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By @robinson1979

Chapter 5

I want to leave the neighbors are talking through the windows through the holes in the walls in the kitchen where i am working. DG

Her brother is coming is coming in and talking persuading us and making us do things i don’t like following us home in the car. DG

She even said if there are any interruptions to let her know and she will do something about it like turn something in you should have done that KC

Hence Judge M JRD

My tools are a thing i use all the time. i use them all the time so if i cant work then how am i going to work on this material to cut this because its all i have to do today is cut this material and it keeps shutting off. DG

Those ******* neighbors DK

Yes that’s it. Its a neighbor that could be shutting my tools down for all i know. Its a nieghbor that could be shutting my tools down for all i know and not telling me he is doing it because he is doing some high power work in his garage on something and wont tell anybody what is going on in there or they die like building an engine or something high power and it keeps killing people out here that is what it

thiss will be a job ringing so loud i cant work.

Why are they ringing so loud right now. Why are they ringing so loud. What is going on> I have had these tools for so long and they have been f

to me

he dropped in. he made himself right at home. he made it seem like he was comfortable DG

i want to know who is taking notes on this one Brenda it will get messed up by N or another over here they change voices on her ok JRD

i am not the way it seems. this is my honest voice and the way i come across right now is my honest technique i switch it on my keypad right here so you will understand me as an honest person instead of the insane one when i talk to DG and the others mostly at night is when i have it on AC

I use it to convince a judge that Brenda is abnormal in ways that seem unfit for life and she may seem

lets see the other one click

clear picture

uneasy feeling


insane at times used when i talk to DG to persuade him to do things like killings and other things he does them and others doe them too like WR and some of his friends like CG and some of her friends and Guardians of MG and so much as tosay round spinning thing right hand to say any of this you go to hell CG because he will be expected to pay the one that dies for this yes he will for all time if this gets let out because i am on his **** list already.

same person?

no not in his mind but yes it is in reality

alternate personality maybe

comes across as two people can be fooled easily

i can see the image in this

if she hands this in she would be known as no don’t hand it in i see it. she can say a few words like fooled by two personalities

used for death and persuasions of judges, law enforcement and psychologists and family

I want you to know DG that you must do this in order to alter my mind thoughts of this if not you die AC

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