Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Dom Meerk

The plane shook, jolting Dom Meerk out of his deep sleep. He looked around at the row

upon row of airplane passengers. Looking to his right he sees his best friend since the third

grade, Justine Stone and next to him was Kylie Scarberry. Justin was a tall well-muscled

baseball player with hair that reaches to his eyes and Kylie almost resembles a small Snookie

from Jersey Shore. Seeing that there was nothing to worry about, Dom drew in a heavy breath

and released. Justin gave him a weird look to which Dom gave him a thumb up. Feeling

cramped up from sitting, Dom got out of his seat and walked up and down the aisle. Two rows

behind Justin, Kylie and he are his other friends he made during the team meetings. Alex Rand,

Mackenzie Baker, Danny Rush, Josh Randall, and Olivia Benoit. Alex and Mackenzie have

been friends since preschool. Alex and Mackenzie both resembled each other in appearances

almost but Mack had brown hair and Alex blonde. Danny was a jolly overweight kid with a buzz

cut hair, but he was the funniest person on this trip. Josh is strong since he played rugby for his

high school and similar hair to Danny. Finally, Olivia had shoulder length red curly hair.

Past them was Stefan Jenner and Blake James who were best friends since the first

meeting. They both went to the same school but never knew each other until the meetings

started. Stefan was strong looking and had spiked hair while Blake was a similar build with

those European style haircuts. Shaved on both sides and long on top. On their right in the

middle of the plane was the Cape Cod Academy Girls as Dom liked to call them because all of

them go to Cape Code Academy. Alex Adams, Jacqueline Bennett, Gillian Lowe, Olivia Starsky,

and Morgan Boone. All of them looked nearly similar and sometimes it was hard to know who

was who because they all looked insanely beautiful and rich looking. Behind them was Melissa

May and Molly Tropez. Dom doesn’t really know them that well other than that both liked horses

and that’s why they became good friends. The last three were Cecily Compton, Leah Ballard

and Kendall Jones who have been best friends since like middle school or something. Cecily

was tan and good looking, Leah was the same build just not tan and so was Kendall.

Dom nodded to all the girls as he walked up and down the aisle. He then had the urge to

use the restroom. Just as he reached the bathroom, Karen came out of it. “Oh, Dom. How are

you?” Karen Williams is their People to People guide for the trip along with the other two guys

from Detroit. Their other companion, Jack Dawn, was supposed to join them but he got sick four

days before the trip and had to pull out.

“Pretty good. Slept most of the time so far.” Dom answered.

“Alright, well, get as much as you can. We’re almost to Frankfurt, Germany airport and

we have an eight-hour layover.” Karen said as she left, and Dom entered the cramped

bathroom. When he finished with the bathroom he returned to his seat and put his music on.

Two hours later they were descending to the ground. Karen then led them all off the plane and

they went through more security and checking until finally they arrived at the gate that would

take them to Rome, the first step of the trip. Dom and his friends found a round table that they

named their own by throwing their bags on top.

“I’m hungry as hell,” Mackenzie said out loud. “They don’t serve very good food on


“Have you never been on a plane before?” Gillian Lowe asked her. Gillian and her Cape

Cod Academy friends were sitting at another table right by them.

“I mean my family never had enough money to go on one before.” Mackenzie said then

turned away from them without another word.

“What time is it anyway?” Alex Rand asked once they settled in at their table. Danny

looked at his Rolex watch.

“Just passed midnight here. Flights at eight in the morning and the Detroit kids should be

here in the next four to five hours.” Danny told them.

“I hope they’re cute.” Kylie said. “The boys I mean. I know we’ve sort of saw them during

those FaceTimes but you can’t get a good look at any of them.”

“I’m excited to meet them. I’m sure we’ll create fond memories with them.” Dom said with

a wide grin. Seeing as it was around midnight nearly all the food places were closed to Dom

bought some peanuts and a bottle of water from a kiosk just ten gates down from them. When

they got back to their gate Josh produced some playing cards to which they played the game

*******. Dealer deals to cards to everyone until the deck is gone then whoever has the three of

spades they start the game with that. The next person must beat a three. If the person puts

down two fours, the next person has to beat two fours. The only way to beat that is with a two,

five or seven. Two means clear the deck, five means skip the next person and seven means

everyone drinks. But since they don’t have any alcohol with them they drank from their water

bottles or sodas. The first person to get rid of their hand becomes President and the last person

to get rid of their cards becomes the ******* to which anyone can tell the ******* what to do

and the President can tell anyone what to do.

They played this game for hours on end until it was almost two in the morning. Justin

was the first one to pass out from the games followed by Alex, Olivia, Josh, Mackenzie, Kylie,

Danny and then Dom. The last thing he saw before sleeping was a man looking right at his


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