to trust or not to trust

By @aebinger13

to trust or not to trust

By @aebinger13

Female loyalist spy, Ann Bates is forced to go back to the colonies with an unsettling past. The loyalists trust her a lot, they say she is the best spy living. Something happens and they are decideing why they ever trusted her.

Chapter 1

          Ann Bates is a loyalist spy. She came over to Maine, from Britain. She was forced to come over here again. She came over to Maine on a boat, by herself. When she got to Maine, she tied up her boat on the first dock she found. She got off the boat and quickly ran to the first shelter. She made sure no one was in it. She quickly got changed and headed down to the beach. She fell asleep, thinking she had nothing to worry about. She woke to the sound of two men walking towards her. No one else was there. No one had woke her up. The two men were patriot soldiers. The two soldiers had noticed who she was because several years ago she got arrested in New York. She got put in jail for about a year. She got sent back to Britain with a warning. Stating that if she came back to the colonies, she would be killed. Ann was forced to come back to the colonies, to see what the patriots were planning for war. The two men knew she was back to spy on them. They played it off as if they didn’t know. 

           They took Ann to where they would prepare for war. They wouldn’t let her leave or go out of their sight. They forced her to become a soldier. As war came, they made her go in the very front. The patriots were hoping their plan would work. The loyalists fired first. Ann got shot. The rest of the “war” did not happen because it was all fake. Half of the patriots dressed as loyalists. They did this because Ann was one of the best spies ever to live. And while they had a chance to injure her, they did. They also did this so nothing worse could happen in the future and to help protect their country. They took Ann to the closest shelter to see if she was alright. They got a doctor and he told her that she would not live. The patriots almost felt accomplished because they took down the most powerful spy living. Months later, many things have occurred. Ann eventually passed away. The loyalists had found out that Ann died because news had spread everywhere. The newspaper had a caption of, “Most Famous Spy, Ann Bates Passed Away From Unknown Reason.” 

          When the british found out, they were furious. They had knew something happened in the colonies because when Ann went, she was supposed to come back longer than she had been there. The british quickly came up with a plan, planning to demolish the patriots. Although they quickly came up with a plan, it would take a while to get everything together. Months went by without anything happening. However, the patriots were always prepared. The patriots were also planning their attack as well. Another month passed, and the patriots were on their way to Maine. They arrived in the night time, so it would be less likely for someone to notice them. They got in a straight line and marched straight up to the closest patriot base. One of the patriots were outside and could see what they were doing. They marched up to their base to show that they weren’t scared, they were showing that they were fierce and confident.

         When the patriot saw what they were doing, he quickly ran and got the soldiers. While the patriot was gathering the soldiers, the loyalists were rushing into their base. Knocking the doors down and started firing. They soon noticed that nothing was in the base. No soldiers. No weapons. Nothing. The loyalists froze and turned around. The patriots had almost 200 more soldiers than what the loyalist had. As soon as they turned, the patriots started firing. Knocking 10 people per second. The loyalist did not have any time to reload their guns and fire because there was so much smoke, You couldn’t see anything. The patriots did not stop until every loyalist was down and dead. The patriots obviously won the war. They took all of their hurt soldiers and helped and healed them. The loyalists didn’t have a chance at beating them. They celebrated their victory by having gathering everyone and having a giant feast. 

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