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Since when the dawn first broke beings known as guardians and hellmorphes walked the realm known as Esioxar a mighty war broke out between the two that lasted 4000 years ending with the banishment of the hellmorphs peace continued to reign until recent

Chapter 1

The Dawn

‘The sky was on fire, buildings were being set ablaze as far as my eyes could reach and the air lathered in so much smoke I dared not open my mouth but the lack of oxygen forces my mouth open and start gasping for air after a few moments of wheezing my eyes scan all the remaining carnage my mind still processing what had happened only a few moments ago, but in the midst of all this devastation I spot the one who caused all of this.’

‘He stands alone under the blackened sky sitting atop the burning corpses of innocents and after scanning the bodies my breath halts when I spot my comrades there skin and flesh were peeled backward exposing muscle heads were decapitated and there bisected bodies were leaking guts I choke back a sob as tears threatened to spill down my face I was the one who foolishly led them into this battle steadying myself quickly I focused on the enemy in front of me now was not the time to grieve I would have plenty after I’ve had my revenge, clasping my hands I loudly make myself known.’

“XANNER!” The now named Xanner turns his head towards me with a bored look in his eyes only to start roaring with laughter ******* me off even more

Xanner is a young man in his late teens with well-tanned skin and spiky black hair slicked back as well as golden eyes his figure even though not that noticeable under his clothes is fairly well defined his ****** feature is sharp all the way down to his pointed chin.

“he..hehe…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” Xanner screams out before ceasing his laughter.

“Hmpf I thought that I had ridden myself of you after that last attack but still you stand before me as an annoyance at my side eh Emily or do you prefer princess Emily, please forgive me for my impoliteness your majesty,” Xanner says with a sneer.

‘The two of us pierce each other with our eyes not blinking for a second’

“Xanner you’ve gone too far this time I had hoped that we could have solved this without violence but after all the lives you’ve taken here today I see that is no longer true,” Emily says in a soft voice

“So what will you do kill me? hehe.. you’re far too weak just look at yourself your shaking!” Xanner points out.

“ENOUGH” Emily yells out “I’ll put you down here and now or else I will die trying” her hands still clasped together bright blue marks start to spread across her white fair skin.

Before long a bright blue pillar strikes down seemingly from the heavens themselves encasing her entire being.

“Well then I guess it ends here you better give me your all or else this would just be a waste of my time,” Xanner says as bright red marks start to spread over his body and a violent red aura covers his entire body screaming unlimited power

‘The land trembles and shakes as cracks start to spread out from under the two’

“I plead to thee now, guardian of the water grant me the power that you have blessed me so I may strike down all my enemies that lay before me with a powerful wave” The bright pillar which was once around the princess now retreated to the heavens and what was left remaining was a beautiful white trident cover in blue and gold lining with tips so sharp it would cut your eyes if you stared at it too long, but that wasn’t the only thing that changed the young teenage princess was now wearing shining blue armour that was as dark as the water at the bottom of the ocean perfectly fitting her hourglass figure and ample bust the armour also allowed viewers to see her long wavy blonde hair her blue eyes now piercing daggers at the enemy in front of her.

Xanner looks on at the transformation with boredom in his eyes and a look of no emotion on his face he gives a low growl laced with anticipation and annoyance before crossing his arms together with the red glow still surrounding his body.

“Hellmorph of the blood upon this hour give me the divine power that you have bestowed upon me in order to change this broken corrupted world,” Xanner says a with his toothy craze like grin still on his face.

Emily realizes that the red like marks on his skin have now grown out as fully realized tattoos, Xander’s physical appearance hasn’t changed much, the only noticeable change she could spot was that there were now white streaks that decorated his original black slicked back hair.


“Do you think I’ll be able to see it, Emily?” Xanner suddenly questions the princess in a surprisingly small voice.

“What nonsense are you talking about? you won’t be seeing anything but the entrance to hell when I’M THROUGH WITH YOU!” she screams now charging at Xanner at full speed trident in hand with eyes filled hatred piercing daggers at her opponent.

“……gurck……” The eldest princess and heir to the throne of the Luzia kingdom was now face down her body pierced to the ground bleeding out, turning to see what had struck her down her eyes widened as she noticed that it was an exact replica of her trident only instead it was blood red with black and silver lining jagged edges surrounding the tips of the spear realizing her new position she turns her head looking back up to her enemy shock edged out on all the corners of her face.

“Wha… di-did y-you?” she questions

“Tell my sweet heir to the throne out of all the people who have died here tonight,” he says before he bends down to her level.

“How much blood has been spilled” he whispers out before continuing

“You see dear princess my hellmorph grants the ability to grant control over all blood allowing it to take whatever shape I want and move it of my own free will you failed to notice that the corpses of your fallen allies have made quite the pool behind you all I had to do was think of a fitting weapon to stab you and direct it to your defenseless back.

“B-BUT MY ARMOUR SHOULD HA-” “Blocked my attack surely if it had been any other weapon it would not have pierced your aqua hardened armor but I guess you didn’t get the memo that blood is thicker than water”

The words that had come out her mouth was like a dagger in the girl’s heart knowing she had no strength left to move due to blood loss her eyes watered up with tears resigning her fate

“w-what will you do with me,” she asks with teary eyes

“I’m going to do….nothing what happens now is up to you, to be honest with myself this heat is starting to get to me besides my transports already here,” Xanner says as a black misty portal opened up behind him

“But before I leave I will grant you mercy since you’re not going to bleed out quickly and the fire seems to be right on your tail”

In a quick flash of red light, a small red dagger composed out of her own blood was placed into her hand looking up at her killer with wet eyes this could only mean…

“I heard dying by fire is quite a painful way to go s yourself that pain now by plunging that dagger into your throat” Xanner says before walking into the misty black portal leaving her in a town of bodies and flames to die alone.

Xanner steps out of the portal to find himself outside in a beautiful green forest with animals running about, for the time being, he sits back against a tree taking in the scenery

“I wonder if you were able to see it, Emily, before you died I wonder if you saw the dawn because in this ***** black world I can’t see anything” a lone tear falls down his face


A/N: whoooooah MY FIRST EVER STORY PUBLISHED ON THIS SITE PLEASE FORGIVE THIS NEWCOMER WRITER FOR I AM NOT WORTHY TO STAND IN FRONT OF ALL THE OTHER GREAT STORYTELLERS ON THIS SITE…. speaking of which please forgive my poor grammar and lack of spelling this is the first time I’ve ever written something like this and it’s kind of a new experience for me anyways I don’t think I have anything left say so until next time? *mumbles* If there even is a next time. -Sive141

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