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By @robinson1979

Chapter 3

Let me go let me go let me go let me go. PS

Paula you need to sit still. TS

Let me go PS

you need to sit still TS

you need to let me go T I don’t want to be here anymore PS

I need to do something to you her to make her stay. I need to do something to her to make her stay. I need to do something to this woman to make her stay a little longer becausse i need to accomplish all these things and i need to accomplish all these things right now. so ha! ha! ha! TS

Wha! My head oh my T my ouch PS

tap tap tap there you go on your head to make you look silly like you always are dummy TS

What! I am not dumb PS

You are now I just hit tapped you on the head it will be hard for you to achieve greatness with a tap on the head now TS

i want you to **** my ***** DG

i want you to **** my ***** and then go over to Brenda’s house and say you ****** my ***** and eat her out then say you ****** my ***** then eat her out then eat her out good ok DG N Daughter forget me knot J S

I want you to join in with the rest of them and be a good team member and kill her and be with me while you do it ok DG will you do this for me? Daughter


I want you to be with me whenever you get the time done just come over to my house and then we get together and you will go over to Brenda’s house to finish the work and then do whatever you have to do over there. My dad is asking for a knock out so i guess its a knock out this time. He and WR are asking for a knock out and i guess TC and some other people like DK are asking for a knock out so i guess you will be in on a knock out this time. My dad wants to go over and watch her do her thing in December. NB JB

I want to go over and watch her while she is there and do her thing over there. Because she is what i want to watch during this. I have her as being lonely and i want to go. I want to go while this happens to her. i want to be with her during this. i do. If it does then fine. If not then ok. I can be there. She can rely on me. I can be there for her. She will be with me. i will be with her. She will be with me during this. I want you to find all this is in here. SB

i will call the police T if you don’t let me go. I will call the police if you don’t let me go. I don’t want to be held down like this. This is not something i want to go through right now. T you broke my rib! You broke my rib T get off me. You broke my rib T get off me. My rib T get off me you broke my rib T. Please please please. Oh my gosh. Please. My side. PS

I don’t want her to say anything to the police so i have to break another rib for her to get the idea. I have to get the point into her for her to get the idea. Paula (Switching Person with her T and voice far away who killed JG where the $20,000 of Paulas and Brendas money went) you are going through agony right now with me because i am going to be in something with you at a time of murder.

I don’t want to do this but you are going to be in this with me for I’m sorry for this one you will have to consider that this is one of the most torturous events.

There is nothing you can do Paula to get this guy off your back. he is there til you die. he is wanting more money to do more things. he is wanting more money from me which is TC to do more things and my dad TS is the one that told him to do the things in the first place and my dad should be paying him and taking the responsibility for this but he is pawning this off on you.  Im sorry but i am going to have to let bigons be bigons Paula and take responsibility myself and take somemore of your money that you lent me from the sale of youor property in April 2021 and take it over to him to give to him to kill some more people. This is yours and Brenda’s money. You and Brenda pay him. I and my father are just a voice. Nothing but a voice. Money talks ******** walks. They actually have the sway they do not know it. back and forth between them both. With this. The sway me and my father have is the voice. That is it. TC

If you get bigger you can handle his strength be kind enough you can handle his mercy be generous enough you can handle his gifts be strong enough you can handle his blocks be weiry enough you can handle his mind be worldly enough you can handle his cult WR DK

Make these up together to stun peoples minds and put them through trances throug long periods of time so you can get away with stuff so no one knows you are there it is like a cult there is one on your right or left side by DK left side he has had it there since we started left side he will take it off G or

There actually has to be a way we can stand together on this and make some kind of outcome when we do this. We have to do this all together all at once or we all get caught. I dont want to do this if we willl all get. DG

We never get caught DK


He is the only one doing this right now i wonder who else will join in and do this. will anyone else

To make her fall

He makes her fall all the time i wnt to make her fall with my baton that i bring down in the air so i will send it her way and see if she falls with it. It is dec 11 3am yes it did oh **** she fell. Ok i just ******* knocked her down with the baton all i had to do was shake the baton and off it flew off the stick while the blower was going and it sent her way with this thing going. It was just a baton with a tip of electric bolts at thee end. Its a long baton with electric boltss and my blower and i flew it at Brenda and down she went at her house in her bedroom at 3am. Oh ****! SHe is dead. I ******* killed brenda. Oh ****. I killed brenda. I killed brenda.  I killed brenda. I killed Brenda. I killed Brenda. I killed brenda. I killed brenda. I killed brenda. I killed brenda. I killed brenda i killed brenda i killed brenda. I killed brenda.  I killed brenda. I killed Brenda. I killed Brenda. I killed brenda. I killed brenda. I killed brenda. I killed brenda. I killed brenda i killed brenda N and husband

we have to go to a police station and let them know that i killed her because she is lying on the floor dead. She is lying on the floor dead in her home. Yes she is. N and husband

We have to go to the police station to let them know that she is lying on the floor dead in her home. Yes. She is ******* dead. Holy **** N and Husband

you know what you could have a dead daughter if you want but if you kpay them you wont. just consider that Paula RS

Do me a favor Paula just reach out to me anytime for your dumb daughter is in this and you are in that and she is totally insignificant to me now since she is over here and i am over here also watching you over here since i can see over here with you watching over here allso in this little cabin of a place. I like watching over here paula. you are so cute Paula RS

I just want to **** you Paula RS

Hit that ***** Puala RS

Your daughter is so dumb Paula i just want you to know that she is a dumb epileptic ***** and that she is so pitiful that everyone around takes advantage of her because she is so dumb and pitiful that everyone takes advantaage of her. Please take note of this that all her friends and son and boyfriends and neighbors and family and tenants take advantage even you. Because she is so dumb and pitiful Paula. I just want you to know that she is dumb and pitiful. She will be that way til the day she dies. Yes she will. You will be a woman with a dumb pitiful daughter who burned in hell because she didnt move fast enough in some situations to get out of because she wwas too slow because she did not know of what was goin on. She did not know of what was going on so she did not know what was going on in each situation so she could not move fast enough to get awaay. RS

Don’t speak to your daughter in this situation it is best not to speak to your daughter ever again. Do not ever speak to your daughter because of these people right over here in this complex. They control the neighbor hood JL they control the neighbor hood and Brenda is friends with them and she would just assume hang people out to dry if she could. RS

No Paula Dont. I told you not to talk to your daughter. Turn the beam over there so she can not talk to her daughter. She can not talk to her daughter through any of this. If she does then she will be apart of this too. She will be apart of this too. She will be apart of this too so she will bring down the community. RS

No TS she is total **** total scum. Your mother f wife even said she is. She is **** scum. She doesn’t know how much trouble she is in down there TS. She is in total trouble. No she doesn’t know. How much i am inn up here because of her. She made me go insane i have to visit a psychologist because of this. RS

TS, I have some things planned out for her that I want to discuss with you that you are going to be ok with your daughter doing thiss to my son over here. He goes over there so often its funny to do some things. He plays around in that area and he plays around in that area and makes fun of her. Both him and my daughteer do. He plays with some people in that area and he knows some others in a different area and they all get together and do things to her that aren’t so good and that are infact severe and dangerous. I just want you to know this. your daughter is in danger of a lot of things TS and you should do something about it. If your wife found out you would be in a lot of trouble that i am telling you this and you didnt tell your wife. RS

I am going to plan for her to be separated from her husband distance from her mom individual playtime not work no home yes coming into sometime distance relative never going away always being aware never sedative always bodily injury severe always conclusive RS Head injury

I am going to talk to this man on the phone. I am going to talk to this man on the phone since this man yelss so much. He actually yells so much outloud on this thing he makes me erk so much i dont want him in my office anymore and she doesnt wnt him in her home down thre anymore. So i am going to call him..TC, It didn’t answer. I can call later. RS

IM wanting you to leave Brenda and Me alone in my office. No I can’t im not going to. I have my equipment on for a reason. I have my equipment on for a reason. I just want you to know that this is actually something i use on a regular basis and i dont want you to interfere with what i do. I dont you are coming in our office and her house. Yes. You come in here and in our commuity. That is the point.

You need to realize i can go wherever i want to go with this thing i can go wherever i want to go with this thing and it will stab whoever i want.

Do yo see my point RS do you see my point RS because i have stabbed so many people with this thing they ******* die instantly from it they ******* die instantly from it. TC

I want you to get out. No Please leave. No. I wont take no for an answer. This is his attorney. I want you to leave the community. This is his attorney. He doesn’t have to leave the community. This is the debate of a lifetime. This conversation takes over the entire community. Yes it does. 

I need a person to leave this community for real TC. Yes you do. RS

i am not leaving because my little sister is in there and i want to watch her. TC

She actually does not want you to watch her. RS

You have a restraining order against her RS

I know i do but i keep away and keep my distance TC

You need to abide by this and stop peeking in and stop looking in the residence homes TC, RS

she doesn’t want me in her home.TC

No she doesn’t RS

She doesn’t want you out with her at all RS

That is me ..not supposed to be there

That is me …Not supposed to be there

that is me …not supposed to be there……

Doesn’t matter if you are in the complex or not. EF

Cant be in the home, that is trespassing EF

How is DG Tresspasing TC

He is tresspassing with his equipment when he turns it on with his blowers and vacumm and all his other stuff he set up at brendas tto correlate with her house and voice to return in the pathway of her home when turned on. EF

No that does not do it TC

She messed it up EF

You have to have the blower fixed with the adapter of choice and then the motivator which is the control panel on the blower and then the element of choice which is air sucking then WR pushing air then you have to have a lot of mold to clean up to suck in. if you don’t then you don’t really have a problem to worry about you cant have a big knock down he would have to gather from other houses molds from other houses to complete the knock downs and those houses contributed money so he would not knock them down or they would give him the job to invest in a knockdown. July 2020- Feb 2021 Mold Collection DG AcE

Are you going to get this done? RS

No Not right now. I have other work to do. Ill be back tomorrow since you guys keep pressuring me. DG

The house is looking fine to me just keep working the way you are. It will finish by itself. Stop doing what you are doing and you will be fine. DK

So they stop and the contractor walks off and leaves the premisises when he says that. EF

Look want you accomplished so far it looks great you can go home. DK

Its nothing so they leave. EF

the lines that she is talking about totally exist. They throw **** back and forth between one another on those lines and it ******* hurts like **** EF

They roll **** in their own house on the line until it gets to the end of one line and then they start talking on it EF

Its called two way talk line EF

the police think this is insignificant because there are so many but these two way talk lines knock people out to the ground to where they are incognizant and cant think anymore EF

they will no longer exist EF

That is what DK does EF

She is right she will win on that one EF

Maintenance issues maybe but the way RS should have kept that uup for sure she should win. The cops dont keep it up so why should he. That is the way he thinks. No The management has to be different. They have to keep it up EF

he totally paid over the budget then took off the top then stuffed in another place which is another fund then he put it in another persons fold which is

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