Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Michael Bisto

Michael and Jackson in the morning had left the hotel with Sebastian and they were taken to the Travelers HQ to be briefed on what their next mission was. They were escorted inside to Marcus’s office by Akemi Shoto, the head security of the base of operations. Inside Marcus’s office was the traditional Glum and Slum, followed by Mikayla, who gave Michael and flirtatious look. There were also four older women in the room standing in front of Marcus’s desk.

When he saw that Michael, Jackson and Sebastian had just entered, he dismissed Akemi then told Sebastian, or better yet, Namono, to head back to the hotel. “Boys,” Marcus said when Sebastian left, “Marvelous job on the killing of Selale Hammon. Tell me, how did it feel taking a life?”

“No different than taking an animals life.” Jackson answered. “It felt powerful.” Marcus smiled and patted them both on the backs, then returned his attention to the people standing before his desk. “Jackson, Michael, I want to introduce your next mission. It’s a very easy one. Sebastian tells me that a group is heading to the catacombs to get a special dagger that could kill us when we Hijack people. These lovely women here are some of the last witches we have at our disposal. This is Mileena, Kalen, Remmy and you may have met her during your tour of the Colosseum, Valeri. They will perform a spell that will awaken two random beasts’ species in the catacombs as our enemies are searching for the dagger. Your job, protect them.”

“But my cousin will be down there,” Michael said.

“She will be safe, Michael. Have some faith in me. Have I steered you wrong yet?” Marcus asked him. Michael shook his head.

“What happened if they see us with the witches?” Jackson asked. “Then out whole covered is blown.”

“No need to worry about that. There will be an invisibility cloak around you. You’re simply there in case someone walks into the cloak.” Marcus told the two teenagers. With a plan in motion, Michael and Jackson agreed once again to help out.

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