Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Mikayla Marino

She fell beside Michael Bisto on the bed, panting heavily. Both were as naked as the day they were born. They were also in some old people home that they killed upon entry. Mikayla didn’t want to have sex again in the camp. Last time Michael and she did that, they had multiple people walk in on them. A girl needs her privacy when being pleasured! Michael sat up, kissed her on the lips, then got out of bed to make some coffee. It was the morning of the ritual, in just a few hours, Talon will rise again. Michael came back into the bedroom with two steaming mugs of coffee. He sat next to Mikayla as he handed her a mug then admired her body for a quick second. Mikayla can’t really say what made her start sleeping around with Michael. He’s not that good looking for one, his face is covered with freckles, nose is a little crooked and he has short cropped blonde hair. He was no Ryan Gosling in any sense whatsoever, but he was better than half the dweebs at the camp.

           “What’s the plan for today?” Michael asked once again. They’ve been over this multiple times in the last twelve hours.

           Signing, Mikayla told him, once again. “We got back to the Colosseum where the ritual will be held. Only a handful of us will be there like Jackson, the Twins, my squad, Marcus, a few Travelers, you and I. The rest of the army will be in the camp, waiting for an attack from your old peers. Danielle will be tied up as the Witches start the important part of the ritual.           During the ritual, we wait until a vortex is formed behind Danielle. Marcus cuts her and tosses a few droplets of blood into said vortex. Then, before you know it, Talon and his own army will arrive in this world.”

           “What if the others attack us?” He asked.

           “That’s why we created those towers and that Julia created those automated turrets. They will rip through anything and anyone that tries to attack us.” Mikayla said with a sinister smile. They finished their coffee. Mikayla looked at her watch, almost nine in the morning. She looked at Michael, “Ready for another go before we head out?” Michael leaned into her and they once again began melting into one another. Michael was on top, thrusting harder with each motion. Mikayla bit her bottom lip, she turned Michael over and started to ride him just as hard. By the time they left the apartment, it was quarter to ten.

           They walked to the Colosseum together and converged on the center of the maze. Her father, Glum, Slum, Ryker, Ogell, Jackson and Julio were watching the Witches chant. Her father saw Mikayla and gave her a fierce hug. “It is almost time, my love. Go, get the prisoner. The Witches will be ready soon.”

           Mikayla nodded then headed to the tunnels beneath the seating area of the colosseum. When they started renovating the place for the ritual, months ago, they found a few cells. They were old and rusted or half destroyed over the years, so they reinstalled new prison cells. They barely use them as it is, but it’s useful to have at this very moment. There were two guards by the cell. Danielle was laying in the corner; her blonde hair covered her face. Such a sad sack of **** thought Mikayla. To think, she was the daughter of their ruthless leader. Mikayla tapped the metal bars with the hilt of her dagger.

           “Hey, get up. We’re almost ready to start.” Danielle didn’t stir. “Hey, get up, sweetie. I don’t have all day.” Danielle still hasn’t moved an inch. Mikayla looked at the two Travelers. “Have you ******* even fed her anything yet?” One of them shook her head. “You stupid idiots. Open the door.” One of them moved in front of Mikayla with a set of keys and opened the cell. Mikayla strode inside and bent down to make sure Danielle was still alive. When she was within a few inches of her, Danielle sprung awake, grabbed Mikayla by the hair and slammed her head into the wall. Danielle then took her dagger just as the two guards came inside. Danielle cut the slashed the throat of one and stabbed the other in the eye. Mikayla slowly got up and turned around just in time to see Danielle run out of the cell. With all the power inside her, Mikayla ran after her. She was gaining on her now. Danielle just reached the edge of the tunnel when she was checked into the wall. Michael had his cousin against the wall, her hands down. Mikayla joined them soon after. Danielle was still fighting.

           “Dani,” Michael said calmly. “Stop fighting. It won’t do anyone any good. We won’t kill you.”

           She spat in her cousins face, “You might as well. Because if you don’t kill me, Michael. I’ll kill you.”

           “Now you’re just being dramatic.” He said. He pulled some thick tape out of his pocket and handed it to Mikayla who tied Danielle’s hands behind her back and her feet together. Michael then lifted her over his shoulder and they walked to the ritual site. Mikayla told her father about the attempt escape.

           “Well, she is just a lot like her father.” Marcus remarked. “Tie her to the post. Let’s get this show on the road.”

           “You know nothing about my father. He’s a good man.” Danielle sneered.

           Marcus looked around at all his associates. He then laughed lightly, “Do you not know?” Dani gave him a weird look. “The man that you’ve called father for the past eighteen years was never really your father. The man that we’re brining back is your biological father. You’re a Traveler, sweet Dani, just like us. Your mother was a Witch, believe it or not. You are in for the ride of your life.” Danielle didn’t talk. She was stunned, from the look on her face. Mikayla and Michael finished tying her to the post around the Witches circle. Marcus fiddled around with the Traveler Dagger. The time was soon, Mikayla thought. Just then, there were multiple loud explosions that shook the ground. They looked in the horizon to see dark smoke clouds in the direction of the Roman Forum.

           “They’re here. All of you, hold them off. Slum, Julio, Amaya, Ogell and Akemi will stay along with the other Travelers here. Daughter, do me proud.” Her father said.

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