Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Danielle Bisto

The following morning, they learned the death of Selale who killed herself in her room.

When she didn’t show up for breakfast Molly and Paula went to her room. Molly was Selale’s

roommate, but Molly slept in the lobby last night. When they opened the door, they found Selale

hanging in the bathroom with a noose around her neck. Rob was still having trouble with

internet connection and the phone lines just like everyone else in the place.

Danielle was in the lobby with Erica and Kayla, talking about the trip to the catacombs.

“Do you think either of you are going?” Dani asked her friends.

Erica quickly shook her head, “No. I mean, I want to help, really, but I don’t want to die in

this life or any other lifetime.”

Kayla agreed, “What about you? You probably are going to go.”

“I am. Matthew’s on some cult hit list and he’s probably walking into a trap. I need to be

there to protect him.” Danielle said.

“Just be careful. That same cult wants you alive for some sick agenda they have

planned.” Erica told her friend. After breakfast, Danielle took the elevator to the fifth floor and

walked to Matthew’s door. It was slightly ajar when she reached it and walked inside. Inside

were Matthew, Neil, Dom, Justin, Stefan, Brett, Becca, Cecily and a few people she didn’t think

would join like Tori, Payton, Michelle and Tom.

“You’re going into the catacombs and facing God knows what.” Tom said when he saw

Danielle’s facial expression. “I was the lucky adult to supervise this team.”

From Matthew’s expression, he didn’t like that she was here, but it was nothing he could

do about it. She sat down on the bed right next to Cecily and Payton. They waited ten ore

minutes to see if anyone else would care to join this suicide squad, but when no one else came

through that door, the meeting began.

“Before it officially begins,” Matthew began. “This is the last time anyone can opt out.

Once I had out these handguns, you’re in it.” When no one left the room, Matthew nodded to

each and everyone then handed out the pistols. There were only five pistols between them, so

Matthew took one for himself, gave one to Dom, another to Brett, another to Michelle, and the

last one to Cecily.

“Alright, we don’t know what we’re facing but from what Sebastian has told me is that we

should expect unnatural things. If you start to see things that aren’t there, it’s the catacombs

playing tricks on your mind. The pistols might not kill anything down there, but it will slow them

down at least. We stick together as a group. If on the chance we do need to split up stick with

someone who has a gun. No one goes running off on their own. Clear?” Everyone nodded. “We

will only have four hours to find the dagger and to get out. If anyone is stuck when the doors

close,” Matthew quiets at the thought of that.

“What happens?” Neil asked.

Matthew looked at his friend then the others in the room, “That person will be stuck in

the catacombs for another hundred years.” Silence filled the room as people thought about

being stuck in the catacombs until they die.

“We head out at seven tonight and will arrive by eight. The catacombs door will open

then, and it will through the same entrance one would take when visiting the fake catacombs.

Get prepared and see ya’ll later.” With that, the meeting was concluded, and the group went

their separate ways. Danielle went to the lobby where she found Kayla and Erica playing cards.

“Have you two seen Michael around?” Dani asked as she sat down with them.

Erica shook her head, “Not since breakfast this morning,” The day went on slowly. Tom,

Karen, Rob and Sebastian were trying to figure out why no hotel workers have shown up this

morning and what’s wrong with the service. Rob and Karen even walked into town to find a

working payphone to find out those don’t even work. Danielle can’t help but think that the

Travelers are behind all this. Also, why haven’t they seen any other hotel residents? They

should really check that out.

Seven at night finally came around and Sebastian went into town and rented a large van

that could hold everyone inside. He gave Tom the keys and gave him directions. Everyone but

Jackson and Michael gathered around to see them off. Danielle sat in the back of the van and

was looking outside at the city of Rome in the distance. Matthew came to the back and sat next

to her.

“Are you ready for this?” He asked her.

“Honestly?” Danielle said, taking her eyes off the glowing city as the van started to

move. ***** no. But, if we want to stop these people that want me alive and you dead, we gotta

start somewhere.”

“Damn right,” Matthew whispered as grabbed hold of her head. They sat in silence like

that the rest of the drive to the catacombs, hand in hand. Danielle had a bad feeling about this.

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