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To who I was last decade

By @sxlem

You made it this far, kiddo. Pat yourself in the back every now and then, because, believe it or not, staying alive in these times is not as easy.

I know what you went through, I can relate because it’s not over, and we will face it again, only that now we are stronger and more capable of fighting it better. You still have lots to learn. Now I will pass on to give you some helpful advice:

-You have defects, yes, because you’re not perfect. Your mind and brain may not be the best, but you have to live with them. You will learn a lot about yourself! You will get to know your limits, your passions, your dislikes. And you will start the journey of figuring out what you want for yourself.

-You also have virtues and gifts and goodness within. Don’t be afraid to show them more often.

-Let yourself feel things. Or better, let yourself be vulnerable and show things you feel. Crying is not a weakness in spite of what they told you before, in fact, heroes cry, and you are your hero.

-Really! No man came to sweep you off your feet because you are your own Prince Charming who rescued you. You got yourself out of those clinics, you were the one who beat depression over and over again. You are the only one who can save you at the end of the day.

-It’s okay to be a lone wolf, but don’t push people away when they come to you. Open your heart to them, they don’t want to hurt you.

-Why do you want them to like you when you already have people who do? Why do you want to be like them when you can choose to be you? Like Marina said, “better to be hated than loved for what you’re not”. You don’t need the approval of these perfect people (who are not perfect, that’s what you think), stay true to yourself, be who you were meant to be.

-Your body was meant to hold organs, it’s alright if your tummy is a little swollen, if your breasts have stretch marks, if your hips are wider than they used to be. You are okay as soon as you begin to accept yourself, and if you want to change, do it, but never for someone else. Don’t mind the flat Barbies you see. The world has to change it’s view and you can be part of that change.

-Don’t be afraid to show who you are. Don’t be afraid to share your story; make your suffering into art and go out there. Don’t be ashamed of your mental illness, you know it’s real and you can break the stigma.

-You don’t need a man (or woman or any love interest) to complete you. You are already whole, and just because you didn’t “get the guy” in the end doesn’t mean you’re the loser or weirdo of the movie. Besides, men are as dumb as they are beautiful, not worth your time.

-Remember you are strong, you are fierce, you are a badass, a boss ass *****, a breaker of barriers, and you can accomplish anything you want. Even though you were hurt, you still fought for your life, you fought so hard you became tougher and tougher when facing life’s adversities. 

Always remember you were meant to be something. Don’t worry about the fools who tell you you can’t do it. You can, with courage. And you, dear, sweat courage.

Happy New Year, Camila.

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