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By @Revan1466

Chapter 2

Emily stood in front of the window in her office, looking out. She wondered if subject 114 would be alright. Subject 113 looked really concerned about her. She never really referred to them by their actual names, since she had no idea what their names were.

Subject 113 referred to himself as “Ben”, so she assumed that was his name. She also remembered the first thing he asked was ”Where’s Jennifer?”, so she assumed that was Subject 114’s name. The scouts she sent found both of them together. From Ben’s reaction, she assumed that Jennifer was someone very close to him.


She turned around to see her older brother, Jake.

“What are you doing here?” she asked.


“Dr. Fox.”

“Right. She sent me to tell you about the…. condition of Subject 114.”

“And? Is she okay?”

“She…. escaped.”

“She what?”

“She escaped.”

“How? The doors are always locked!”

“Sara- I mean, Dr. Fox, forgot to lock the door when she left Subject 114’s room.”

“How do you just forget to lock a door?!”

“She had a good reason-“

“Oh, I’m sure she had a good reason, Jake! You’re just defending her because she’s your girlfriend-“

“Our relationship is strictly professional when we’re at work-“

“Oh, right, so you won’t try to stop me when I fire her?”

“She made a mistake!”

“Yes, Jake, she did make a mistake. A mistake that cost her her job!”

“Why do you you care so much about Subject 114?”

“Jennifer.” Emily corrected him.

“Right, Jennifer.”

“I care about all my patients.”

“Is it because of Mom and Dad?”

“No! This your way of trying to make me forget about Jennifer and Sara!”

“You’re the one with the high IQ, not me.”

“I don’t care what you say, Jake. I’m still firing Sara!”

“And what about Jennifer?”

“Try to track her down.”

“How? She could be anywhere!”

“I put a tracking device on her after Operation 77. Go to the main computer and type in 114 and it will show her location.”

“And then what will we do?”

“We’ll send someone to get her and bring her back.”

“And what about Sara?”

Emily sighed. “I won’t fire her today. But next time she does something like this-“

“I understand.”

“Now go. Track Jennifer down.”

“Yes, Emily.”

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