Touch Me

By @K_Danielle10
Touch Me

A thrilling adventure through love, passion, desire, and dark secrets. Alexa finally lets go of her inhibitions and opens her heart and body to a journey she will never forget. An unexpected twist in her journey forces her to make a decision: hold on or let go?

Chapter 1


I’m going to get caught and then my life is over…

        Good bye freedom

        Hello ugly orange uniform


        Okay, just do it quickly…get the job done then find a way to deal with those morons…


   Alexa froze as she heard a shuffle of feet in the hallway, waiting to hear the door burst open and get yelled at by the janitor or Harvey the guard.


    Please let me live through this…


     A sigh of relief left her lips as the footsteps continued to pass the room she was in. Cautiously shaking the spray paint in her hand, she continued spraying the insults she was forced to paint on the wall of the classroom of one of her favorite professors. This was supposed to be a good year but it was turning out to be the worst. She never thought she’d fall into the trap of those idiots. She knew being too **** nice was gonna bite her in the ass someday, and now it might just get her expelled, or worse, jailed. Alexei is not going to like that and will probably scream at her that for all her being a smarty pants, she was dumb enough to fall for those moronic ********.

        Here she was, the top student of the Fine Arts Department in Wingston University of Art, vandalizing the classroom of a music history professor because she was stupid enough to be caught in the trap of a bunch of idiots who had it out for her, now she was being blackmailed and rendered helpless. Gotta work better on your EQ and turn up your bad guy radar Alexa.

        A snort left her as she looked at the last word on the list of insults she was supposed to paint on the professor’s table. Dumbass? Really? Can’t they be more creative? Like seriously? Oh well, the sooner she finishes, the sooner she can leave. Alexa let out another sigh as she leaned over the table, her back facing the door and starts painting the word, muttering apologies for the professor who wasn’t there.

        “Well well, what do we have here?” A deep voice suddenly resounded around the room. Alexa jumped up and quickly spun around and looked to the door. Fuck.

        Her heart sped up and her breath got caught as she looked at the tall, intimidating figure standing by the door with his arms crossed. Oh God, it was Professor Sawyer! **** **** ****!

        She froze, her fingers losing its grip on the spray can, causing it to fall on the ground. She didn’t even hear the door open. Professor Sawyer looked at her sternly and glanced at the spray paint on the ground, plus the ones peaking from the bag she brought and had placed on the ground.

        “Well? Are you going to explain yourself young lady?” Professor Sawyer’s deep voice scared her, though his words were a bit slurred, it was barely noticeable, and hardly relevant at the moment. Logan Sawyer was one of the top professors in Wingston University; already a highly acclaimed artist and photographer himself, and owned a famous art and photography studio; not to mention his extremely handsome, Gio Armani model-like appearance, which added to his intimidation. He’s also one of the younger professors, and an important member of the school board.

        Every student, no matter if they were in Performing Arts or Visual Arts, all had to go through Professor Sawyer. His opinion mattered and his judgments were almost always correct. But he was a tough person to please.

        And here she was, a graduating student caught by Professor Sawyer himself vandalizing a classroom. God, her life was about to end.

        Hello ugly orange uniform…

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