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Finn is dead. Finn's death isn't much of a secret, but what is, is how they're still alive. When discovered by a whole new civilization, and along with their new friend Clara, Finn learns of a whole new world beyond what they've always known. When disaster strikes in the form of a lost friend, Finn and a new rag-tag team must band together to stop the only thing that might have a chance of sending them home. - A story filled with magic, friendship, and battles like never seen before -

Chapter 1

Aurora Borealis

The shock and panic were somehow not the worst of this vacation so far, so as you can tell, the rest of it had not been the best. 

The first warnings had been ignored as they were common, but the second and third became persistent. The people on the radio frantically screamed a message to people they knew were doomed, “We’ve never seen such a wave, the peak is around 1,800 feet. Everyone please evacuate the beaches and head for high ground”. The radio man’s words brought horrible thoughts into my head. I remember Ellie running behind me. I knew she left her doll. I raced back to the deserted beach which seemed to go on for miles. I remember the sky melting into the wave and the horizon disappeared into the darkness. It got darker and darker.

But now I awoke covered in sand. Light shined in my eyes, making it hard to adjust. Coughing up seawater, I sat up. The sun wasn’t in the sky but it was still bright. I scanned the sky, looking for the source of the light, and I found the moon. It was beautifully full, and it glowed a deep yellow.

Ellie was nowhere in sight and neither was the rest of my family. We’d gotten lost in the crowd. Our parents and grandparents must’ve found one way to the top of the hill, while my sister and I had to make our own way. 

I don’t remember where I had been dragged off by the waves. I held Ellie’s doll to my chest. I laid back and let my thoughts run wild. I stared towards the sky and watched the aurora borealis. No matter how hard I tried to wrap my head around it, I couldn’t remember if it was usually visible in Hawaii or not. It was as if the universe was trying to apologise for hitting us with the biggest tsunami in history.

 Wet clothing still hung to my skin with a noticeable scent of the sea. Nothing seemed more apparent than the sickly salty air. I thought back to Ellie, and I realized my family might think of me as dead. Ellie’s all alone, without her prized possession, and she wouldn’t be able to communicate without anyone speaking ASL or another type of sign language.

 I had to find a way back to Ellie. I glanced at my strange surroundings but still, nothing caught my eye. Except, in isolation; a single tree stood tall next to a tall cliff. Something pulled me towards the tree and my feet walked me to the red leaves. The leaves shook to the tune of the wind and the smallest few fell to the ground. The sun began to rise past the rocks on the far side of the Island, compelling the wildlife to silence. I wandered closer to the tree and examined the engraved figure. The silhouette was falling into the water, where it surrounded the figure.

I brought Ellie’s doll to my line of vision once again. I jumped to my feet and dug at the base of the tree. I put Ellie’s doll into its grave and covered it. Burying Ellie’s doll provided some comfort. I may not know where I am or where Ellie is, but I’ll always know where her doll is.

I jolted as a roar erupted from the endless woods and unidentifiable birds from their nests. The birds flew in patterns out of the thick forest. They glided closer towards the tree and me. A few grew wider wings and longer claws. Those that did, attacked the others. I was in awe of the unnaturalness of it. The birds scoured for more prey and dove to attack. 

The birds circled me as they scratched and clawed at my skin. My wet clothes stuck close to the fresh wounds. My salty tears burned my cuts and I screamed in pain. They continued to screech and claw as my limbs were numbed by the pain.

Surprisingly, they separated and squawked to each other and what I can only assume the Alpha, stepped forward. It was a blueish gray and its eyes burned in a way I couldn’t explain. I was frozen in my spot, holding my arms close to my chest.. It stepped onto my leg and I felt the blood pouring out of my calf and I began to realise I was losing too much too fast. The Alpha laughed as it bared its new sharp teeth in a sick smile. The more pain I felt the more it evolved. It turned to present itself to it’s pack. While it was distracted, I clawed my way towards the edge of the cliff. If I had to die, I wanted to bring this bird down with me.

Almost to the edge, the other birds screeched a warning that brought my enemy’s attention back to me. The bird slashed my forehead and eyelid with one diagonal swipe. The blood clouded my eyes and I was blinded. I pulled myself closer to the edge backing up slowly dragging the bird with me. The birds screeched, but the smell of the sea had never been so sweet. I wiped my eyes to see the bird trying to pull itself out of my leg but only got more stuck. It’s talons sliced my skin and pierced my muscles. I clenched the grass and in one swift motion I pulled myself over the edge, dragging the bird along with me. The demon screamed and it’s friends laughed as we both went over the edge to meet the water.

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