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Till Death Do Us Part

By @Brie-Renee

“One of my clearest memories was that of his murder. I remember walking into our house to get ready for our 2-year anniversary.


I headed towards my bedroom, that’s when I heard the them. Peeking through the jarred door I caught them! In bed! TOGETHER. In MY bed.


I knew that they couldn’t see me. My eyes widened in shock freezing my body. I could feel my pulse beating in my ears, creating a silence all around me apart from the erratic thumping of my broken heart.


The picture frames that carried our life’s joys and precious memories taunted me as tipped toed back to the front door, slowly simmering with rage.


My world fell apart!


I was utterly distraught. He was my husband, my world, my friend and he had betrayed the sanctity of our vows, to a degree beyond my comprehension. My heart had shattered into tiny pieces, the shards sunk piecing the bottom of my stomach. Then came numbness. Where had I gone wrong? What did I do deserve this? Why did he feel the need to cheat? Was I not enough?


The shards of my heart cutting me deep, opening wounds that only added to my rage. That strong emotion was the one thing that held me together. Clinging to it I let it control and consume me. 


I travelled back to my car. And waited for her to leave, so that I could greet my ‘wonderful’ husband.

I watched the once blue sky begin to be dominated by hostile grey clouds, the rain drops pelted on to the windscreen.

Once she had left I plastered on a face of love and devotion, stepping into the house.

Every time I closed my eyes I would see them, adding to the inferno that was my rage.

“Baby, welcome home I have a present for you,” his deceptive voice met my ears.


The term of endearment that used to make my heart flutter, that used to make me fall even more in love now just made me feel nauseated filling me with fury. He was trying to compensate for his indiscretions, with a blood ruby necklace and a bouquet of roses to match – Junk.


It was disgusting!


I held my tongue taking my time to cook the steak for dinner.

We ate in silence.

My rage slowly bubbling to the surface as each second ticked by. The caldron of violent uncontrollable anger overflowed with me.

I knew that he didn’t know that I knew about them.


My knife glinted on the table. Beckoning me as if it were a siren and I a sailor. Sometime throughout the night, I grabbed my steak knife. I stabbed him 19 times. First through his heart as he broken mine, then in his back for betraying me. Pretty poetic if you ask me.


I remember standing over his body. His screams and wails echoing off the walls and ringing in my ears. Watching the shock turn to desperation in his eyes. The life draining from his pathetic, fragile body ever so slowly. The blood dripping and splattering onto the floor from his gaping wounds painting the floor a delightful red. The metallic sickening sweet smell of blood lingered, masking the floral scent of HER perfume. The knife felt heavy in my hand. I watched it clunk to the floor as I released it,” I recount the events of last night to the men in the room.

“He broke his vows. So, I broke him,”

“You say I should feel remorse. You say I should feel guilty. All I feel is empty. Do you think he felt remorse? Do you think he felt guilt when he cheated on me with my SISTER?” I ask them rhetorically.


“Well I guess one part of our vows were true ‘Till death do us part’,” I conclude comically. “You must think I’m crazy. Well he did as well, so I guess that makes two. Well one. Now that he’s dead,” I can feel my smirk spread as wide as the Cheshire cats.


“You know what song matches this situation perfectly? ‘The Cell Block Tango’ from Chicago. You should really get on that after all I am a guest.” I say to the snarky looking police officer.


“You aren’t a guest you’re a murderer and you are going to be behind bars for a very long time,” Officer snarky replies


“Ha! You think that tiny bits of metal are going to hold me? I’m a vindictive woman. A woman on a warpath. Once I am free of your metal bars, I’m coming for her next,” I reply with an eerie calm voice.


“You better warn my sister that I’m coming for a visit!” I exclaim with a manic laugh as they lead me out of the room in handcuffs. “tell her I’ll make steak,”

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