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Tick Tock Goes the Clock


Chapter 1

I muttered to myself as I walked down the cold and bitter streets, shoving my cold fingers deep inside my pockets, while I shuddered. Out of all the things I could be doing while I ran away, I chose to go through a tough barrier of snow and blistering winds. 

My dark curls of hair tucked themselves deeper into the hat I wore, all praying to the lords to save them from the cold as they clung to the back of my neck. 

No one but me decided to take this route and it was better that way. I didn’t like to find myself near humans anyways, with their selfish needs and cruel ways. 

Head to toe I was covered in snow, and I prayed that I didn’t have to stop until I reached someplace warm. Lucky for me, I bumped into something warm. It’s heat radiated and caressed my frozen cheeks, thawing them for a moment before I pulled away. 

“Pardon me miss. Apologies.” A wicked grin had pulled across his face as he looked down on me. If my face wasn’t as red as it was, he would have figured at this moment that I laid my face right into him for a couple of seconds. My eye brows crunched together, my face almost growing too cold like the raging storm I was walking against. He was a head taller than me, he stood there like there was nothing going on around him. Nothing but a thin leather jacket clung to him desperately in this harsh weather. I wanted to roll my eyes but I was too cold to do anything except let my still eyes wander around this odd boy. His hair tumbled down across his face, dark and taunting, his clear skin was flawless, every little detail etched on his face striking. His eyes were like studs of coal, his nose round and soft, lips that were rosy and delicate. Cheekbones and a chin that jutted out. Jawline crisp to perfection. 

“I believe I can offer a bit more warmth if you like. You look like a walking block of ice.”

I shoved past him, growling in annoyance. My little feet were now numbing under all that snow that seeped through my boots. My long skinny legs struggling to pull themselves out fighting off the little sharp tingles of ********

“Would you like a little help getting through?” The devilishly looking boy had returned for more. Great!

“What does the young sir plan to do then?” I had barked at him, but he hadn’t flinched or moved at the shout. It took him a few minutes but he started to roar in laughter. 

“So you’re a little grumpy, I get it, walking through this crap is hell but if you allow me, I can assist you and get you to where you want faster.” His glistening pearls had welcomed themselves to the party as he let himself smile a bit too much. 

“No thank you, I don’t need your stupid assistance, I was doing just fine without you.” 

I huffed out a large breath heading on the same trek I was going on before something took grasp of my hand. The heat seeped through the thick jacket and deeper into my bones. It was sickeningly warm that it frightened every nerve in me. I turned around as my once stiff arm hung in the support of something, before muddling my face in a mess of expressions as I saw the boy gripping my hand fiercely. 

“My darling, please allow me.” Something was so unnerving about him, the way he stood there gripping my arm. The way it unblanketed my misery seemed almost too frightening to me. By now I would have just ran away like I had always done, but it fascinated me that I just couldn’t let this moment slip by. 

I finally got the nerves to shake my wrist out of his grip. I pulled it closer to me, hugging it defensively. “Please do not touch me. I don’t like it. I’m not your darling either, please go find another lady whom would fancy you.” Although the words seeped out of me, it didn’t seem like I was saying it. 

“You don’t have to like me. I’m just offering you aid. If you don’t like me evading your personal space then just allow me to help.” 

“What don’t you understand of no thank you! I am not in need of your aid, I can manage. Now scram before I make you regret your choices!” He stood there, but I didn’t wait for anything to get myself going. A cold blistering wind picked up and invaded it’s way through the small cracks of my warm jacket. I didn’t need anyone’s help and no one ever wanted mine. 

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