Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Travelers: Welcome to Rome

By @TheBurgerShack

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Cecily Compton

Cecily got paired in a triple room, her roommates being Mackenzie Baker and Britney

Carolann. Cecily knows a little about Mackenzie from their meetings over the past year and has

talked to Britney a few times during the trip. Both girls are fun, and it’ll be an exciting night.

When everyone was settled into their rooms with their roommate or mates, some people went

out to explore the town they were staying in and others hung around the hotel lobby. When it

was time for curfew, everyone went to their respective rooms. Mackenzie was putting on a new

shirt and shorts and takes a bottle of Smirnoff Vokda out of her bag and looks at Cecily and


“Some of us are heading to Suzanna’s room to drink a little booze. You guys wanna join

us?” Mack asked them.

Cecily looked at Britney then back at Mack, “Why not? When in Rome, right?” Britney

decided not to partake in the activates. Luckily, Cecily bought some booze on their walk around

town earlier. Mackenzie opened the door slowly and stuck her head out. Suzanna’s room was

just three doors down, but they did not want to get caught after lights out with alcohol in their

possession. Just as Cecily shut the door, silently hearing the door click, Matthew rounded the

hall with his own liquor.

He saw them and gave a little wave. Matthew silently knocked on Suzanna’s door which

opened almost immediately, Danielle ushered them inside and closed and locked the door.

Inside was more people than Cecily thought was going to be here. Dom, Justin, Danny, Josh

Randall, Brett, Greg, Ben, Patrick, Stefan, Blake, Alex Rand, Olivia Benoit, Anna, Becca, Tori,

and Leah. Nineteen total people in one room. Red Solo cups were in everyone’s hands and

everyone was talking to someone.

Cecily walked over to her best friend Leah and sat down. Leah handed her a cup to

which Cecily filled it up with some liquor and then some Pepsi that Leah had next to her.

“Thanks,” Cecily said as she made herself a drink. “How long have you been in here?” She

asked Leah once she was done making her drink and took a hearty sip.

“Not too long. I’m rooming with Olivia, so we came as soon as curfew hit.” Leah told her

friend. The night went on, people laughed and drank more and more liquor or beer as the night

went on. Before Cecily knew it, it was nearly three in the morning and she had a very hard buzz

going on.

“I think it’s time to call it a night,” Cecily announced to the group. A few moans and here

and there but everyone started cleaning up then in small groups left Suzanna’s room. Best night

of the trip, Cecily thought. She hopes there are more like that. Little does she know, it’ll be the

last night they’ll have like that. The next day starts hell on earth.

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