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By @StarWarsExplorer

Star Wars

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Chapter 1

A Star Wars Short Story

VRUUUUM! Kyler wakes up suddenly to the sound of a passing TIE Fighter. “Why is a TIE Fighter patrolling this late at night?” Kyler asks himself. Kyler doesn’t think much of it and heads back to sleep. Two minutes later, VRUUUUM!

Kyler wakes up again but in frustration. He decides to walk outside of his hut and check what’s going on. And then he sees it. “What is-is that doing he-here?” Kyler says stuttering to himself. He looks at the big and mighty starship in awe. He heads over to one of the 24/7 bistro’s and asks one of the workers “What is that big starship doing in the sky?” Kyler asks. The woman responds “Oh, I don’t know. I work at a bistro for crying out loud! Im not no Imperial Officer. You go ask someone else.” Kyler leaves the bistro in confusion with no answer. Kyler thinks where he can go to find an answer. “Bingo!” Kyler says thoughtfully. “I can go ask Mr. Xolo at the trading post!” Kyler runs over to the trading post about three minutes away. When Kyler gets there, he finds Mr. Xolo working on an old Republic blaster. He asks Mr. Xolo surprisingly, “Mr. Xolo, Mr. Xolo, what is that in the sky!? Mr. Xolo falls out of his chair and says “Kyler, you scare me like that again and I’ll shoot you with this blaster!” Kyler says “ I’m sorry Mr. Xolo.”

Mr. Xolo ignores Kyler and gets back to work on the blaster. “Are you going to answer my question Mr. Xolo?” Kyler asks hopefully. “Why should I when you scared the living **** out of me?” Mr. Xolo says blandly. “I said I was sorry Mr. Xolo, I really am.” Kyler says pleadingly. “Ok, fine kid. It’s a Star Destroyer. And why it is here is because supposedly there is a Jedi on the planet.” Says Mr. Xolo relievingly. “A Star Destroyer?! I never saw one in person until now! And now a Jedi?! I thought that was a myth?! This is the best day ever!” Says Kyler excitingly.

“I wouldn’t be so sure that this is the best day of your life. In the morning, the Imperials are going to sweep through the town and search every house. If they don’t find a trace of the Jedi, they will fire upon the town and obliterate it. I know this because it has happened to me before on the other side of the planet.” Says Mr. Xolo sadly. “Oh, I didn’t know that Mr. Xolo.” Says Kyler honorably. VRBUUUUM! Another Star Destroyer enters the atmosphere. It sounded like a great, big might of thunder. “Woah, another Star Destroyer is in the sky Mr. Xolo!” Says Kyler excitedly. “Hmmm, they really want to find this Jedi.” Says Mr. Xolo questionably. “Well kid, it was good knowing ya. It looks like I got to leave town for a bit.” Says Mr. Xolo decisively. Mr. Xolo quickly packs his valuable items in his satchel and backpack. “Here kid, take this old blaster. Just promise me you won’t shoot yourself with it.” Says Mr. Xolo quickly. “ Oh, okay Mr. Xolo. Thanks! But why are you leaving so suddenly?” Asks Kyler curiously. “No time to talk kid!” Says Mr. Xolo rushing for the door. Mr. Xolo rushes out of the door and starts running to the ship port. And then an object fell out of his satchel. Kyler notices and runs to pick up the object. The object was so beautiful and detailed with buttons and chrome. Kyler yells, “Mr. Xolo, you dropped something!” Mr. Xolo looks back and sees Kyler holding his most valuable object. Mr. Xolo rushes over and grabs his object from Kyler. Kyler asks “What is that thing?” 

Mr. Xolo says “It’s a weapon for a Jedi.” And Mr. Xolo sprints off for the ship port.

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