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Together We Fight ~ A Hinny Fanfiction~

By @-Gryffindor-

Chapter 1


I wake up to sunlight streaming through the windows, today is Saturday and my first thought is that I have a Quidditch Match, but no, Umbridge has banned Quidditch. I feel a renewed sense of anger toward her. I get dressed and decide to head out into the common room. The common room always calms me down, with its burghandy banners cascading down the walls, and burghandy couches, accented with gold. Today when I walk into the common room I see Harry Potter and my heart flutters. I’ve liked him for a long time and now that we are both at Hogwarts, my little crush has turned into a big one.

“Morning” he says, groggily

“Morning, ” I reply, “I wish we had a Qudditch match.” I say wistfully

“Me too” he replies, and I can hear the longing in his voice.

Ron then enters the common room, rubbing his eyes and promply trips over a pilow. Harry and I burst out laughing. Rons face turns red in embarrassment.

“Morning” Hermione says, walking in.

“How about we go get some breakfast, I’m starving” Ron says.

We each nod in consent and a few minutes later we join a stream of students walking and talking,on their way to the dining hall. While we eat, I feel somthimg grow hot in my pocket, I fish it out and see the coin Hermione gave each of us. I smile, eager to get breakfast over with and meet in the Room of Requirement. I look around the dining hall and see various students discreetly taking the coin ot if their pocket.


Room of Requirement

Our little group finishes breakfast 9:00, we still have a whole hour. Hermione says she has to study, like usual, and Ron and Harry have a project for Potions due in Monday, so they work on that. I decide to read a book. I ask Hermione if I can borrow one of hers and she happily gives me a stack of books to read. I settle down on one of the couches to read Quidditch Through The Ages. Iglance up at the clock just in time to see it strike 10:00 I stand up and walk over to the boys,

“I’m going to head over,” I say. They nod and tell me they will be along in a bit. I go over to the girl’s dormitory and grab Hermione and Lavender Brown. We walk down the halk together, acting like we are going to ask a professer a question. We walk to the Room of Requirement and slip in, after making sure no one else is around. We walk in the door and take a seat on the various pillows and hammocks set up around the room. Slowly, the members of the D.A file in, usually in groups of three or four. We wait for Harry and Ron but they don’t show up. After ten minutes I begin to worry, they said they would be coming right after us but they aren’t there. Were we found out? Are they being punished?

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