Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Danielle Bisto

“Oh, God,” Danielle moaned as she sprang out of her bed and sprinted to the bathroom.

She made it to the toilet before she puked. Her thoughts went to last nights little party. She was

nervous to drink because, while she has had the occasional drink itself back at the States, she’s

never been to a party. Suzanna, her roommate, was changing before anyone arrived. She was

walking around in her lace bra and underwear.

“You’ll be fine tonight, Dani. I’ll watch out for you.” Suzanna promised, as she put on

some tight looking jeans to make her ass look good. She then reached in her bag and pulled out

a bottle of Baileys. “We have a Keurig, make yourself some coffee and then add Baileys to it. It’ll

get you drunk and caffeinated.” Suzanna then put on a green shirt with the back exposed.

Danielle started the Keurig.

“Who are you looking good for?” Danielle asked her roommate as she started to put on

lipstick and some makeup.

Suzanna smiled lazily at the question, “Why, whatever do you mean, Danielle Bisto?”

“I mean, you are pulling out all the sexy things tonight. Who’s the lucky guy that took

your breath away on this trip?”

“Well,” Suzanna drawled out with a smile on her face. “If you must know, I’m really

looking good for any eligible bachelor looking to get nasty. But I do hope either Stefan or Dom

make the moves. Both are incredibly stupid hot. Wouldn’t you agree?”

Danielle thought about it for a few moments. Stefan was very muscular and athletic, very

much Suzanna’s type if she had to guess. Dom is cute in a way that a puppy is cute. He seems

sweet and gentle and completely harmless. But, if they were talking about hot boys on the trip,

Matthew beats them hands down. He’s got the looks, the voice, the chiseled face, and the

humor. “I guess they aren’t horrible to look at,” Danielle finally said.

“What about you, girlfriend? Anyone you wanna get down with before this trip is over?”

Suzanna asked her. She was done putting on makeup and was now looking through her

Spotify, queuing up songs for when the party starts.

Before Danielle could answer, there was a light knock at the door and the Keurig was

ready to make coffee. Danielle put a K cup in while Suzanna looked through the peephole and

slowly opened the door, ushering in Stefan and Blake. Stefan was wearing a tank top, to

showcase his muscles, and workout shorts while Blake went the more casual route with a plain

orange shirt and khakis. Both were carrying two eight packs of La Tabachera Amarcord.

“What have you two little weasels brought tonight?” Suzanna asked as she closed the

door silently and locked it.

“It’s called La Tabachera Amarcord,” Stefan said as he set his cases down and opened

one of them. “Don’t really know what it means, but, it tastes great and has ten percent alcohol

content.” With that saying, he twisted the cap off and drank half of the beer in a few seconds.

“Want some, Danielle?” Blake asked her, giving her a coy smile. Danielle smiled back

but shook her head.

“Thanks for the offer, but I got coffee and Baileys.” She said. As if on cue, the Keurig

stopped poring her coffee. Suzanna beat her to the punch, grabbed the steaming hot mug, and

poured a hefty amount of Baileys into the mug. She then handed it to Danielle who took a sip

and nearly gagged.

“Holy ******* she breathed. “You made that insanely strong.”

“It’s a party, Dani. It’s supposed to be strong.” Another knock at the door which led to be

Danny, Justin and Dom. More and more people showed up until finally Matthew, Mackenzie and

Cecily were the last to show up. Danielle was already on her third cup of Baileys and coffee by

the time Matthew showed up. She tapped Suzanna’s shoulder multiple times before getting her

attention. She flicked her eyes over to the bathroom. Both girls stood up and walked over.

“Matthew’s here,” Was all Danielle said.

“Yeah? So?” Suzanna said before the gears in her head clicked. “Oh, my, God! You like


“Say it a little louder next time? I don’t think Karen down the hall heard you.” Danielle

growled. Suzanna only laughed a little.

“I’m sorry,” She told her. “It’s just perfect. You two would make such a cute couple. If

you’re asking for advice, just play it cool, sit next to him and flirt.” Flirt, she makes it sound so

easy. Alright, Danielle, just flirt with him. How exactly does one flirt? Danielle has never been

one to put herself out there. She’s only ever had one boyfriend and they broke up months

before the trip. They dated for only a year but hardly did anything sexual together. Suzanna

made her take a deep breath and release. Just before she went out there, Danielle grabbed

Suzanna’s fifth of vodka, took a large pull and walked out of the bathroom.

Danielle did a quick glance around the packed room until she found Matthew sitting on

the end of her bed talking with Blake, Anna, and Josh. She joined them, sitting right next to

Matthew. He gave her a quick smile and continued his conversation: “There is no way that

Fortnite will be relevant when Black Ops 4 comes out in the fall.”

“Fortnite is currently has over two hundred million people worldwide playing the game

and as long as Ninja and the other streamers continue playing the game, it will be relevant.”

Josh countered back.

“But a good amount of those players are college kids back from school and have time to

kill. Those numbers will go down in the fall, just you wait.” Matthew finished.

“Anyway, back to relevant news,” Anna said. Who wants to play Truth or Dare?” At the

mention of the game, Suzanna suddenly materializes out of thin air with Dom next to her. Stefan

and Cecily joined in as well. “Alright, seems like a good group. I’ll go first. Let’s see…” She

looked around at the group then landed on Matthew. “Matthew, truth or dare?”

Without missing a beat, “Dare.”

“I dare you to switch shirts with Suzanna for two rounds.” Matthew looks over at

Suzanna who only shrugs and takes off her shirt, revealing her black lace bra. Danielle could

almost feel all the boy’s eyes on her breasts. Matthew too takes off his shirt to reveal a set of

wonderful abs. “You gotta wear her bra as well.” This made most of the boy’s hoot and holler.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to, Suzanna,” Matthew told her. “You can just grab

an extra bra from your bag.”

Suzanna laughed, “Thanks, Matthew, but I’m not self-conscious about these bad boys.”

Without missing a beat, she unhooked her bra and handed it to Matthew. Now, all eyes were on

her ****. Matthew grabbed the bra and put it on.

“Danielle,” He said. Danielle shook her head and tore her eyes away from Suzanna’s

*****. “Can you clip this on?” Danielle helped Matt put on the bra. Matthew then put on

Suzanna’s shirt that was tight, but Dani didn’t mind. Once Suzanna covered her breasts up, the

game resumed. People did come crazy dares and others did some truth. Matthew and Suzanna

quickly changed back to their normal clothes over the course of the game. Finally, it was

Suzanna’s turn.

“Danielle,” She said with a mischievous grin. “Truth or dare?” Something was telling her

to choose truth, but Danielle couldn’t help but think this is Suzanna’s way of helping her out.


“I dare you to kiss Matthew.” She said. Danielle looks at Matthew who’s smiling and

looking at her.

“I’m down if—” At that moment, she pulled Matthew in for a kiss on the lips. Their kiss

may have lasted longer than any dare should have, but she didn’t care. They pulled away,

gasping for air. Danielle drank for of her drink then got up to make more, trying to hide her

blushing face. They changed to other games and then it was close to two in the morning.

Danielle was absolutely plastered. When everyone felt, she hit the bed hard and fell asleep until

she woke up and puked.

Suzanna walked in and held Danielle’s hair up. “Jesus, next time we’re gonna introduce

you to beer. That coffee/Bailey mix smells like **** coming out of you.” After a minute of puking,

she was done. Suzanna got in the shower but gave Danielle some water and motion before

getting in. After Suzanna was finished, Danielle’s head started beating to a dull thud.

“We got the water park today, get in your sexy swimsuit. Something Matthew won’t take

his eyes off.” Suzanna told her.

“Oh, God. I kissed him last night.”

“Damn right you did,” Suzanna yelled from the shower. “Right in front of everyone with

tongue.” Danielle hung her head. When Suzanna was done showering, Danielle showered then

they got dressed in their bikinis and a large shirts on that cover them up. When they joined

everyone downstairs, people were eating breakfast already. Danielle got some eggs, bacon,

and a bagel then joined Michael, Kayla and Erica. Michael paid her no mind, but Kayla and

Erica were looking at her. Danielle felt a little uncomfortable by their staring.

“Sorry,” Erica said with a reassuring smile. “News travels around here fast. You and

Matthew… uh?”

Danielle groaned, sliding down in her seat. Michael doesn’t say anything, but she could

feel his anger. Breakfast went on and after an hour of hanging around the hotel lobby, the bus

pulled up. They all got on the bus and were ready for a fun day at the water park. That was the

last day they had fun.

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