Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Matthew Welch

Matthews head when he woke up this morning was hurting but it was gone by the time,

he made it down to breakfast. He looked around but couldn’t see Danielle anywhere, so he

joined Chris, Neil, Anna, Becca, and Monica over by the main entrance to the dining area. When

he joined his friends, they filled Monica and Chris in what they missed last night.

“Man,” Chris said. “I wish my room was closer. My rooms connected to Rob and Tom’s

room so it’s difficult to sneak out quietly.”

“I’m sure this won’t be the last party we’ll have, Chris. Both of you are welcome to join

us.” Becca told them.

“So, you kissed Danielle Bisto?” Monica asked.

“Yeah. On a dare.” Matthew told her.

“Does Michael know? He’s not really your biggest fan around here.”

“God, if he knew, he would have slit my throat last night. As for why he doesn’t like me,

it’s a mystery. I’ve done nothing to him.”

“Maybe he doesn’t like that you like Danielle.” Suggested Anna.

“I do not like Danielle that way. She’s very pretty but I don’t think she sees me that way.

I’m not counting on it either.” Matt told them.

************** Chris scoffed as he bit into his blueberry muffin. “That chick is crazy for you.”

Matthew kind of just shrugs the comment off just as Suzanna and Danielle walk inside the

ballroom. Danielle doesn’t give Matthew a look as the two girls walk past him. Soon after

breakfast was done, and everyone was finished changing, they waited around the lobby for an

hour until the bus came and picked them up to take them to the water park. Matthew sat in the

back with the others. The drive there was about forty-five minutes but when they got there,

everyone was looking out the windows to see large slides and other crazy things in the distance.

“When you get off please grab and wristband and follow Karen and Sabastian. They will

guide us all to our area which is right by the wave pool.” Tom said through the microphone in

the bus. Without further ado, everyone started to pile off the bus, grabbing wristbands from

either Tom or Rob then followed the other two adults towards the front entrance of the park.

There was a large closed off area just for the People to People delegation. Matthew dumped his

bag next to the chair of Anna’s. Without much to do, people laid down on their chairs to get

some sun or went off in groups to go on slides and other crazy water rides.

Matthew, Monica, Chris, Anna and Becca then walked around the park together. Getting

on some crazy water slides and one of those lazy tube rides. They also went on a ride where

they got on a raft and were pushed into a large circling hole that resembled a toilet. After an

hour or so of going on rides, they were all wet and laughing. There was one more that they

haven’t gone on yet.

“This is a two-person ride though,” Monica said as she read the ride description.

“I’m sure someone back at the spot will join us.” Anna suggested just as they turned

around to leave, but not before a female voice rang out.

“I’ll ride with you one of you.” The five of them turned around to see a small girl, about

five four, slightly toned from the way the sun hits her skin. She had long blonde hair and looked

around seventeen/eighteen years of age and was wearing a yellow bikini.

“I mean, I’m game in you guys are still,” Matthew said looking at his friends who all

agreed. “My names Matthew. This is Monica, Anna, Becca and Chris.” Matthew introduced

themselves to the girl as they all got in the line for the slide.

“Mikayla Marino. Pleasure to meet you five. What brings you to Rome? Clearly aren’t

from this side of the pond.” Mikayla said as the line started to move.

“We’re on a trip with some organization called People to People,” Becca told her.

“Oh, I have heard of them! They take hundreds of trips all year to different countries

ranging from all ages. So, where in America are you from?”

“Michigan. Such a grand state.” Chris said sarcastically.

“Have you ever been to the United States?” Monica asked her.

Mikayla shook her head, “Sadly no. My family has lived in Germany, Norway, France,

England, and even as far as Japan. We recently just moved to Italy.”

“Wow. You have been all over it seems. Why the always moving around?” Matthew


“I have a very, um, large family and certain jobs require a lot of moving around.” Mikayla

said with a tight smile. When they reached the top of the slide, Becca and Anna went down

together while Monica and Chris went together next leaving only Matthew and Mikayla to go

down together. Mikayla took the front seat while Matthew got in behind her. After a few seconds

wait, right before the ride instructor pushed them through the dark tunnel, Mikayla turned to look

at Matthew.

“Matthew, I’m really sorry. You are very sweet, as are your friends, but I have orders.”

Mikayla told him.

Matthew gave her a quizzical look, “What are you talking about?”

“I have to kill you. Your whole friend group as well. Ops.” Just then, the instructor pushed

them trough the tunnel. There were little chances of light from small opening in the slides

design. Matthew saw Mikayla lift a dagger in the air just before bringing it down. Matthew moved

his head to the left, letting the dagger cut the tube they were on. He then kicked her in the face.

“Mother ********* She screamed then tried stabbing Matthew again. More lights flickered

on and off as they continued down the slide. Matt grabbed her dagger wrist and smacked it

against the slide multiple times until she left go. He then grabbed her behind the head and did

the same thing to her head. Then just like that, the slide ended, and they tumbled out into a

large pool area. Matthew quickly swam to the end where his friends were. He got out of the pool

area and looked behind him to see that Mikayla was holding her head, blood coming out of her


“Let’s go before she gets over here.” Matthew said, pushing his friends away from

Mikayla. He needed to find Stefan and Dom.

“What about Mikayla? She’s hot and pretty cool to be around,” Chris said as they quickly

weaved through people.

“Yeah. No, she’s ******* crazy.” Matthew said, not wanting to explain everything just yet.

“Matthew,” Anna said. “What is going on?”

“I’ll explain later. Right now, we need to find Dom or Stefan.” Matthew told them. They

ran around the park trying to find them, occasionally having to back track because Matthew saw

Mikala with four other people with her. Are they with the Russians that attacked them

yesterday? Matthew wondered. Finally, they found Dom and Stefan along with Alex Rand,

Mackenzie, Josh Randall, Justin, Danny, Olivia Benoit, Kylie, and Blake. Danny had a joint in

his mouth as Alex and Kylie were sharing a beer.

“Hey guys,” Danny said as he took a long drag of his joint. “Wanna hit?” He released the

smoke and held the joint out to them.

“Dom, Stefan.” Matthew said. “I think we have trouble again.”

“Again? What are you talking about?” Monica demanded just as around the corner

Mikayla walked into view with the other four companions.

“Well, well, well.” She said with a smirk on her face. “We’ll have some fun today, team.

Remember, clean up after. Daddy doesn’t like messes.”

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