Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Anna DeGatongo

Anna numbly led Justin and Dom to the elevators. When they got inside the elevator, they lightly up Tori up against the wall and stretched for the few seconds they had. None of them spoke as they went up. Anna couldn’t help but look at Tori. Her bite mark was large by comparison, but it didn’t look like it bled all that much and, if you look closely, it was stitching itself all on its own. She doesn’t want to hear what happened in the catacombs, but she needs the full story.

She unlocked the door leading to her and Anna’s room, “She’s the one closest to the window.” Justin and Dom walked over to Tori’s bed then slowly put her head on it. Once they put her down, they sat down and rubbed their eyes.

“You’re probably wondering what happened,” Justin said. It wasn’t a question, it was a statement. Anna just nodded her head.

Dom let out a long sigh, “Well,” He began. “It started out innocent. We went into the catacombs. Everyone stayed together until the divide came along.”

Justin hopped in, “Everyone split up. That wasn’t the plan at first but when things started coming out of the wall we split up.”

“Things? What things?” Anna asked them.

“Creatures. Werewolfs and Vampires.” Dom laughed at just saying that. “It’s funny, I never thought I’d say those words aloud to describe something,”

“When they started running at us,” Justin continued, “we all split up. I went with Stefan and Matthew. Dom went with Tom. I don’t know who went with who until we regrouped. Stefan was bitten too. Not by a werewolf, like our delighted friend here. He was bitten by a vampire.”

“When we did get to the dagger, it was almost eleven thirty. Thirty minutes until the gates closed forever.” Dom took over the story. “That’s when we learned what happened to Payton, Michelle, and Brett. Then as Danielle got the dagger, Neil popped up and shot Tom in the leg. Cecily already had a bullet womb in his shoulder. Neil, but as the Traveler named himself, Francis, claimed to be needing the dagger and Danielle to bring their master back. That’s when Danielle stabbed him.”

“To finish out the rest of the story,” Justin concluded, “Tom couldn’t quite make it back so Matthew gave him a gun and Tom shot himself.” Anna realized that she was crying. She wiped the tears ago and signed.

“Oh, ******* She said, tears still running down her face. “What are we going to do?”

Dom shrugged, “The best thing we can do is find out what happened to the other residents of the hotel. Do we have a master key or something?”

Anna shook her head, “No. We tried looking for one while you guys were gone. Chris, Britney, Josh and Blake did go into the towns Moosejaw and purchased all their knives, daggers, axes, machetes and bows, along with all the sharp weapons from the kitchen. If you want to go into Rob and Tom’s room, that’s were they are. I’m sure there’s something there to fully open the doors here.”

Justin and Dom stood up, “Thanks,” Justin said. “We’ll start doing that. How about you get some sleep? God knows we need it.” Anna nodded her head as the boys left her room. Anna laid on her bed for probably twenty minutes, but couldn’t sleep, so she left her room and walked down to Becca’s room. Becca was the only one inside. Both girls have been friends since they first met at the People to People meetings in Michigan. So, when Becca saw Anna, Becca started to cry. Anna joined her in bed and held her close. Together, they dozed off. They woke up when the screams started.

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