Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Anna DeGatongo

They began with a solid plan. They used the main lobby as a base of operations. Anna and a bunch of others went from the main floor to Robs room and carried down the weapons. Patrick, Greg, Ben, Blake and Stefan, who was awake now, cleared the place of bodies. Matthew was with Valeri by her side most of the time during the clean-up. Anna noticed that Tori was wide away now. Dried blood was on her face. Josh had gone in the basement, past of the mound of bodies of the workers and guests, to reset the circuit breaker. Anna was on her fourth trip down when the lights started working once again.

           After hours of working on brining down the weapons, clearing the bodies out of the hotel, and stocking up on medical supplies, Valeri had everyone gather around the large wooden oak table in the center of the lobby. It’s the first thing you see when you enter the hotel. Once everyone was around the table, Valeri began speaking.

           “Matthew and I made a plan. We want to run it by you guys before we put it into motion. First, we will send a scouting party that will consist of Anna, Becca, Leah, Monica and Olivia Benoit. The five of you seed to take pictures of their base. How many weapons they have, how many men and women they have, just take pictures and estimations on everything at camp. I will give you remote explosives you can plant around the camp and denote as you are about to attack. The remote explosives will be in a bush south west of the camp.”

           “Shouldn’t you know how much they have?” Monica asked the Witch.

           “They were brining in more weapons and fighter by the time I felt them. By now, they should have arrived. Plus, I won’t be going into camp. I’ll have to go to the Colosseum right after this. The ritual is a grueling process that needs to be started the day before. I’ll do my best to slow them down.”

           “Why us five? There’s got to be a better group.” Olivia Benoit asked Valeri.

           “You five are the smallest and most agile in the group. If anything does go wrong, pray it doesn’t, you five will have an easier time slipping through their grasps than, say, Danny.” Valeri told her. With no further questions, she continued, “Another scouting party will go to the Colosseum. They will make a secret entrance, so they can easily enter without being seen. That party will consist of Britney, Justin, Mackenzie, Danny and Dom. Once you make an entrance, go inside and scout the layout. There shouldn’t be too many Travelers in there, but there will be some of Marcus’s trusted advisors in there. Like the Twins. Once those parties are finished, return here and get a good night’s rest. There will be two parties the day of the attack. The party going to rescue Danielle will consist of Chris, Dom, Suzanna, Stefan, Tori and Matthew. It’s a risk putting the two more powerful pieces in one group, but if the Berserkers do get out, they need to be the first line of defense. Suzanna will be with them because she’s the healer. As for Dom, he will know where the entrance is, and Chris is a good fighter. Any questions so far?” No one said anything. Anna looked around to see if anyone was scared, but to her dismay, their faces were stone cold. They were ready. “The rest of you will attack the Roman Forum. It won’t be an easy job. I won’t lie, people will die tomorrow. But, if we stop them, then it will be all worth it. Now, let’s get this show on the road. I must leave now. Girls, go scout the place out while it’s still daylight.” With that, with a simple hand movement, Valeri was gone instantly.

           Anna, Becca, Leah, Monica and Olivia then shift through the assortment of weapons they have. Anna choose a machete, Becca choose to wield two hatchets, Monica has two daggers, Leah has her machete and Olivia had her dagger. Anna and the girls took the keys of the van and left the hotel once they were set. Leah drove into Rome. Anna was scared, she won’t lie. This is the most dangerous thing she has ever done in her life. They found a spot outside the Capitoline Museum then walked the rest of the way to the Roman Forum.

           The girls saw the Forum is the distance. There were tents set up all over the place with multiple Travelers walking around. There were watch towers with two watchers in each one with snipers in their arms. Becca was taking photos on her phone of everything she saw. They got a little closer, trying to keep their heads down. There were multiple camp fires going around the place with Travelers laughing and eating. There were also self-automated machine guns planted throughout the place.

           “Holy ******* breathed Olivia. “We are so in over our heads,”

           “Let’s find those bombs Valeri was supposed to leave for us. We can blow this place to hell tomorrow.” Monica told them. The went to the south western side of the camp and found a large bag of mines. They saw the nearest watch tower and crouch walked over to it. Anna grabbed one mine from the bag and hit the button on the top, a small red dot appeared.

           “Is it going to blow?” a worried Leah asked.

           “No, this are remote controlled only,” Becca answered. “They can detonate if they are hit with a bullet.” Becca grabbed another mine and turned it on. Anna and Becca put both on the front legs then they continued walking around the base planting them discreetly. All the while, they took photos of what they were up against. When they finished planting the mines on the towers, the next hard part was planting them on the turrets. Anna suggested since it was getting slightly dark now, they toss the mine. It doesn’t have to stick to the machine to explode, but if they wanted extreme damage, they should. None of the girls wanted to risk it so they did Annas plan and tossed the mines at the machines, sometimes throwing two or three just for safe measures. They were finished now, they were passing by the large decaying building when Anna looked through one of the windows. She ushered the girls over.

           “Look inside. It’s their whole armory.” Anna said. There were rows and rows of assault rifles, shotguns, LMGs, SMGs, snipers, pistols, grenade launchers, rocket launchers and bullet proof vests. “We need to blow this up. If they get in here when we attack, we are dead. That is a certainty.” The girls then went around the building and planted the mines all around the base of the building. They used all their mines now. All that was left was the remote detonator. With their job done, they scurried out of the encampment and returned to their car.

           “Let’s hope this works,” Prayed Monica. Me too, thought Anna, me ******* too.

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