Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Danielle Bisto

Tori, Michelle and Danielle ran down the corridor together, not bothering to check if anyone else from their group followed or if they were being chased by those things. They found another passage with two different routes. The girls looked at one another.

“What now?” Which direction?” Danielle asked them.

“Right. That must be the right direction, right? Otherwise, why call it that?” Tori said.

“That’s not why it’s called right, Tori!” Screamed Michelle.

“I know that! I’m just ******* scared!” Tori screamed just as one of those things appeared out of the left passageway and tackled Tori to the ground. Tori held her hands in front of her face as the furball scratched and snipped at her. Michelle fired off two bullets, each hitting the side of the creature. The thing howled and bit down on Tori’s shoulder. She screamed loudly then passed out. The creature, which Danielle concluded was a werewolf from its appearance, turned around and snarled at them.

Michelle whispered to Dani, “You get Tori and go right. I’ll hold this ****** off as long as I can.”

“Michelle, that’s suicide.” Danielle tried arguing.

“So was this mission. You heard Matthew, not all of us were going to make it out.” Michelle and Dani slowly starting walking around the small chasm slowly with the werewolf keeping a close eye on them. When they were over by Tori’s body, Danielle leaned down and checked her pulse. It was beating, but faintly. Danielle lifted Tori up and slung her across her back.

“One… two…three!” Michelle screamed and began rapid firing at the werewolf as Danielle ran down the right passage. The werewolf jumped at Michelle and started to rip her to shreds. Danielle ran as fast as she could with Tori on her back. She saw light ahead and ran for it. When he reached it, Danielle and Tori fell into a sea of darkness.

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