Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Dom Meerk

Dom couldn’t begin to describe why he felt the need to go on this death march. A sense of pride? A sense of doing something good in his life? Whatever the reason was he felt right by going on this mission to get the dagger. The ride to the catacombs was quiet, not one spoke a word to themselves or each other. Probably all praying or regretting to go on this death trap. The Travelers will most likely be waiting for them.

Dom felt the weight of the pistol is both hands and kept going back and forth. This isn’t the first time Dom’s held a gun before. He went shooting with his father and uncle last summer. He had just turned seventeen and his father figured a grown man like himself should learn to handle a gun. They started off with shotguns and assault rifles, never really touching on pistols. His uncle taught him how to shoot a crossbow and a bow.

Dom looked over at Justin who was just staring out the window, watching what might be his last time seeing the world pass by in a blur. Finally, just quarter to eight, they arrived at the catacombs. While the catacombs are a paid service, anyone can enter the area above them. The group traveled together to the doors that would lead them into the real catacombs but lead others into the fake. There was a lock on the door.

“Watch out,” Matthew said as he pointed his pistol at the lock and pulled the trigger. The pistols echo went all over the place. Payton covered her ears and swore loudly. With the lock broken, Matthew and Stefan both opened the doors together. As if on cue, torches the line the catacombs flicker on, giving the place an even more eerie look to it.

“Remember, four hours, in and out. Don’t get trapped.” Matthew summarized their mission once again. Then, with a shaky breath, he stepped through the door and disappeared. Cecily followed then Neil, Brett, Tom, Becca, Payton, Michelle, Tori, Justin, Stefan, then Danielle. Dom took one last look around their surroundings and stepped through.

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