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By @robinson1979

Chapter 6

I have a lot of things to do today only a little bit more. ok

He has over a billion dollars in equity in all his houses and he wants me to do this one. He doesn’t want me to totally kill her all the way just a little bit and then just die quickly over here so she doesn’t know about it. DG

The one who really dies is another person. She covers the sound of the real death over here in park of men so they think its her it has to happen at about the same time as i do it over here. December 11 AQC

I don’t want to have to do this over here but my little sister so just ******* sit still and take it.. April

We are actually coming by every now and then with him there just to see him in the midst of action and then we will hit her over the head a million times stronger than we would have if she were alive then dead. She would be alive then dead. AQC would just be no longer in this because she is dead with us. J

That is just it so end

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