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Toward Love

By @brookes206

Toward Love

one foot in front of the other I walk,

toward the direction of love.

I walk with the confidence of someone

not treading across broken glass or

wading through a river of tears. 

yet I am, doing just that.

I can’t feel the pain

over the sound of broken screams.

27 years worth, my mind replays

over and over and over.

anything to silence the memories right?

my feet are crying out for mercy

but they aren’t louder than my broken heart.

onward, toward love.

even if “love” is a slow burn,

at least it’s a quiet one.

I want the quietest one;

a silent love so loud

it quells 27 years of loneliness.

so loud it drowns out the ticking

of the clock telling me my time is up.

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