Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Cecily Compton

Even with the torches lighting up the passage, it was hard to tell where she really was going. Those things were chasing Neil and her as they ran away, deeper into the catacombs. Cecily quickly looked back to see one of those four legged creatures running on the wall, aiming for them. Cecily tried to aim her pistol at the creature but couldn’t get a clean shot off. Not that bullets would do much. They could slow them down, couldn’t they? Cecily looked over at Neil who hadn’t as much broken a thin line of sweat since they started running.

“We have to do something,” Cecily called out to her friend.

“What do you have in mind? Mines getting the hell out of this death trap,” Neil yelled back to her. Cecily thought about a plan. They could keep running, but to what anvil? Those things would either catch them or they would run until the doors closed, closing them inside. She then looked above her to see multiple rocks being held by wooden planks, just waiting to burst and drop on passerbyers. Cecily then had an idea.

“When I saw jump, jump as far as you could.” Cecily told Neil.

Neil looked at her, “What are you going to do? Is it something that could potentially kill us?”

Cecily cocked her head, “Maybe. Just, jump when I say so.” Without hearing Neil shout a protest, Cecily removed a long row of wooden planks. The rocks started to flow down. “JUMP!” She screamed. Both teenagers jumped just as the rocks separated them from the creatures. Dust coated the air around them. Neil and Cecily coughed and swatted the debris from their faces.

******** werewolfs and vamps? I’m going to have a long talk with Marcus.” Neil said. He quieted when the words left his mouth. Cecily looked at him and he looked at her. This isn’t Neil! Cecily quickly aimed the gun at Neil who deflected her hand. She squeezed the trigger, the bullet lodged just inches away from his right eye. 

“Not today, ******** Neil spoke. He kicked her in the face then pulled her into his embrace. Neil tossed the gun away from both as they rolled around in the dirt in the tunnel. Cecily pulled back her arm and punched him square in the face then scrambled away from his grip. She was just inches away from getting the gun back when he regained composure and grabbed her legs. He pulled her back over to him and they went into fighting once again.

“Who are you?” Cecily yelled. Neil grabbed her and tossed her a few feet down the tunnel.

“You won’t live long enough to know my name, sweetheart.” The Traveler says as he grabs the gun off the ground and aims it at Cecily. Her eyes widened. She took off running as Neil fired the gun multiple times, each missing its target. She saw a light at and ran to it. She was about to run through it when she noticed that it led down. She stopped at the edge and looked behind her to see Neil fire another shot, which struck her in the upper right shoulder, then he tackles her through the passageway. Next thing she knew, there was just darkness.

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