Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Matthew Welch

It was stagnant on the drive back to the hotel. No one moved or spoke and the smell the group brought together was foul. Becca had some blood stains on her face while the bleeding from Cecily’s womb had finally slowed down. They will need to make a sling and put it in clean bandages, but right now that wasn’t their main concern. Their main concern was what to do next. They finally have the dagger after so much pain and suffering, but what next? They made it back to the hotel just before one in the morning. Dom grabbed Tori, who was still passed out, by the shoulders while Justin grabbed her legs. They were the first to enter through the rotating doors. Everyone was still awake and, in the lobby, waiting for their fateful return.

Suzanna was the first to see Dom enter. She called out to the others and they came running to the front lobby to see that Dom was carrying Tori with the help of Justin.

“Tori,” Suzanna’s voice flattered. “Is…is she dead?” The question seemed like acid coming out and it sprayed on Matthew, knowing he’s the reason for Tori’s predicament.

“No. She’s alive. But she needs rest. Anna, I know you’re rooming with her. Please help us get her in bed,” Dom said softly. Anna nodded slowly then followed them to the elevators. Everyone then looked at Cecily whose makeshift bandage had bleed through a little.

Karen broke through the crowd of teenagers, *****. Alright, Suzanna, in the staff kitchen is a first aid kit. Go with Cecily and get that bullet womb healed. While she does that, the rest of you can tell us what happened.” Matthew noticed her eyes shifted around, hoping to see Tom. When Karen didn’t see Tom, she quickly looked away and walked into the large waiting room lobby where everyone else followed.

Matthew stopped Stefan before entering, “Go to the kitchen and get checked on by Suzanna as well. Then send her to Tori.” Stefan wanted to argue but Matthew insisted. Stefan agreed and walked to the kitchen. Matthew sat down in what would be the center couch with Danielle. Both held hands as Matthew took out the Traveler Dagger. He set it on the table.

“The mission was a success.” Matthew solemnly said. “But, um, there were complications.”

“What kind of ‘complications’?” Paula practically yelled. “My two best friends aren’t with you. Tell us exactly what the **** happened.” Matthew has never seen this side of Paula. Granted, he’s never really talked with her very much, but it didn’t matter. She deserved an explanation. Matthew then talked about entering the catacombs and the werewolves and vampires that attacked them. Danielle talked about the death of Michelle and Tori getting bitten by the werewolf. Becca talked about how Brett and Payton died then Matthew brought it home with how when they all woke up, Neil shot Tom in the leg and Cecily and Danielle was the one that killed him. Then finished off with how Tom wasn’t going to make it, so Matthew gave him an easy out. Karen quickly wiped away tears at the corner of her eyes and spoke.

“So, Tori was bitten by a werewolf and Stefan a vampire?” Her voice hitched in a few places when she spoke. “I don’t know much, but doesn’t that mean that they too are those creatures?”

Matthew shrugged, “We don’t know. Could be? We’ll have to wait and see.”

“What’s the plan now?” Sebastian asked

“We stay alive is what we do. From what Francis or Neil or whoever that was, said, the Travelers want Danielle and the dagger to bring back their old boss. Whoever that is, I really don’t want to meet.” Matthew said.

“We need weapons then.” Chris said. Everyone looked at him. “I mean, to protect ourselves. We lost all the guns in the catacombs. We can’t get more. While you were gone, Matthew, Josh, Blake, Britney and I went into town. We found a large Moosejaw and purchased every dagger, knife, machete, hatchet, axe and knife in their inventory.”

“We put it in Rob and Tom’s room along with all the knifes and other sharp objects from the kitchen area.” Britney added.

“We still haven’t found exactly what happened to the workers or other residents of the hotel.” Kylie offered some help on the update.

“We need to get a stat on that.” Matthew said. “I don’t like how this place was bristling with life a few days ago and now it’s like a graveyard.” Without nothing further to talk about, the group slowly broke apart. Many went to their rooms. Matthew walked about with Danielle trying to find Michael, but Erica and Kayla hadn’t seen him in hours. They walked to Matthew’s room to find Michael wasn’t there either. With nothing else to do, Matthew put the dagger in the safe each room comes with and lies on his bed. Danielle joins him, and he wraps an arm around her. Her blonde head resting on his chest.

“I never asked you,” Matthew said as he stroked Danielle’s hair. “How are you holding up?”

Danielle didn’t speak. Matthew can’t image what she’s going through. She might have killed Francis, a Hijacker, a Traveler, but to her, she killed Neil. “I’ll survive, I think.”

“You did what you had to do. Remember that,”

“I know. Doesn’t make it any better though.” They laid there for some time before Danielle sat up and got off the bed. “I’m going to grab and change of clothes then come back and shower. If that’s alright with you. I really don’t want to be alone tonight is all.”

“Of course,” Matthew said then kissed her on the lips, “I’ll leave the door unlocked.” Danielle smiled and left the room. Matthew also took a shower and put on a new pair of clothes. He tossed the pair he wore to the catacombs. Danielle still hadn’t returned yet, so he went to the fifth floor to where Anna and Tori’s room was. The girls were on the fifth floor while guys stayed on the fourth. The door to their room was slightly opened as Matthew reached it. Walking inside, he found Tori still passed out with Suzanna by the bedside and Kendall at the rooms desk.

“How is she?” Matthew asked, leaning against the corner of the room.

Suzanna had a small first aid kit lying net to her. She had put some ointment on Tori’s womb and put some fresh bandages on it. “She’ll live. The bite barely bled which is the weirdest thing. Same with Stefan’s own bite mark. I fixed it as best as I could with little supplies we have. Cecily’s gunshot womb is fine too. She’ll have to take it easy for a few weeks though.”

Matthew nodded, “Where’d you end up learning all this medical stuff?”

“OTEC.” Suzanna responds. “Every first and second period since Sophomore year I’ve taken a nursing course there. I’ve always wanted to be a nurse.”

“Good. It’s a useful skill.” Matthew observed. “What about you Kendall?”

“I also know some useful healing skills. I’m here just in case Suzanna wants a break.” Kendall told him.

“Alright, get some rest you two. Who knows when we might get some next.” With that, Matthew walked back to the forth floor to his own room. When he walked into his room standing in the middle was Danielle in a white lace bra and undies. Her long blonde hair was down, and she was in a sexy pose. Matthew stopped in his place, staring at Danielle not with shock but very turned on.

“Close and lock the door,” Danielle said. From the way she said it, it sounded like an order. Matthew didn’t hesitate, without taking his eyes off Danielle, he closed and locked the door.

“You sure you wanna do this?” Matthew asked.

“We don’t know how long we have on this planet. Come over here and kiss me,” Danielle once again ordered, and Matthew complied. In three quick, long strides, he had Danielle in his arms and was kissing her passionately. Her hands were running through his head and one of his hands were going through her hair and up and down her back. Together, they were one. Each kiss was harder than the last. Matthew slapped her ass which made Danielle smiled. They turned around, Matthew’s hands were both on his ass. She topped kissing him and pushed him on the bed. Matthew took his shirt off as she leaped on his lap and they started kissing once again.

Matthew was getting very turned on, his hard on was pressing right against her thigh. His lips went to her neck. She let out a little soft moan. At that, Matthew flipped her over on the bed and started to kiss her neck then continued down. With one fluid motion, he unhooked her bra. Danielle tossed the white lace bra aside, letting her breasts hang out. Matthew looked at them. They weren’t huge in any way, but they weren’t small. They were medium sized. Perfect.

Matthew kissed down her chest and started kissing each breast. Danielle’s moan got louder each time he sucked on a ******. He then continued down her stomach and lower and lower. Before he reached her underwear, she brought him back up and they started making out again. She unbuckled his pants. Matthew took them off and tossed them aside.

Just as things were getting all hot and bothered, the lights went out. Matthew and Danielle stopped kissing, their heavy breathing filling the empty void in the room. Before Matthew could say anything, there was a scream.


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