad, jet lag will make you sleeping on the ground at the Coliseum.”

He said with a grin. Danielle wave this off but then again, she is feeling tired right now and they

aren’t even to Italy. This plane ride went faster than the one to Germany felt like. When they

landed, Karen, Tom and Rob had them follow them to the carousel to retrieve their bags which

when that happened they allowed small groups to go to the bathroom and change into street


“Thank God,” Suzanna said as she took out a pair of shorts and a tanktop, “I thought I

was going to die from this heat,” Suzanna, Danielle, Kayla and Erica went to the bathroom and

quickly changed. By the time everyone was done changing into normal street clothes, Tom and

Karen went about handing out laynards with their names on it and a number on the bottom left

hand corner. Danielle had a number five and Michael and a six.

“What you were all just given was your nametag which you are to have on around your

neck at all times. The number indicates your spot in roll call. So, when I or any of the other

guides say Roll Call, we start with one and so on.” Tom called out to the kids. “Let’s try it out.

Roll Call!” The first person yelled out their number then it made its way to Danielle who yelled

out five then Michael. Matthew was the last one to scream out his number.

With a satisfied nod, Tom joined Karen and Rob just as a skinny man about late twenties

with his hair shaved on the sides and a clump of it on top. He had torn up jean shorts and a tied

dye tank. He walked up to the guides and shook their hands. After a few minutes they were told

to gather their things and walk outside where a bus was waiting for them. After getting their

luggage away below everyone found seats. Danielle and her group sat more in the front while

Matthew, his friends and some of the Cape Cod kids sat in the way back.

The man that had the weird haircut joined them and grabbed a mic from the front of the

bus. “Hello everyone,” He said. He had a thick accent. Danielle couldn’t place it with any country

she knows. “My name is Sebastian Dumitri. I am twenty-nine years old and I am from Romania.

I will be your tour guide for the next three weeks. I speak fluent Italian and Greek. I’m sure

throughout the trip I’ll get to know everyone of you well enough so, let’s have some fun. The first

thing we have today is to the Spanish Steps for an activity and then we will visit the historic

Roman Colosseum.” With that, the bus started moving and they were officially on their trip.

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