Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Matthew Welch

Matthew quickly reached for his cell phone and turned on the flashlight. He swept it around the room to find no one had entered. He heard another scream. He quickly got out of bed and started putting on his shirt and pants. He tossed Danielle her bra and clothes too. The two of them got dressed as quickly as possible. Just as they finished putting on their clothes, the door was kicked down with a loud crash. There was a soft hum of electricity and the backup lights kicked on, barely illuminating the room. Two men walked inside his room, each had a knife in their hands. They looked at both Matthew and Danielle then went at them both. The first one swung his knife at Matthew who jumped back then kicked the knife out of his hand. Matthew then punched him in the throat. The man stumbled back, gagging and wheezing as his buddy went after Danielle. He jumped on the bed and jumped on her, knocking both onto Michael’s bed. Danielle screamed and used her nails to scratch the mans face. The man yelled out as Matthew grabbed him by the back of the shirt and tossed him off Danielle. Matthew picked up the knife he kicked and stabbed the man in the neck with it. Blood oozed quickly out of the man’s neck. It coated his shirt in seconds. He fell onto Matthew’s bed, staining the sheets in seconds. The second man had stopped coughing and looked at his friend and then Matthew. He ran at Matt, but Danielle jumped in between them and stabbed the man in the chest with one of the knifes. His blood got onto Danielle’s shirt. She tossed him to the floor.

           Both panted at the attack then walked to the door. “The Travelers are here.” Danielle commented. “We need to get everyone and leave this place. Matthew couldn’t agree more with that statement. He went over to the safe and grabbed the Traveler Dagger then took Dani by the hand and they left his room. There was no one else in the hallway.

           “We need to go to Robs room,” Matthew said quietly. “There are weapons for us to use.” They slowly made it down the hall to find multiple rooms broken into. They reached Rob’s room to find it was slightly open. Matthew made a hushing motion to Danielle who nodded. On the count of three…one…two…three! He kicked open the door and found himself at the sharp end of a spear.

           “Kayla!” Hissed a voice. “It’s Matthew.” The spear left his throat as Kayla let Matthew and Danielle entered. Inside Robs room was Kayla, Erica, Britney, Blake and Leah all with weapons of their own.

           “Matthew!” Kayla said surprised at her own action. “I’m sorry! I thought you were a Traveler.”

           “You’re fine,” Matt told her. “Two of them just tried to kill Danielle and I.” Danielle went over to Erica and Kayla and hugged them both.

           “Have you seen Michael?” She asked her friends. Both shook their heads no.

           “The main part is we need to get out of here and fast. Do you guys know where the others are?” Matthew asked as he went over to the weapons. He got himself a pick axe and a machete. Danielle choose a dagger. Erica had a large hammer while Britney carried a carving knife. Blake and Leah each carried a machete as well.

           “No idea. We were in Blakes room when the lights went out. We came right over once that happened. One of the Travelers were in here when we did. Blake took care of him.” Leah said. Matthew looked in the bathroom to see a dead body. Matthew made a mental note that Blake can handle himself just fine.

           “Alright, this is the plan. Danielle will stay here with Kayla and Erica while the rest of us search around and find the others. Do not open that door unless it’s someone you know.” Matthew ordered.

           “That’s a **** plan, Matthew and you know it.” Danielle said.

           “It’s the best one we got. Let’s get a move on.” Matthew quickly kissed Dani on the lips then left the room with Blake, Leah and Britney. The four of the slowly walked down the barely lit hallway. When they passed one of the opening rooms, a Traveler jumped them. Two more showed up behind them, a man and a woman. The first one slammed Matthew into the wall. Britney lunged forward and made a deep gash on the man’s forearm. Blake turned around and blocked an attack from one of the men’s attack with his own machete. Leah swung widely at the woman, lodging Leah’s own machete into the woman’s neck. Blood squirted all over the walls. Matthew got to his feet only to be knocked down again. The man grabbed Britney by the neck and tossed her into Leah who was coming over to help. Matthew used his pick ax and used it to stab the man in the ankle. He screamed as he fell over then with the killing blow, Matthew buried his machete in his skull with a sickening crunch. Blake then stabbed his own fighter in the chest. Without missing a beat, they continued down the hallway. They reached the stairs and continued down the flight.

           “Most of everyone are probably in the lobby,” Suggested Britney. “Not a lot of people leave that area as it is.” The reached the last part of the stairs. Matthew quietly opened the door and they entered the large hallway that leads to the main reception area. Crouched, they continued down until they reached the dining room where they saw the room was full of Travelers, all with various weapons from swords, daggers, and knives to guns. In the middle is everyone, save for Rob, Danny, Josh, Justin, Dom, Mackenzie, Kylie, Alex Rand, Olivia Benoit, Anna, Becca, Kendall, Suzanna, Tori, Cecily and Stefan. They were all tied up and on their knees with a tall sledner looking man with slick black hair walking around them. He had a pistol in his hands. Matthew sees Mikayla standing by him and by her was Sebastian, Jackson and Michael! Why are they with the Travelers? Were they Hijacked too?

           “Now, this will go by much quicker and smoother if you just answer my questions. Where. Is. The. Dagger?” The slender man asked. No one answered him. He sighed, “Fine. You want to play hard, is that is?” He goes over to Michael and hands him the pistol. “Show them I mean no mercy.” Nodding, Michael walked over to Melissia, pointed the gun at her head and pulled the trigger. Matthew had to clamp his hand over Leah’s mouth. She made a muffling noise that went unnoticed by the group in the room. There were multiple shouts and screams from the group.

           “Michael, what the hell!” Yelled Patrick.

           “You are a ******* traitor! I’ll kill you myself!” Yelled back Greg. After a few minutes of no one giving up the information the man needed, Michael handed Jackson the gun and he walked up and shot Molly in the face, twice.

           “This is getting annoying, people. Just tell me where the dagger is, and all is forgiven. And the girl. The girls a necessity too.”

           “Marcus,” Michael spoke for the first time. “I can probably find Danielle myself and she can lead me to the dagger.”

           The hair slick man, Marcus, smiled at the notion, “Yes. Do that, Michael. When you return with both items, we will burn this place to the ground.” Michael nodded and headed off in the direction where Matthew and the others were. The quickly rushed down the hall into one of the offices and hid in there until Michael passed by them. When the coast was clear, Britney looked at the three of them.

           “Michael and Jackson? Working with the Travelers? AND Sebastian. Jesus. What are we going to do?”

           “I need to get to Danielle before Michael does. If he can just kill without remorse, then Kayla and Erica aren’t safe. In the meantime, we need to get the others and leave the hotel.” Matthew said.

           “How do you suggest doing that?” Blake wondered.

           “I don’t know. I want to avoid an all-out battle, but, if it comes to it, then we have no choice.” Matthew said. At the end of that sentence, he made his way out of their hiding hole and went back to the stairs. When he reached the third-floor landing, the door opened to reveal two Travelers. A man and a woman. The three of them looked at each for a split second before Matthew rushed them. He kicked the man in the chest and punched the woman in the face. He then unsheathed his machete and twirled around. The man Traveler jumped back in time, but the tip cut the man in the chest. The woman grabbed Matthew by the neck and tossed him down the stairs. When he got up, the two of them were already by his side throwing punches. Blood flowed down his nose and out his mouth. He felt like he was on the verge of passing out before the woman was shot in the back with an arrow through her left eye. The man turned around at the last second to be punched in the face then stabbed in the chest. Kylie was the one with the brass knife knuckles. She helped Matthew up to his feet.

           Justin walked down the stairs and retrieved his arrow from the woman. Alex, Dom, Mackenzie and Alex Rand were with them. “Matthew? What the hell is going on?”

           Matthew took a deep, wet breath, “Travelers have infiltrated the hotel. Do not trust Michael, Jackson or Sebastian. They’re working with the Travelers.”

           “As in they’re Hijacked?” Alex asked.

           Matthew shook his head, “I don’t know about Sebastian. But Jackson and Michael are whole. They killed Molly and Melissa already. They have everyone tied up save for a few people. Leah, Blake and Britney are in one of the offices downstairs. Join them.”

           “Matthew,” Dom said before they separated ways. “We found the hotel guests and workers. They’re in the basement. Dead,” Matthew nodded. He grabbed the dagger and broke off a piece of it, handing it to Justin.

“Just in case you need to shoot Sebastian.” He then went to the fourth floor. He made it to Rob’s room. Knocking lightly, no one answered for a few seconds until the door opened. Danielle pulled him in for a hug.

           “Sorry, had to make sure it was you.” Dani said. “What’s happening?”

           “Listen, if Michael comes here do not let him in.” Matthew tells her.

           “Hello, Matthew,” a voice said. Matthew looked at the end of the room to see Michael with an evil grin on his face. Matthew put Danielle behind his back.

           “Kayla, Erica, get away from him. Now.” Matthew spat.

           “Matthew, it’s Michael.” Erica was saying. “We can…”

           “No, we cannot trust him! I just saw him kill Melissa downstairs not ten minutes!” Matthew roared. The girls looked at Michael, hoping for him to deny it. When he didn’t, they slowly retreated over to Matthew and Dani’s side.

           “Michael,” his cousin said. “Tell them it’s not true! Tell me!”

           Michael didn’t try to deny it. When he spoke, he spoke like he knew what was best for Dani. “Danielle. You know I love you so much. I would do anything to protect you. Hell, that’s what I told my parents and your parents when we left for this trip. That I would protect you at all costs. That’s exactly what I’m doing.”

           “What does having to kill Melissa and going with the enemy have do with anything?” Danielle screeched.

           “They promised me that you’ll be taken care of. You are just need you for a simple spell. They have witches to do that and the dagger will help.”

           “What are they planning exactly?” Matthew asked.

           “I don’t know. They don’t tell Jackson and I that much. They have us do little things. Like when you went into the catacombs, we had to protect the witches while they awakened the Vampires and Werewolves.” Michael confessed.

           Danielle gave him a look that could kill, “You KNEW about that? Five good people died because of that! You’re not my cousin anymore. You’re a ******* monster.”

           Michael sighed, “That’s it. I tried playing nice. You’re coming with me now.” Michael grabbed a machete from the bed and ran at them. Matthew ran at Michael and tackled him to the ground. Matthew threw the first punch, hitting Michael in the jaw. The girls screamed. Matthew yelled at them to get out while they still can. Kayla opened the door only for it to be blocked at Slum and Glum, the two Russian ********. Glum reached for Erica and Kayla. Kayla stabbed him in the arm with her spear. The man didn’t show any sign that it hurt him. He simply broke it in two and grabbed the two girls. Slum grabbed Danielle, tossing her weapon down the hall. Michael kicked Matthew off him and reached for his machete. Matthew blocked the attack with his own weapon. The two of them sliced back and forth, blocking each of their moves. Matt needed to either kill Michael or knock him out cold, Glum and Slum were walking down the hall with the girls in their arms. Michael got in a good look and cut Matt on the upper right leg. He fell to one knee and Michael rested the machete on his neck.

           “No hard feelings, right?” Before he could finish the job, there was a blur of movement and Michael was thrown back into the wall hard enough to make it crack. He was passed out cold. Matthew looked up to see what caused it. Stefan was breathing heavily, looking at Matthew with red glowing eyes and fangs hanging out of his mouth. His fingernails were sharp as talons. They looked at each other for a minute before Stefan sped out of the room. After a minute collecting his bearings, Matthew left the room only to run into Cecily, Anna, Becca, Kendall and Suzanna.

           “Matthew, what the hell is going on?” Anna asked. Matthew gave the girls a quick lowdown about the events that have happened so far.

           “I think the bites are changing them,” Suzanna said. “Tori woke up and sped out of the room. Haven’t seen her since.” This is getting bad, Matt thought to himself. He told the girls to get into Rob’s room and lock the door. Do not open the door for anyone. When he looked inside, Michael’s body was gone. ****. At that notion, Matthew rushed down the hall and took the stairs two at a time. He reached the lobby just in time to see that the others have been caught. Matthew crept up to the door and peered inside. Danielle was in both Slum and Glum’s grip as she fought back and forth, trying to free herself. Marcus was in a chair now, drinking a glass of wine. Danny and Josh were with the group. The only one missing was Rob.

           “Daughter, give me a report please.” Marcus said taking a tentative sip from his glass. Mikayla stepped forward. Mikayla is related to Marcus? Makes sense, now that Matt thinks about it.

           “We have everyone in custody aside from Anna, Becca, Cecily, Kendall and Suzanna. Michael says that Matthew is still out and about. The werewolf, Tori, is nowhere to be found and the vampire, Stefan, is MIA as well.” Mikayla answered her father.

           “If there’s a vampire and werewolf in this hotel, find them and kill them.” With a wave of his hand, a dozen armed Travelers left the lobby in search of Tori and Stefan. They exited a different way than the entrance Matthew was by. “Vampire, werewolves. ******* Christ, is there anything the witches didn’t release from the catacombs?”

           “Be glad the Goblins didn’t get out,” Amaya said. Matthew remembers her, she was one of Mikayla’s squad members that tried to kill them at the water park.

           “Yes, the Goblins. Good riddance. You know how long it took to get rid of that race? Just like elves. Nasty buggers,” Marcus said. He saw Danielle still trying to break free of the brute’s hands. Marcus made a tsking noise, “Now, Danielle. Please stop struggling. This will be over when I get my dagger.” Marcus up his glass down and took a dagger from Mikayla’s belt. He walked over to Danielle and slowly dragged the dagger around her face and stomach. This made Matthew’s blood boil. He needed to find a way to free his friends. Just now exactly? Thinking of what to do, he looked back and saw Dom catch his eyes. Dom shifted his weight around to show that he had a small knife in his hands and his ******** were broken. His friends are free! Now, he just needs a distraction.

           At that instant, there was a brutal scream as Rob ran out into the lobby with a broken vodka bottle. He ran for Marcus who barely even looked as he tossed the dagger. The dagger embedded itself in the base of Rob’s throat. Before Rob could hit the floor, Matthew sprung into action. He cut the head off a woman Traveler and stabbed a second. Marcus spun around at the sudden attack. Dom leaped to Rob’s body and grabbed the dagger. Everyone in the group sprung into action. Everyone attacked someone. Matthew saw Justin, Dom, Mackenzie, Alex, Olivia and Kylie get their weapons from the table Marcus put them on.

           Matthew attacked the Travelers closest to him that had guns. He stabbed them before they pulled the triggers. He then took one of their guns, a pump action shotgun, and aimed it at the nearest crony. During their fighting, there was a loud howl. Everyone looked over to see a werewolf on all fours. Its beady glowing gold eyes looking at them. It then leaped onto one of the Travelers and started ripping him from limb to limb. A growl came from above and Matt sees Stefan floating in the air with two Travelers in his grip, both dead. He tossed one like a baseball at another Traveler and then drank the flowing blood from the dead one in his hand.

           Matthew looked around in the madness to see that Glum and Slum were dragging Danielle out of the lobby. He went right for them only to be stopped by Mikayla, Jackson and Michael. The three of them stared at Matthew then at the Traveler Dagger in his waist pants. Mikayla pulled out a dagger that fell to the ground. It was connected by a metal chain that extended a few feet. Both Jackson and Michael carried daggers of their own. Without hesitation, Mikayla twirled around her weapon and aimed it at Matthew who jumped back at the last second. He felt the wind of the force behind the attack. Jackson then lunged forward, Matthew spun around, grabbed him from behind and threw him two feet away. Michael attacked at the same time but was met with a kick to the chest from Matt. Mikayla slashed again, this time nicking Matthew in the upper left thigh.

           He fell to his knees. Jackson then came behind him hand whacked him in the back of the head with the hilt of his dagger. Michael then punched him twice in the face. He was getting light head. Dark spots clouded his vision. He watched Danielle get dragged out of the hotel. Mikayla reached to him and took the dagger. “This belongs to us,” she said before doing a spin kick to his head. Everything went black

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