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By @winstonsun850


No one knew what happened. 23 years and they still haven’t found me. Just because I broke into the King’s vault didn’t mean I was some type of savage. He already had an awful amount of diamonds on his wrist, it wasn’t like he needed any more jewelry. Yet when I snatched up a couple million dollars it was suddenly a big deal? The world we live in, am I right? Of course I am, I’m not some meat head that’s wrong. Only fools would mistake my borrowing of jewels as a theft. People praised Robin Hood all the time. Was I giving it away to the poor? Not exactly, a diamond or two may have landed in the rubble but I certainly am not one to dig for it. It’s quite boring being the most famous hero of all time. Some may call me villainous but that is simply because they’re too busy giving to take anything away.

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