Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Stefan Jenner

When Matt said that they had trouble, he knew that the Russians have found them once

more. He was preparing to fight them when a small blonde-haired girl showed up with four

others behind her. One of them was a tall slender looking man with a mohawk and beach

blonde hair. He was swinging back and forth a dagger in his hands. The other man was pale

white and bald. He had evil in his eyes. He too had a dagger. The next person was Mexican by

the looks with an all-black trench coat and dark had that covered his eyes. He wasn’t wielding

any weapons, but Stefan had a hunch he had some hiding beneath that coat. The last person

was female. African American with long braided dreads with beads in them. She had a dagger


“I’m sorry. I think we should introduce ourselves before we brutally kill them. Don’t you

guys think so?” Mikayla looked at her group. “I’m Mikayla Marino. This here is Ryker Abno.”

Mohawk. “Then we have Ogell Ivanov.” Baldy. “Julio Rameriaz.” Tall, dark and creepy. “Lastly,

by BFF, Amaya Platt.” Dreads. “We’ve come to kill you.”

“Why?” Mackenzie asked as she drew closer to her friends.

“Because, silly, we’re Travelers and we have direct orders from the man upstairs.”

Mikayla said. She acted like it was easy to decipher.

“Do those other Russians work with you? Slum and Glum?” Dom asked her.

Mikayla rolled her eyes, “Ugh, unfortunately, yes. They aren’t the sharpest tool in the

shed, if you know what I mean. But, **** this small talk. Time to die, alright?” With a snap of her

fingers, Julio threw something out of his coat. Stefan grabbed Alex and pulled her down just as

the ninja stars hit the door behind them. Holy ****, Stefan thought. Before he knew it, the others

have moved in and started aiming for some of his friends.

Ryker made a dash for Danny and Justin. Stefan joined them once he knew Alex was

alright. Ryker tried stabbing Justin who dodged it easily. Stefan came out of nowhere and

sucker punched the man in the face. Danny went in for a strike but was kicked in the chest and

sent flying into the wall ten feet behind them. No ordinary man could kick that far, Stefan

thought. Ryker swung his dagger back and forth between Stefan and Justin. Stefan looked at

Justin and nodded. Stefan ran in while Justin went for the dagger. Ryker got overwhelmed,

didn’t know who to go for. Stefan did a low kick while Justin twisted Ryker’s hard enough for him

to loosen his grip on the dagger and let it clatter on the ground. Stefan then kicked the weapon

away from them. Justin then kicked Ryker in the temple hard enough to knock him out. Stefan

looked around at the others.

Chris and Blake were fighting Ogell while the braid hair women were fighting Kylie,

Becca and Anna. The Trench coat person was fighting Matthew and Dom. The attacker was

doing a bunch of flips and twirls, easily avoiding any attack that Dom and Matt threw. Finally,

Mackenzie was fighting the ring leader. Monica, Alex and Olivia were over by Danny helping

him stand. He was holding his stomach, probably had a few broken ribs, thought Stefan.

Stefan went to help Mackenzie since she was lonesome. Mikayla jumped in the air, spin

kicking, as she did a three sixty. Stefan pulled Mack away before she was hit. Both of them fell

on the asses and Mikayla was on them instantly. She gripped Mackenzie by the throat and lifted

her high in the air. Grimacing, Stefan stood up and rushed at Mikayla who swatted him away

with the back of her hand like he was a pesky ant. He looked around to see that the others have

somewhat won their battles or now looked as Mackenzie was being held in a death grip and in

one fatal snap, Mikayla could kill her.

“Alright, let’s just calm down,” Matthew called out. “Tell us exactly what you want.”

“We want only two things. To kill you and use Danielle Bisto.” Mikayla called out. Mack’s

face was losing its color.

“What do you want with us?” Matt asked her, he was walking around them now while

also keeping an eye on her assailants.

“She’s the key to everything and you’re the one that could ruin all that we’ve been

planning for.” Mikayla’s grip seemed to tighten.

“Let Mackenzie go, and I’ll go with you.” Matthew offered.

“It’ll happened with or without your permission. The others here are just casualties. They

will die no matter what. Might as well give them a painless death.” Mack is struggling to breath,

Stefan noticed. Matthew saw it took, he stopped a couple feet behind Mikayla. Stefan looked at

his feet to see the dagger he kicked away earlier.

“That’s not happening, you ******** Matt said. He then quickly picked up the dagger and

tossed it to Mackenzie who, with little strength left, caught it. She then stabbed Mikayla in the

stomach. She girl screamed and dropped Mackenzie who scrambled over to her friends as she

coughed for fresh air returning to her lungs.

“Jesus, ****!” She yelled as she took the dagger out. Blood was all over the ground.

“Time for our secret weapon.” Before Stefan could ask what she meant, Josh Richardson came

around the corner with murder in his eyes.

“Josh?” Matthew said just before Josh threw a punch that sent Matthew flying.

“Josh!” Everyone yelled as he stalked over to Matthew and lifted him like he weighed

nothing and tossed him through a grove of trees. Stefan was too preoccupied with watching

Josh that he didn’t see Mikayla and her posse leave.

“This isn’t Josh. Name is Francis Beckman. Pleasure to meet you all. Now, I must kill

him.” He then stalked over to where he threw Matt.

Stefan and the others scrambled to follow Josh and Matt. Josh now had Matt in a choke

hold, Matthew struggling to breath. People screamed when they saw the commotion between

the two boys.

“Stefan, we have to do something,” Dom said as they ran over to where the fighting was


“How? Whoever that is is not Josh. He picked Matthew up like he was a rag doll.

Inhuman strength, man.” Stefan complained.

“You go right, I go left.” Dom suggested. Stefan nodded at this poor plan but figured they

should at least help Matthew somehow. They reached the fighting area where Matthew was on

the ground with blood on his face, Josh kicking him repeatedly. A wide circle formed around

them. Sebastian and Tom got to the front of the group.

“Josh, stop this instant! Do it!” Tom yelled. When Josh didn’t show signs of slowing

down, Tom pushed Sebastian to go and restrain the teenager. Sebastian ran up to Josh and

once he laid a hand on him, he was thrown twelve feet back and into a tree, getting knocked out

instantly. Dom and Stefan then made their move. Both teenagers attacked from a different side.

This made Josh stop beating on Matthew for a few seconds. Josh jumped backwards before the

two teenagers could hurt him. Stefan whirled around to face Josh but was met with a swift kick

to the face and Dom a punch. With both down, Josh stalked over to Matthew, grabbed him by

the neck and tossed him in the self-made wave pool.

Two large security guards came running through the crowd but were quickly beaten.

Josh then jumped in the pool and tried to drown Matthew. “We Travelers will rule this world once

you are dead! We will destroy you all!” He screamed. Matthew’s arms were flailing all over the

place. Josh brought Matthew up for some air before pushing him down into the water again.

Danielle found her way to the front and was screaming for Josh to let go or for Matthew to fight

back. Matthew was getting weaker and weaker, Stefan could tell by the thrashing. Danielle

probably could tell too because she was screaming louder and louder, tears pouring down her

face. Suddenly, with little strength left in Matthew, he pushed himself out of Josh’s grip, punched

Josh in the face a few times. Then Danny ran up and tossed Matthew something shiny. It was

one of the daggers from Mikayla’s attackers. Matthew grabbed the hilt and stabbed Josh in the


The light in Josh’s eyes slowly fade away. Blood seeped into the pool and Matthew was

lifted out of the pool, covered from mid chest below. “****,” Stefan said under his breath.

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