To Those who are Different

By @Raven17

To Those who are Different

By @Raven17

Sofia has always wanted one thing in life. To be normal. But after her parents split and a tragedy that Sofia wants to keep in the past, she moves to a new place with her father where she could reinvent herself. To fit into the mold that everyone else wants her to be, but does she really want to be average?

Chapter 1

Day one: Part one

Sofia swallows back a lump of ice-cold fear as she looks at the place she dreaded the most, her new school. It didn’t help that it was a cold and dreary rainy day in the middle of the school year.

“ Dad, are you sure about this?’ she asks as she nervously picked at her nail polish.

Henry Laurens pats his daughter’s shoulder

“ I’m sure everything will be fine, it’s a new school which equals a new start.” 

Sofia scoffs at her father’s words “Easy for you to say, you didn’t leave your whole life behind! I did!”  

Her father frowns at the outburst and quickly changes the subject. You remember where the office is right?” he says as he runs his hand through his grey speckled black hair. This earned a small nod from Sofia as she tucked a lock of her brown hair behind her left ear. Her green eyes glittered in confusion.

“Good. I’ll pick you up here after school.” Sofia nodded and bent over to reach her book bag at her feet, with a small farewell, she stepped out of the car and made her way to the building.

Upon entering the school, Sofia felt like she had stepped into a lions’ den and she was a helpless lamb. She ducked her head as the attention of a nearby group shifted to her. They said nothing but she could almost feel the group looking at her as she walked past them. She had just entered the office when an overly happy secretary asks her

“How can I help you, dear?”

Taken aback at the question Sofia blinked and said 

“ I’m just here to get my schedule. I’m new.” 

“Okay, name please?” The secretary asks while leading through a folder. Looking down Sofia squeaked out 

“Sofia Wagner-Laurens” Heat fills her face ‘Oh why couldn’t mom have just gone with Laurens not Wagner-Laurens’ 

The secretary hands her a piece of paper

“ Here you go your homeroom is in the top left corner” 

Sofia nodded and carefully took the paper and quickly left the office, suddenly she was on the ground. A girl’s panicked voice was above her.

“ Oh mon Dieu ca va?” a hand reached down and Sofia took it as she replied 

” Oui Je vais bien.”  

The hand was attached to a tall and slim girl who had a worried look on her lightly freckled face.

“Are you sure your okay?” The girl asked in a french sounding voice while pushing her blond bangs out of her blue eyes. 

“Well I’m not bleeding or broken am I? So I’m fine.” Sofia laughed as her face went red.

Just then there was the sound of a person running in that direction. 

” Camille where were- okay who are you?” A slightly curvy redheaded girl whose hair was in a green cheerleader’s bow said. The girl looked from the blond to Sofia her eyes flashed with an emotion that Sofia didn’t recognize. 

Sofia looked the girl in the eye 

” I’m new and if you have a problem with that you can bring it up with  my dad, he’s the new sheriff.”  

The redhead blinked as she moved closer to Camille, she then held out her hand.

” Hi, I’m Erin. I’m your student guide.”

Sofia noticed how quick Erin calmed down by just standing near Camille.

“Oh, Okay,” Sofia replied thinking there was something going on between the two girls.  

Camille reached out to fix Erin’s bow. Once done Erin smiled at Camille then she caught Sofia’s eye and quickly sidestepped out of Camille’s reach.

“Come on, let us get to your locker,” Erin said as she turned and headed down the hall at a quick pace. 

Camille’s eyes flash with hurt as she picked at the strings of her hoodie

“I’ll see you later.” Camille said to Sofia whose boots slapped the pavement as she walked away.

Grabbing her keys and bookbag Sofia dashed after Erin.”Hey, what happened back there that was pretty cold of you to leave like that.” Sofia huffed as soon as she caught up to Erin

Erin stopped walking, sighed, and shook her head.”You haven’t lived in this town all of your life, you don’t know what they do to those who they consider being different. But enough of that we got to get you to your locker before homeroom.” Erin waved over her shoulder as she walked left down the hall “Follow me.”

Once they reached Sofia’s locker, Erin opened one a few down and pulled out an English book and a notebook.”What class do you have first?” Erin’s voice carried from the few feet away. 

“Uh, History,” Sofia said as she zipped open her book bag and began to empty its contents into the locker.She stopped when a photo fell out from between the pages of the photo album she was putting on a small shelf. Erin looked down and picked up the photo before Sofia could move. 


“This you and your parents? You looked pretty happy there.” She commented as she handed it back.

Sofia gave her a look “‘Looked?’ ”  

Erin shrugged ” Hey, I don’t know your home life but from what I have heard from you so far you have never mentioned your mother once. So I assumed.” Just then a loud noise blared for what felt like a minute which caused Sofia to jump.”What was that?” She asked brushing her hair out of her face while Erin laughed

“That my dear newbie is our office’s sad interpretation of a bell.” 

“That was no bell I’ve ever heard. That was an opera-singing pig!” Sofia said slamming her locker closed just as someone tapped her on the shoulder. Sofia turned around to see a tanned boy glaring at her. “You’re standing on my midterm.” He said as Sofia just stared at him.His ink-black hair was spiked up like a porcupine, he wore a work out shirt which had the sleeves cut off and khaki shorts and sandals.Erin grabbed Sofia’s arm and pulled her a few inches to the left. 

“Sorry, Jax, Monkey in training.” She said patting Sofia’s arm.  

Jax nodded with a huff “Just be glad it was my mid-term and not Lexi’s.” He said as he glared at Sofia again. “Oh dios mio ella es estupida.” he muttered as he walked away.

Sofia pulled her arm free “Who was he and who did he mean by ‘Lexi?’ sounds like a rude girl.” 

Erin laughed bitterly “Oh you wish Lexi was a girl and not what he actually is, and that is some boy is major issues. Come on, I’ll tell you more once we get to homeroom.” she then turned on her heel and walked quickly down the hall.

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