Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Mikayla Marino

Mikayla needed a long stiff drink after the day’s events. That was not the way that she

had planned. Matthew was supposed to die by Useni’s hands, or better yet, Josh. How does a

mere moral kid kill someone that’s been alive for thousands of years? No matter, Mikayla

thought, as she poured another shot of whiskey, Useni is still alive and if Namono is right about

this group, they should lead them to the dagger.

Mikayla just finished her third shot when Ryker came into the room, “Your father has

requested your presence,”

“Thank you, Ryker. How about you go get some sleep? It’s been a long day.” Mikayla

ordered then started to walk out the door. “But go to one of the witches, Mileena will do, and get

those bruises and cuts cleaned up. I have a feeling our next fight won’t be too long.” Mikayla

walked through the large mansion alone. Her footsteps echoing the dark, empty halls. When

she told Matthew that she’s moved around a lot because of family, she wasn’t being totally

dishonest. Travelers require a lot of time to move around the world, so they won’t cause too

much attention, like they did today.

Mikayla and most of everyone in this mansion on the outskirts of Rome are a couple

thousand years old. She was born before Jesus even began sucking his mother’s ***. Hell,

people think Adam and Eve were the first humans? Try again, suckers. She went up three

flights of stairs until she found herself outside a set of heavy double brass doors. With a heavy

sigh, she opened them and walked into her father’s office.

Marcus Marino was a man that looked like he was in his early fifties with short black/gray

hair. He always wore a suit and fancy-dress shoes. He was on his computer looking at today’s

news about the death of Josh. On either side of his desk were the two dumb Russian brothers,

Glum and Slum. While they aren’t that smart, they make up for strength and willingness to do

anything anyone says. In the back-corner Mikayla could feel Useni in the office as well.

“Mikayla, my love, glad you could make it.” Marcus said, closing his laptop. “You

probably wonder why I brought you here? Same with Useni.”

“If I had to guess, father, I’d say it was about the mission today.” Mikayla answered back.

Her father only nodded, “Yes. It was unfortunate how things ended. While I would punish

Useni and yourself for failing, it helped in our favor.”

Mikayla gave her farther a questionable look, “However do you mean?”

Just then, the door opens and in walks two teenager boys and a man in his late twenties.

The man was Sebastian, the People to People European supervisor and he had Michael Bisto

and Jackson O’Toole in front of him. But that really wasn’t really Sebastian, it was Namono who

Hijacked the man’s body before the trip even started, thus having a pair of eyes and ears inside.

The two boys looked at everyone around the room not sure what was happening.

“Michael, Jackson,” Marcus says. “Please sit down.” The two teenagers both look at one

another then obey Marcus, sitting in the two chairs in front of his desk.

“I should probably introduce myself,” Marcus says, extending his hand to each of them.

“Marcus Marino, interim leader of the Travelers. Next to me are Glum and Slum. It’s alright if

you can’t remember who is who. You have a fifty-fifty shot to get it right on the first try. Over in

the corner is Useni, otherwise as you knew as Josh Richardson. The man that brought you in

you might know as Sebastian but is one of our own Travelers, Namono. Finally, the beautiful

young lady behind you is my wonderful daughter, Mikayla.” Marcus clears his throat before

continuing, “Now, time to get to the nitty gritty. I want to recruit you two to our cause.”

“Woah, I don’t want some Traveler person to take over my body.” Jackson said as he

tried inching back in his chair.

Marcus laughed and clapped at the same time, “God, no, we wouldn’t do that to you,

Jackson my dear boy. I’m simply letting you two keep your own conscience as long as you do

my bidding.”

“What if we don’t want to?” Michael wondered.

“We have ways to do it either way. Josh was an example as is Sebastian here.” Marcus

told the teen.

“Why would we work for you?” Jackson asked him.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Marcus asked them, and he got off his chair and went around to the

front of his desk, slightly leaning on it. “Jackson, I get regular updates from Namono and he

says that you’re an outsider. No one talks or likes you. Don’t you want more friends? People

that ******* care for you? And Michael, you despise Matthew probably more than us. We need

to kill and fast.”

“But you also want my cousin, I can’t help you take her and kill her.” Michael told the


“My boy, you are mistaken on what we want to do to Danielle. We only want to use her

for something special. She will not be killed and that I promise to you. She is the key to

everything we’ve been waiting for for the past eighteen years and Matthew is the one thing that

can cause her harm” Marcus told Michael.

“But why do any of the other people on the trip have to die?” Jackson asked.

“That’s war.” Mikayla answered. “War has its casualties.”

Marcus smiles at the two teenagers and spreads out his hands in an open gesture,

“What do we say? Do we have a deal?”

Without missing a beat, Jackson spoke first, “I’ll help.” All eyes then landed on Michael

who looked at Jackson, then Marcus, then Sebastian then finally landing on Mikayla who gave

him an encouraging smile. Michael then agreed to help.

“Splendid!” Marcus said with a sigh of relief. “But, to know you are for certain. We will

have you two kill Selale Hammon. Just for you to prove you’re on the right side. And the next

night, when the group goes into the catacombs, you two will protect our Witches while they

curse the place.” The next morning, Sebastian called and confirmed that Selale Hammon is


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