Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Justin Stone

The rest of day was a blur of motion. Police talked to Tom, Rob, Karen, Sebastian and

Matthew numerous times. The questions were all about Josh and if he ever showed signs of

aggression to Matthew in the past. Matthew answered any questions that they asked. Justin

was in shock of what happened. Mikayla attacking them then Josh getting stabbed. Travelers?

Who the **** are they? They wanted to kill Matthew and take Danielle? Justin had to find


After hours of waiting for the police to be done with the interviews, the bus picked them

back up and drove them back to the hotel. There the hotel felt more emptier than usual. Maybe

it’s just because of the day’s events. Matthew didn’t stay down in the lobby where everyone else

went to. He went straight to his hotel room with Danielle not far behind, as arm around him.

Justin walked around the hotel until he found a small computer room unoccupied. He

logged on and started a google search on Travelers. Over thirty-six million hits came up, the top

two hits being the official website for and the other being the Travelers TV show.

Justin somehow doubts that they’re time travelers. He went to the next page to fine nothing. He

gave up on page eight then typed in Travelers Group. That narrowed it down to a few hundred

thousand hits this time. There were more hits about and Travelocity and the

show but at page ten he found a Wikipedia article titled: Travelers Mythology Group. Out of

curiosity, Justin clicked the page. It wasn’t that large of a page, but he read what was written.

The Travelers have been around since Ancient Civilization where they used to rule a

small part of land. But over the years, they expanded their operations and inserted themselves

into larger branches of government. They helped execute people from high up on the chain of

power and small terrorist attacks. They fell off the face of the earth about eighteen years ago,

the article read. Their leader, Talon, disappeared and was never heard of again.

Justin did more research on this Talon leader but the only results he found were about

people named Talon that have no affiliation with the Travelers. So, a group of ancient terrorists

are hunting them down. How did Josh get roped into all this? He then went back to the article he

found earlier and looked at the references page. There he found an article that talked about

their powers and a way to kill them.

The Travelers, while they don’t have any supernatural abilities, have inhuman

strength, agility and durability. They normally travel with a small band of witches that help them

stay young in their old age and helps them, as the article says, Hijack, other humans around the

world. The article talked a little about Hijacking but to summarize it, the witches transport the

Travelers consciousness and replaces the human one with theirs. But in doing so, it kills the

person. The witches then put the Travelers body in a cold storage until the Traveler has done its

mission or the host’s body extends its usefulness. This is all too much, Justin thought. Killing the

host body does not kill the Traveler. The Traveler would only return to its body. The only way to

fully kill a Traveler that has Hijacked a host body is to stab it with a special dagger called the

Traveler Dagger. How original, Justin thought.

The Traveler Dagger originally belonged to the leader of the Travelers, Talon, but when

he disappeared, the dagger did as well. Some say that it has disappeared into the Catacombs

others say it was destroyed. Justin was still reading the article when there was a knock on the

door. He jumped and looked to see Sebastian.

“Matthew is out of his room. He’s gonna speak to us.” Sebastian tried looking at what

Justin was reading but he quickly logged out. “What were you looking at?”

“Nothing important. I’ll fill you in at the meeting.” With that, the two men walked out of the

computer lab and into the large hotel lobby where everyone was sitting or standing, looking at

Matthew. Danielle was still by his side. There was a heavy silence, people were looking at

Matthew others were looking at their feet or anywhere else but Matthew.

“Mind telling us what the hell happened today?” Chris called out. Before Matthew could

respond, Chris kept going. “We were first attacked by some crazy hot girl and her crazy friends

then Josh comes out of nowhere and starts to beat the **** out of you?”

“You were attacked before the whole thing with Josh?” Tom asked in bewilderment.

“Stefan, Matthew and I were attacked yesterday during the scavenger hunt. Two

Russian brothers. Mikayla, the girl that attacked us today, said they work for her.” Dom spat out.

“Why are we just now hearing about this?” Karen asked, looking between Dom, Stefan

and Matthew.

Matthew looked at her then said, “Because we handled them. We figured they were just

some lowlife criminals.”

“They wanted to kill us.” Stefan said.

“That’s it.” Rob said, standing up and pulling out his cell phone. “I’m calling HQ and

we’re all leaving first thing in the morning.” He checks his cell phone but didn’t have any service.

“****. I’ll be right back.” He leaves the lobby to go to the front desk.

“But that wasn’t Josh,” Anna told everyone. “It was someone different.”

“Anna, it was Josh. You saw it for yourself.” Payton said from halfway across the room.

“He must have taken some drugs.”

“Payton, with all due respect,” Matthew spoke. “It wasn’t Josh. It was some group called

the Travelers.”

“Who the **** are the Travelers?” Gillian asked.

Justin then stepped up and spoke on what he just read, “They’re a very old terrorist

group. Starting all the way back to ancient civilization.” Everyone gave him a quizzical look then

he jumped right into what he found on the internet. He explained who they are and their leader.

He explained how one could kill them and their Hijacking. When he was finished, Sebastian


“Justin, the Travelers are nothing more than a ******* childhood story. I heard it was I

was still in potty training. They aren’t real!”

“Apparently they are, and they want all of us dead but to keep Danielle alive.” Justin told

the supervisor.

Danielle looked taken back on this information. “Me? What do they want from me?”

Justin wished he had an answer for her.

“But if this Hijacking thing is true, the real Josh died the moment that Traveler took over

his mind.” Justin finished.

No one spoke for a while. They all just sat in their own thoughts not knowing what to do

or to say. Justin still wasn’t sure if he believed this while mythical terrorist organization. It’s

something one reads about in a book or watches in a movie, but not real life.

“If this Dagger is real, we need to find it. We need to go to the catacombs.” Matthew

spoke finally.

“That’s based on a hunch though,” Cecily called out. “You’re asking us to go to the

catacombs to find this ******* dagger and risk our lives?”

“I’m not asking, Cecily. I’ll do it myself if I have to.”

“If the stories about the Travelers are true,” Sebastian spoke. “Then they aren’t in the

catacombs Rome has. Those are fake ones. If people really stepped into the real Catacombs,

they would not live to tell the tale.” Sebastian walked around the lobby, still speaking. “The real

catacombs open every one-hundred years. Tomorrow night they open once again. If the dagger

is anywhere, it’s in there.”

“If I’m going to do this then I’ll need a gun or something.” Matt told Sebastian.

“You’re not doing this alone,” Danielle said, grabbing Matthew’s hand. “I’m going with


“Like hell you are.” Matt told her then addressed the group. “I know this is a far-fetched

mission. I’ll let you guys decide if you want to help or not. If so, meet in my room tomorrow

morning and we’ll make plans. Sebastian, go get some guns for us please.” With that, Matthew

got up and left the lobby room. Sebastian took Michael and Jackson to retrieve the guns and

Rob came back in saying that the hotel lines are down, and internet is out. A few people went

back to their rooms, but most people stayed downstairs. No one wanted to be alone tonight.

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