Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Becca Morris

When Becca stepped through the doors and into the catacombs, she felt a sudden wave of vertigo. She reached out for something to grab hold of and found the wall. She gasped heavily, as were everyone else around her, and tried not to throw up. After a few seconds, the vertigo subsided, and she was back to normal. Dom was the last to enter and he took felt that wave of dizziness. When everyone was safe and sound, they took in their surroundings.

The walls were covered with cobwebs and bone fragments. The torches gave off an eerie glow to the place. The passageway wasn’t that large, it could only fit two people side by side. Skulls and bones littered the ground. Becca now wanted to puke more than anything.

“Alright,” Matthew called out. “Michelle and I will lead; Dom and Brett bring up the rear. Everyone, stay close together and do not shoot unless needed.” With that, they started to move slowly but surely through the passage. Becca was shaking, she couldn’t tell if it was from her own fears or that she was generally cold. The fire from the torches didn’t help keep her warm. It was as if, they were giving off the cold radiation.

The walked the same passage for a long time. Becca checked her watch to see it was past nine at night now. They had three more hours until they were locked in this hell hole forever. When they rounded a corner and found a large chasm with five different passages, that was when Becca heard a noise. It was a cross between a loud hiss and a howl. It came back from the way they had just came from. Dom and Brett held up their guns, aiming at the barely lit passage. At first, they didn’t see anything then suddenly, a pair of golden eyes and red eyes appeared out of nowhere.

Brett and Dom each fired twice, each hitting their mark, but that only seemed to make the things angrier. “Run!” Becca screamed. She saw Brett and Payton turn around and run down the far-left side passage. Justin, Stefan and Matthew went down the middle, Dom and Tom went down the far right one as Danielle, Michelle and Tori went down the one next to them. Cecily and Neil took the last passage. Becca ran down the passage way that Brett and Payton took with golden eyes closing in behind her.

She reached up to Brett and Payton who were at a dead end. “Where the **** do we go?” Becca yelled at them as the three of them searched for a way out. She could hear the yipping getting closer and closer.

“Look up!” Payton said. Becca looked above to see a small cervices in the rocks above their heads. “We can escape that way.”

“Alright,” Brett said. “Payton, I’ll lift you up then Becca then I’ll join.”

“Brett, you won’t have time to join us. Those things are getting closer.” Becca told him but he was already lifting Payton in the air. She climbed through then turned around to help Becca. “Brett!”

“Do as I ******* say, Becca!” Roared Brett. Becca was then lifted and pulled through with the help of Payton. The two girls turned around to help Brett. He jumped up. Payton and Becca grabbed him and started to pull him up when he let out a scream. Becca looked down to see that one of the creatures was pulling him down. It was a fury thing on four legs with golden eyes. It looked like a werewolf. The two girls tried pulling him up harder. There was a sickening crunch then a wet tear. Becca looked down to see that one of the werewolves had torn off Brett foot. Blood poured heavily from the womb and sprayed out his mouth, spraying some of it on Becca’s face. Brett loosened his grip and fell from the hole, allowing the werewolves to pounce on him. Payton and Becca watched for a few seconds. When they went for his face, Becca turned around and finally puked.

“We have to keep going,” Payton whispered. The two girls got up and walked down a similar passageway they were in earlier. “I can’t believe he’s dead,” Payton kept saying repeatedly. How are the others fairing? Hopefully better than they are.

Becca looked at the time. It was nine thirty. Crazy how a life and death situation can seem like hours have passed by but, only a few minutes pass by.

“What do you think those were?” Payton asked Becca.

Becca didn’t want to say the word aloud because saying it aloud only makes it that more real, “Werewolves.”

“Jesus,” Payton said. They rounded a small bend and saw light at the end of it. The girls looked at each other with hope. When Becca looked at Payton her smile was quickly diminished. Right next to her was a pale looking creature with blood all over its mouth, red glowing eyes and sharp fangs. Payton noticed the change in her face and slowly turned and saw the creature. Before she could scream, the creature used its hard talons and cut open Payton’s throat open then drank her blood. Becca ran for the light with the creature in close pursuit. Becca reached the light and then fell into a deep abyss.

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